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Title Author Year
Gladys' Peril Coleman, John 1886
Gladys' Vow: A Story of To-day Reaney, Isabel 1892
Glamour: A Novel D'Avigdor, Elim Henry 1885
Glenairlie: or, The Last of the Graemes Hardy, Robina Forrester 1884
Glencairn Hardy, Iza Duffus 1876
Glencoonoge Knowles, Richard Brinsley 1891
Glenlonely Merle, William Henry 1837
Glenmavis Lewis, Agnes Smith 1879
Glenullyn: or, The Son of the Attainted: A ... Anonymous, 1841
Glitter and Gold Field, Horace 1872
Gloria: A Novel Galdos, Benito PĂ©rez 1879
Gloriana: or, The Revolution of 1900 Dixie, Lady Florence Caroline 1890
Glory: A Wiltshire Story Banks, Isabella 1877
Glow-Worm Tales Payn, James 1887
Goals and Guerdons: or, The Chronicles of a... Anonymous, 1848
Gobelin Grange Drummond, Hamilton 1896
Gobi or Shamo: A Story of Three Songs Murray, Gilbert 1889
Goblin Gold Crommelin, May 1885
God and the Ant Kernahan, Coulson 1895
God and the Man: A Romance Buchanan, Robert Williams 1881
God Forsaken Breton, Frederic 1895
God is Love: A Novel Ellis, Thomas Mullett 1898
God Save England! Breton, Frederic 1899
God Save King Alfred Gilliat, Edward 1901
God Save the Queen!: A Tale of '37 Upward, Allen 1897
God's Failures Fletcher, Joseph Smith 1897
God's Fool: A Koopstad Story Maartens, Maarten 1892
God's Foundling Dawson, Alec John 1897
God's Gifts to Two: or, Margaret Redfern's ... Brooke, Emma Frances 1883
God's Lad: A Novel Cushing, Paul 1900
God's Outcast Hocking, Silas Kitto 1898
God's Prisoner: The Story of a Crime, a Pun... Oxenham, John 1898
God's Providence House: A Story of 1791 Banks, Isabella 1865
God's Rebel Fuller, Hulbert 1901
God's Will and Other Stories Frapan, Ilse 1893
Goddess Fortune: A Novel Sinclair, Thomas 1884
Goddesses Three: A Novel Pryce, Daisy Hugh 1896
Godfrey Davenant: A Tale of School Life Heygate, William Edward 1847
Godfrey Davenant at College Heygate, William Edward 1849
Godfrey Helstone: A Novel Craik, Georgiana Marion 1884
Godiva Durleigh: A Novel for Girls Doudney, Sarah 1891
Godolphin: A Novel Lytton, Edward Bulwer 1833
Gods and their Makers Housman, Laurence 1897
Gods of Gold Aylmer-Gowing, Emilia Julia 1896
Godwyn's Ordeal Spender, Lillian 1879
Gold and Glitter: A Temperance Tale Ferry, Jeanie 1898
Gold and Glory: or, Wild Ways of Other Days Stebbing, Grace 1882
Gold and Silver: A Tale Lloyd, Jessie Sale 1884
Gold and Tinsel: A Novel Gladstone, Mrs. George 1870
Gold Dust: A Story Anonymous, 1875
Gold for Dross Conney, Mrs. 1893
Golden Bait: A Novel Holl, Henry 1871
Golden Days: A Tale of Girl's School Life i... Hering, Jeanie 1873
Golden Face: A Tale of the Wild West Mitford, Bertram 1892
Golden Fetters Lemon, Mark 1867
Golden Girls: A Picture Gallery Muir, Alan 1883
Golden Gwendolyn Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1893
Golden Horseshoes: A Tale of Chivalry for t... Mitchell, Elizabeth Harcourt 1885
Golden Keys Anonymous, 1872
Golden Lads and Girls Hinkson, Henry Albert 1895
Golden Ruin Gould, Nat 1898
Golden Silence: or, Annals of the Birkett F... Marshall, Emma 1889
Golden-Hair: A Tale of the Pilgrim Fathers Wraxall, Sir Lascelles 1864
Golden-Hearted Bramston, Mary Eliza 1901
Good Dame Fortune Hoyer, Maria A. 1894
Good for Nothing: or, All Down Hill Whyte-Melville, George John 1861
Good in Every Thing: or, The Early History ... Barwell, Louisa Mary 1852
Good in Everything: A Tale Foot, Rose 1857
Good Luck Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1896
Good Mrs. Hypocrite: A Study in Self-Righte... Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1897
Good Society: or, Contrasts of Character Grey, Catherine Maria 1863
Good Souls of Cider-land Raymond, Walter 1901
Good Stories of Man and Other Animals Reade, Charles 1884
Good, Bad and Indifferent: A Novel Brough, James Fox 1886
Good-bye: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1891
Good-bye, Sweetheart!: A Tale Broughton, Rhoda 1872
Gordon of Duncairn: A Novel Boosey, Mrs. Ph. Solms 1858
Gossip's Stories at a Winter's Fire Norton, Mrs. E. 1852
Govinda Samanta: or, The History of a Benga... Day, Lal Behari 1878
Gowers of Glenarne: A Novel Rice, David 1868
Grace: A Novel Turner, Henry 1879
Grace Buxton: or, The Light of Home Marshall, Emma 1869
Grace Clifford: A Novel Pigott, H. Bouverie 1865
Grace Dermott: or, Help for the Afflicted Anonymous, 1849
Grace Elwyn BTAO "The Chateau of Vesine... 1879
Grace Hamilton's School Days Worboise, Emma Jane 1856
Grace Lee: A Tale Kavanagh, Julia 1855
Grace Montrose: An Unfashionable Novel Greenwood, Thomas 1886
Grace O'Malley: An Irish Historical Romance Muddock, Joyce Emmerson Pre... 1873
Grace of Glenholme Platt, William 1863
Grace Tolmar: A Novel Crawfurd, Oswald John Frede... 1872
Grace's Fortune Anonymous, 1868
Graeme and Cyril Pain, Barry 1893
Graham Aspen, Painter: A Novel Halse, George 1889
Graham McCall's Victory: A Tale of the Cove... Stebbing, Grace 1884
Grainger's Thorn: A Novel Wright, Thomas 1872
Grandborough: A Novel Desart, Earl of 1894
Grandidiers: A Tale of Berlin Life Rodenberg, Julius 1880
Grandmother Dear: A Book for Boys and Girls Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1878
Grandmother's Child Swan, Annie S. 1882

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