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Title Author Year
The Freaks of Cupid: A Novel An Irish Bachelor, 1845
The Freaks of Lady Fortune: A Novel Crommelin, May 1889
The Free Lance: An Historical Romance MacCarthy, Daniel 1844
The Free Lances: A Romance of the Mexican V... Reid, Capt. Mayne 1881
The Freres: A Novel Alexander, Mrs. 1882
The Friend of the People Rowsell, Mary Catherine 1894
The Friends of Fontainbleau Burdon, Hannah D. 1839
The Friends of Innisheen Woollam, Wilfred Beet 1895
The Frigate and the Lugger: A Nautical Roma... Armstrong, Francis Claudius 1861
The Fright Pickering, Ellen 1839
The Frobishers: A Story of the Staffordshir... Baring-Gould, Sabine 1901
The Frozen Deep and Other Stories Collins, Wilkie 1874
The Frozen Pirate Russell, William Clark 1887
The Further Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green... Bradley, Edward 1854
The Future Marquis Aldrich, Annie Charlotte Ca... 1881
The Gables: A Story of a Life Melville, Julia 1857
The Gambler's Dream: A Novel Galt, John 1837
The Gambler's Secret Fendall, Percy 1891
The Gambler's Wife: A Novel Grey, Catherine Maria 1844
The Gamblers Le Queux, William 1901
The Game and the Candle Broughton, Rhoda 1899
The Game of Life Steele, Francesca Maria 1894
The Gap of Barnesmore: A Tale of Irish High... Butt, Isaac 1848
The Garden of Delight: Fairy Tales Syrett, Netta 1898
The Garden of Eden: A Novel Diehl, Alice Mangoldt 1882
The Garden of Monkholme Armitt, Annie Maria 1878
The Garden of Swords Pemberton, Max 1899
The Gateless Barrier Malet, Lucas 1900
The Gates of Eden: A Story of Endeavour Swan, Annie S. 1886
The Gaverocks: A Tale of the Cornish Coast Baring-Gould, Sabine 1887
The Gay World: A Novel Hatton, Joseph 1887
The Gayworthys: A Story of Threads and Thrums Whitney, Adeline Dutton Train 1865
The General's Daughter Knight, Capt. Brook J. 1856
The General's Daughter Potapenko, Ignaty Nikolayevich 1892
The Gentleman in Debt: A Novel Daunt, William O'Neill 1851
The Gentleman of the Old School: A Tale James, G. P. R. 1839
The Ghost Camp: or, The Avenger Boldrewood, Rolf 1902
The Ghost of an Old Love Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1885
The Ghost of Dunboy Castle Lambart, Rev. W. Huberto 1889
The Ghost of Greystone Grange à'Beckett, Arthur A. 1878
The Giant's Gate: A Story of Great Adventure Pemberton, Max 1901
The Giant's Robe Anstey, F. 1884
The Gift of the Gods: A Novel Chapman, Mary Francis 1879
The Gifts of the Child Christ, and Other Ta... MacDonald, George 1882
The Gilberts and their Guests: A Novel Day, Julia 1858
The Gilded Age Twain, Mark 1873
The Gipsy: A Tale James, G. P. R. 1835
The Gipsy's Daughter: A Tale Grey, Anna Maria 1852
The Giraffe Hunters Reid, Capt. Mayne 1867
The Girl at Cobhurst Stockton, Frank R. 1898
The Girl from the Farm Dix, Gertrude 1895
The Girl He Did not Marry Hardy, Iza Duffus 1887
The Girl He Left Behind Him: A Novel Jephson, Richard Mounteney 1876
The Girl He Married Grant, James 1869
The Girls and I: A Veracious History Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1892
The Girls at the Grange: A Novel Warden, Florence 1897
The Girls of Feversham Marryat, Florence 1869
The Gitana: A Tale Briggs, Sophia 1845
The Gladiators: A Tale of Rome and Judaea Whyte-Melville, George John 1863
The Gladstones: A Novel Trollope, Frank 1872
The Glamour of the Impossible: An Improbabi... Hamilton, Cosmo 1899
The Glanville Family: A Novel A Lady of Rank, 1838
The Gleaming Dawn: A Romance of the Middle ... Baker, James 1896
The Glen of Silver Birches Blackburne, Elizabeth Owens 1880
The God in the Car Hope, Anthony 1894
The Goddess: A Demon Marsh, Richard 1900
The Goddess of the Dandelions Wassermann, Lillias 1895
The Gods, Some Mortals and Lord Wickenham Hobbes, John Oliver 1895
The Gold of Ophir: A Novel Lysaght, Elizabeth J. 1890
The Gold Star Line Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1899
The Gold-Finder Griffith, George 1898
The Goldbeater: A Novel McGauran, 1852
The Golden Butterfly: A Novel Besant, Walter 1876
The Golden Calf: A Novel Anonymous, 1849
The Golden Calf: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1883
The Golden Hope: A Romance of the Deep Russell, William Clark 1887
The Golden Lady Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1889
The Golden Lake: or, The Marvellous History... Dawe, William Carleton 1890
The Golden Lion of Granpère Trollope, Anthony 1872
The Golden Prime Boyle, Fred 1882
The Golden Rock Glanville, Ernest 1895
The Golden Shaft Gibbon, Charles 1882
The Golden Shaft Davies, George Christopher 1875
The Golden Spur: A Modern Romance Fletcher, Joseph Smith 1901
The Golden Tooth Cobban, James Maclaren 1901
The Goldmakers Stuart, Esmé 1887
The Goldsmith's Wife: A Novel Ainsworth, William Harrison 1875
The Goldsworthy Family: or, The Country Att... Gilbert, William 1864
The Golf Lunatic and his Cycling Wife Kennard, Mary 1902
The Good Old Days: or, Christmas under Quee... Stuart, Esmé 1876
The Good Old Times: The Story of the Manche... Ainsworth, William Harrison 1873
The Good Red Earth Phillpotts, Eden 1901
The Good Ship "Mohock" Russell, William Clark 1894
The Gosau Smithy, and Other Stories Parr, Louisa 1875
The Gossip: A Collection of Sketches Norton, Eliza Bland Erskine 1852
The Gossip's Week Boddington, Mary 1836
The Governess Blessington, Countess of 1839
The Government Official: A Novel Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1887
The Governor's Daughter: A Novel Edwards, Henry Sutherland 1868
The Grahames of Bessbridge House, Dydborough Whitehead, Hannah Maria 1866

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