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Title Author Year
Helbeck of Bannisdale Ward, Mary Augusta 1898
Held Fast for England: A Tale of the Seige ... Henty, George Alfred 1892
Held in Bondage: or, Granville de Vigne. A ... Ouida, 1863
Helen Sickert, Oswald 1894
Helen Blantyre Mair, Mrs. A. E. A. 1875
Helen Cameron: or, From Grub to Butterfly Stallybrass, 1871
Helen Charteris: A Novel Ward, Harriet 1848
Helen Lindsay: or, The Trial of Faith. A No... Barlee, Ellen 1859
Helen Talbot: A Novel Pennefather, Catherine 1852
Helen the Novelist: A Novel Sherer, John Walter 1888
Helen Treveryan: or, The Ruling Race Durand, Sir Henry Mortimer 1892
Helen's Diary: or, Thirty Years Ago Marshall, Emma 1865
Helen's Fault: A Tale for the Young Marsh, Anne 1853
Helen's First Love Blake, Lady 1869
Helen's Ordeal Barrington, Emilie Isabel 1894
Helen's Vow: or, A Freak of Fate Desart, Earl of 1891
Helena, Lady Harrogate: A Tale Harwood, John Berwick 1878
Hélène: A Novel Kennard, Nina H. 1883
Hena: or, Life in Tahiti Hort, Dora 1866
Hence These Tears: A Novel Warren, John Byrne Leicester 1872
Hennebon: or, The Countess of Montford; and... Anonymous, 1835
Henot's Choice Anonymous, 1880
Henrietta Temple: A Love Story Disraeli, Benjamin 1837
Henry Acton, or the Gold Smugglers, and Oth... Sayers, Hon. Louisa Sarah 1839
Henry Clarendon: A Novel Comyn, Alice 1857
Henry de Pomeroy: or, The Eve of St. John. ... Bray, Anna Eliza 1842
Henry Domville: or, The Younger Son, by Him... Anonymous, 1847
Henry Dunbar: The Story of an Outcast Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1864
Henry Lyle: or, Life and Existance Norris, Emilia 1856
Henry Masterton James, G. P. R. 1832
Henry Nightingale: or, Lord of Himself Sherer, John Walter 1884
Henry of Guise: or, The States of Blois James, G. P. R. 1839
Henry of Monmouth: or, The Field of Agincourt Michel, Major N. 1841
Henry Smeaton: A Jacobite Story of the Reig... James, G. P. R. 1851
Henry Standon: or, Love's Debt to Duty Drew, D'Arcy 1894
Henry, the Recluse of Devon: or, His First ... Pullin, Greg 1835
Hepsy Gipsy Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1891
Her Benny: A Tale of Street Life Hocking, Silas Kitto 1879
Her Brother's Keeper: A Novel Spender, Lillian 1887
Her Cousin Adair Wallace, Helen 1891
Her Dearest Foe Alexander, Mrs. 1876
Her Debut Martin, Mary Emma 1895
Her Deserts Fraser, Mrs. Alexander 1881
Her Dignity and Grace: A Tale C., H. 1880
Her Evil Genius Boyle, Fred 1891
Her Face was her Fortune Robinson, Frederick William 1873
Her Fairy Prince Warden, Gertrude 1896
Her Father's Name: A Novel Marryat, Florence 1876
Her Friend Lawrence: A Novel Benedict, Frank Lee 1879
Her Gentle Deeds Keddie, Henrietta 1886
Her Good Name: A Novel Bouverie, J. Fortrey 1874
Her Great Idea and Other Stories Walford, L. B. 1888
Her Heart's Desire Lewis, Helen Prothero 1890
Her Husband's Home: or, The Durleys of Linl... Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1885
Her Husband's Keeper Daniel, Elizabeth 1875
Her Idol: A Novel Hood, Maxwell 1875
Her Ladyship's Secret Westall, William Bury 1901
Her Last Run: A Novel Forbes, Eveline Louisa Mitc... 1889
Her Last Throw: A Novel Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1890
Her Lord and Master Marryat, Florence 1871
Her Love and His Life Robinson, Frederick William 1891
Her Majesty's Bear: A Tale Mitchell, Elizabeth Harcourt 1884
Her Majesty's Minister Le Queux, William 1901
Her Mother's Darling Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1877
Her Only Son Stretton, Hesba 1887
Her Own Counsel: A Novel Elliot, Anne 1889
Her Own Fault Spender, Lillian 1871
Her Own Folk Malot, Hector 1894
Her Plighted Troth: A Novel Fraser, Mrs. Alexander 1876
Her Point of View Robins, Gertrude Minnie 1896
Her Promise True Russell, Dora 1899
Her Royal Highness's Love Affair Cobban, James Maclaren 1897
Her Sailor Love Macquoid, Katharine S. 1883
Her Season in Bath: A Story of Bygone Days Marshall, Emma 1889
Her Son: A Novel Werner, Elizabert 1887
Her Success: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1885
Her Three Lovers: A Novel Diehl, Alice Mangoldt 1890
Her Two: A Story of To-day Reaney, Isabel 1890
Her Two Millions: A Novel Westall, William Bury 1887
Her Week's Amusement Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1886
Her Wild Oats: A Novel Bickerdyke, John 1898
Her Will and Her Way and Other Stories Newman, Emma 1887
Her World Against a Lie: A Romance in Three... Marryat, Florence 1879
Herb of Grace Carey, Rosa Nouchette 1901
Herbert Chauncey: A Man More Sinned Against... Elton, Sir Arthur Hallam 1860
Here Below: A Novel Scofield, Joseph Alan 1883
Hereditary Bondsmen: or, Is It All in Vain? Liefde, Jacob B. de 1875
Hereward, the Last of the English Kingsley, Charles 1866
Hermann Agha: An Eastern Narrative Palgrave, William Gifford 1872
Hermie's Rose-buds and Other Stories Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1883
Hermosa: or, In the Valleys of the Andes Martin, Mrs. T. E. 1887
Hermy, the Story of a Little Girl Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1881
Herne Lodge Desart, Earl of 1888
Hero Trevelyan: A Tale Craik, Georgiana Marion 1871
Heronshaw: or, Modern Thought: A Novel Lapis, Quintus 1876
Herr Paulus: Rise, Greatness, and Fall Besant, Walter 1888
Herr Richter's Strange Experiment Stacpoole, William Henry 1888
Hester: A Story of Contemporary Life Oliphant, Margaret 1883
Hester Kirton Macquoid, Katharine S. 1864
Hester Morley's Promise Stretton, Hesba 1873

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