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Title Author Year
Maud Skillicorne's Penance: A Tale Jackson, Mary 1858
Maud Winthrop's Life Charge Anstruther, Mace 1863
Maude Maynard Peart, Emily 1876
Maude Neville Anonymous, 1864
Maude Talbot: A Novel Parr, Harriet 1854
Maude Whiteford: or, The Turn of the Tide Anonymous, 1875
Maude's Life Work White, Leslie 1873
Mauleverer's Divorce: A Story of Woman's Wr... Robinson, Emma 1857
Mauleverer's Millions: A Yorkshire Romance Reid, Sir Thomas Wemyss 1885
Maureen's Fairing and Other Stories Barlow, Jane 1895
Maurice Durant Garvice, Charles 1875
Maurice Elvington: or, One Out of Suits wit... East, Wilfrid 1856
Maurice Quain: A Novel Roberts, Morley 1897
Maurice Rhynhart: or, A Few Passages in the... Listado, J. T. 1871
Maurice, the Elector of Saxony: An Historic... Colquhoun, Katharine 1844
Max: A Novel Mason, Charles Welsh 1897
Max Hereford's Dream Lyall, Edna 1891
Max Kromer: A Story of the Siege of Strasbo... Stretton, Hesba 1871
Max Thornton Glanville, Ernest 1901
Max Wentworth: A Novel Anonymous, 1839
Max, Fritz and Hob: A Tale of Adventure Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1892
Maxwell Hook, Theodore Edward 1830
Maxwell Drewitt: A Novel Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1865
May Oliphant, Margaret 1873
May and December: A Domestic Story Hubback, Catherine Anne 1854
May and September: A Novel Walpole, Hon. Frederick 1867
May Fairfax: A Novel Walker, Mrs. D. M. F. 1877
May Hamilton: An Autobiography Tilt, Julia Augusta 1857
May Malmesbury's Doubts Stebbing, Grace 1898
May Silver Marshall, Frances L. 1901
May's Sixpence: or, Waste Not, Want Not. A ... Paull, Mary Anna 1880
May-Blossom: or, Shadows Across the Hearth Graham, Austyn 1861
Mayfair to Millbank: A Novel Harris, Richard 1870
Maygrove: A Family History Rae, William Fraser 1890
Mayroyd of Mytholm: A Romance of the Fells Dalby, John 1888
McTodd Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe 1903
Mea Culpa: A Woman's Last Word Harland, Henry 1891
Mea Culpa Perrier, Amelia 1869
Meadow Sweet: or, Wooing of Iphis: A Pastoral Whelpton, Edwin 1884
Meadowleigh: A Tale of English Country Life Manning, Anne 1863
Measure for Measure: A Novel Church, Mrs. A. B. 1862
Meg Eiloart, Elizabeth Darby 1868
Meg Langholme: or, The Day after To-morrow Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1897
Meg of the Scarlet Foot Tirebuck, William Edward 1898
Meg's Friend Corkran, Alice 1889
Meg's Mistake and Other Sussex Stories O'Reilly, Eleanor Grace 1884
Mehalah: A Story of the Salt Marshes Baring-Gould, Sabine 1880
Melanthe: or, The Days of the Medici. A Tal... Maberly, Catherine Charlotte 1843
Melchior Gorles: Tale of Modern Mesmerism Bankes, Henry Hyde Nugent 1867
Melton de Mowbray: or, The Banker's Son. A ... Merle, William Henry 1838
Memoirs and Resolutions of Adam Graeme, of ... Oliphant, Margaret 1852
Memoirs of a Cynic Gilbert, William 1880
Memoirs of a Lady in Waiting Aylmer, Isabella Eleanor 1860
Memoirs of a Landlady Sims, George Robert 1894
Memoirs of a Muscovite Lytton, Rosina Bulwer 1844
Memoirs of a Peeress: or, The Days of Fox Gore, Catherine 1837
Memoirs of Jane Cameron, Female Convict. By... Robinson, Frederick William 1864
Memoirs of Mrs. Laetitia Boothby : Written ... Russell, William Clark 1872
Memoirs of Prince Rupert and the Cavaliers Warburton, Eliot 1849
Memories of Margaret Grainger, Schoolmistress Swan, Annie S. 1896
Memories of Troublous Times: Being the Hist... Marshall, Emma 1880
Men and Men: A Love Story Simmons, Vesta S. 1893
Men and Women: or, Manorial Rights Crowe, Catherine 1843
Men of Capital: Two Stories Gore, Catherine 1846
Mephistopheles in England: or, The Confessi... Williams, Robert Folkestone 1835
Mercedes: A Romance Wraxall, Sir Lascelles 1865
Mercedes of Castile: A Romance of the Days ... Cooper, James Fenimore 1840
Merchant Prince: The Fortunes of Bertram Oa... Harwood, John Berwick 1882
Merciful or Merciless O'Dell, Stackpool Edward 1886
Mere Luck: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1892
Mere Sentiment Dawson, Alec John 1897
Mere Stories Clifford, Sophia Lucy Jane 1896
Meredith Blessington, Countess of 1843
Merely Players: A Novel Molloy, Joseph Fitzgerald 1881
Meresia Graham, Winifred 1898
Mericas and Other Stories Black, Clementina 1880
Merkland: A Story of Scottish Life Oliphant, Margaret 1851
Merle's Crusade Carey, Rosa Nouchette 1889
Merlin: A Piratical Love Story Mason, Charles Welsh 1896
Mermaidens: A Sea Story for Girls Keddie, Henrietta 1895
Merry England: or, Nobles and Serfs Ainsworth, William Harrison 1874
Mervyn Clitheroe Ainsworth, William Harrison 1858
Mervyn O'Connor, and Other Tales Desart, Earl of 1880
Meta's Faith Stephenson, Eliza Tabor 1869
Micah Clarke: His Statement as Made to his ... Doyle, Arthur Conan 1889
Michael Daunt: A Novel Elliot, Anne 1895
Michael Lorio's Cross and Left Alone Stretton, Hesba 1876
Michael the Miner: A Hungarian Story Craik, Dinah Marie 1864
Michael's Crag Allen, Grant 1893
Michael's Treasures: or, Choice Silver Marshall, Emma 1885
Middle Greyness Dawson, Alec John 1897
Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life Eliot, George 1872
Midge Crommelin, May 1890
Midst Surrey Hills: A Rural Story Bickley, Augustus Charles 1890
Midsummer Eve: A Tale Butler, Alfred 1842
Mignon Bridges, Emily Feake 1877
Mignon's Husband: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1887
Mignon's Secret: The Story of a Barrack Bairn Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1886
Mignonette: A Sketch Seymour, Ernest Richard 1858
Mike Fletcher: A Novel Moore, George 1889

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