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Title Author Year
Fortune's Fool Hawthorne, Julian 1883
Fortune's Football: A Historical Tale Meeker, Mrs. Ogden 1864
Fortune's Footballs Burgin, George Brown 1897
Fortune's Gate Marshall, Frances L. 1898
Fortune's Marriage Craik, Georgiana Marion 1882
Fortune's my Foe Burton, John Edward Bloundelle 1899
Fortune's Wheel: A Novel Shand, Alexander Innes 1886
Fortune's Wheel Pollard, Eliza Fanny 1899
Foul Play Reade, Charles 1869
Found and Fettered: A Series of Thrilling D... Muddock, Joyce Emmerson Pre... 1894
Found Guilty: A Novel Barrett, Frank 1887
Found Out: A Story Mathers, Helen 1885
Found Out: A Novel Mathers, Helen 1895
Found Wanting Alexander, Mrs. 1893
Founded on Paper: or, Uphill and Downhill B... Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1898
Four Crotchets to a Bar: A Novel Venn, Susanna Carnegie 1881
Four Ghost Stories Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1888
Four in Hand Middlemass, Jean 1881
Four Little Mischiefs Mulholland, Rosa 1883
Four Schoolfellows: A Novel Smith, Charlotte 1878
Four Studies of Love Dubourg, Augustus William 1877
Four Wind's Farm Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1887
Four Women in the Case: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1896
Foxglove Manor: A Novel Buchanan, Robert Williams 1884
Fragoletta: A Novel Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1881
Framilode Hall: or, Before Honour is Humility Marshall, Emma 1879
Framleigh Hall: A Novel Wedgwood, Julia 1858
Framley Parsonage Trollope, Anthony 1861
Frances Collins, Edward James Mortimer 1874
Frances Kane's Fortune Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1890
Frances Leslie: or, The Prayer Divinely Tau... Bickersteth, Emily 1867
Frances Waldeaux: A Novel Davis, Rebecca Harding 1897
Francesca Carrara Landon, Laetitia Elizabeth 1834
Francesca's Love: A Novel Pulleyne, Mrs. E. 1868
Francis and Frances: or, An Unexplainable P... Anonymous, 1889
François the Valet Appleton, George Webb 1899
Frangipanni: A Story of her Infatuation Gilchrist, Robert Murray 1893
Frank Allerton: An Autobiography Mongredien, Augustus 1878
Frank Amor: A Novel Jajabee, 1876
Frank and Flo on their Travels Hamilton, Catherine Jane 1901
Frank and Saxon: A Tale of the Days of Good... Fenn, George Manville 1897
Frank Carey: A Story of Victorian Life Baker, Hannah Newton 1877
Frank Carisbroke's Stratagem: or, Lost and ... Fletcher, Joseph Smith 1888
Frank Fairlegh: or, Scenes from the Life of... Smedley, Frank 1850
Frank Forrester and His Friends: or, Woodla... Herbert, Henry William 1849
Frank Hardinge: From Torrid Zones to Region... Stables, William Gordon 1898
Frank Hilton: or, "The Queen's Own" Grant, James 1855
Frank Lawrence: or, A Young Man's Fancy Adams, Henry Cadwallader 1873
Frank Marland's Manuscripts: or, Memoirs of... Brandt, Francis Frederick 1859
Frank Merryweather: A Novel Young, Henry Gustavus Ainslie 1853
Frank Merton's Conquest: or, "Charity is no... Paull, Susanna Mary 1876
Frank Mildmay Marryat, Frederick 1829
Frank Millward: A Novel Kenrick, William 1858
Frank Raleigh of Watercombe: A Tale of Spor... Davies, Edward William Lewis 1877
Frank Redcliffe: A Story of Travel and Adve... Daunt, Achilles 1883
Frank Redland, Recruit: A Novel Bettany, Jeanie Gwynne 1899
Frank Sinclair's Wife, and Other Stories Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1874
Frank's First Term: or, Making a Man of Him Avery, Charles Harold 1896
Frascati's: or, Scenes in Paris Richardson, John 1830
Fraternity: A Romance Grave, Mabel Mary Holland 1888
Freaks on the Fells: or, Three Months' Rust... Ballantyne, R. M. 1865
Freda Hart, Elizabeth Anna 1878
Frederick Walford, L. B. 1895
Frederick Hazzleden: A Novel Farrie, Hugh 1887
Frederick Rivers, Independent Parson Kirkus, William 1864
Freedom's Sword: A Tale of the Days of Wall... Swan, Annie S. 1886
Freida, the Jongleur: A Novel Hemphill, Barbara 1857
French and English: A Story of the Struggle... Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1899
French Janet: A Novel Keddie, Henrietta 1889
Frescoes, etc.: Dramatic Sketches Ouida, 1883
Fresh from the Fens: A Story of Three Linco... Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1891
Freston Tower: or, The Early Days of Cardin... Cobbold, Rev. Richard 1850
Freville Chase Dering, Edward Heneage 1880
Friar Hildebrand's Cross: or, The Monk of T... Paull, Mary Anna 1882
Friarswood Post-Office Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1860
Friend and Lover Hardy, Iza Duffus 1880
Friend Ellwood: Tale of Life in Seventeenth... Hibbert-Ware, Mary Clementina 1884
Friend Olivia Barr, Amelia E. 1890
Friend or Foe: A Tale of Sedgmoor Adams, Henry Cadwallader 1871
Friend or Rival? Neal, Elizabeth 1895
Friend Perditus: A Novel Folkard, Mary H. 1891
Friend, or Foe?: A Novel Pickering, Ellen 1843
Friends and Acquaintances Rowe, Richard 1871
Friends and Fortune: A Moral Tale Drury, Anna Harriet 1849
Friends and Lovers: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1883
Friends at their own Fireside: or, Pictures... Ellis, Sarah Stickney 1858
Friends I Have Made Fenn, George Manville 1881
Friends of Bohemia: or, Phases of London Life Whitty, Edward Michael 1857
Friends or Foes?: A Story for Boys and Girls Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1893
Friends Till Death and Other Stories Stretton, Hesba 1875
Friends, Though Divided: A Tale of the Civi... Henty, George Alfred 1883
Friendship: A Story Ouida, 1878
Frieze and Fustian Blundell, Mary 1896
Frirwin: A Novel Oliphant, Octavia 1856
Fritz and Eric: or, The Brothers Crusoes Hutcheson, John Conroy 1886
Frolic: A Scarborough Romance. A Sequel to ... Yorke, Beatrice 1887
From a Bachelor Uncle's Diary Russell, Fox 1900
From a Garret Kendall, May 1887
From Birth to Bridal Day, Mrs. 1873
From Clue to Capture: A Series of Thrilling... Muddock, Joyce Emmerson Pre... 1893

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