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Title Author Year
Phemie Keller: A Novel Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1866
Phemie Millar: A Story Keddie, Henrietta 1854
Phil Hathaway's Failures Halse, George 1894
Phil's Mother and Other Tales Smith, Anne Maria Carter 1879
Philip Alwyne: A Novel Sherrard, John Knox 1888
Philip Augustus: or, The Brothers in Arms James, G. P. R. 1831
Philip Courtenay: or, Scenes at Home and Ab... Lennox, Lord William Pitt 1855
Philip Graham, a Subject of Queen Mab Moira, 1884
Philip Lancaster Norris, Maria 1854
Philip Lisle: A Novel Doyle, Terence 1863
Philip Lyndon's Troubles Bourne, Edith O. 1879
Philip Mordant's Ward Kent, Marianne 1888
Philip Paternoster: A Tractarian Love Story Davies, Charles Maurice 1858
Philip Rollo: or, The Scottish Musketeers Grant, James 1854
Philip the Dreamer Cyples, William 1866
Philip Vaughan's Marriage: A Novel Okeden, Caroline Elizabeth 1869
Philippa Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1897
Philistia Allen, Grant 1884
Phillis: or, The Jealous One Davenport, Emma Anne Georgina 1867
Philo: A Romance of Life in the First Century Hamilton, Rev. John H. 1867
Philosopher Jack: A Tale of the Southern Seas Ballantyne, R. M. 1880
Phineas Finn, the Irish Member Trollope, Anthony 1869
Phineas Quiddy: or, Sheer Industry Poole, John 1842
Phineas Redux Trollope, Anthony 1874
Phoebe Junior: A Last Chronicle of Carlingf... Oliphant, Margaret 1876
Phoebe Tilson: A Story of that Part of Mass... Humphrey, Frank Pope 1898
Phoebe's Fortunes O'Reilly, Eleanor Grace 1879
Photo the Suliote: A Tale of Modern Greece Morier, David Richard 1857
Photographic Pleasures: Popularly Portrayed... Bradley, Edward 1855
Phroso: A Romance Hope, Anthony 1897
Phyllida: A Life Drama Marryat, Florence 1882
Phyllis: A Novel Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1877
Phyllis of Philistia Moore, Frank Frankfort 1895
Phyllis Pengelley Armstrong, Frances Charlotte 1875
Picked Up at Sea: A Romance Stewart, William J. 1863
Picked Up at Sea: or, The Gold Miners of Mi... Hutcheson, John Conroy 1884
Pickle and his Page-Boy: or, Unlooked For. ... Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1882
Pickles: A Funny Little Couple Osborn, Yotty 1878
Pictures of Rural Life in Austria and Hungary Stifter, Adalbert 1850
Pictures of the World at Home and Abroad Ward, Robert Plumer 1839
Piebald: A Novel Boyle, Robert Frederick 1867
Pierce Falcon, the Outcast: A Novel Whitehead, Emma 1835
Pierre and his People: Tales of the North Parker, Sir Gilbert 1892
Pierre Poussin: or, The Thought of Christ's... Heygate, William Edward 1851
Pierrette Stacpoole, Henry de Vere 1900
Pierrot!: A Story Stacpoole, Henry de Vere 1896
Piers de Gaveston C., E. E. 1838
Pietro Ghisleri Crawford, F. Marion 1893
Pigskin and Willow: A Sporting Novel Webber, Byron 1879
Pilgrim Street: A Story of Manchester Life Stretton, Hesba 1867
Pilgrims of Love, etc Hatton, Bessie 1902
Pin Money Gore, Catherine 1831
Pinches of Salt Downey, Edmund 1896
Pine and Palm: A Novel Conway, Moncure Daniel 1887
Pious Frauds: A Novel Fonblanque, Albany de Greni... 1880
Pipistrello, and Other Stories Ouida, 1880
Pippins and Cheese Hatton, Joseph 1868
Pique: A Novel Notley, Frances E. M. 1850
Piso and the Praefect: or, The Ancients off... Anonymous, 1837
Pit Town Coronet: A Family Mystery Wills, Charles James 1888
Plain John Orpington Harwood, John Berwick 1866
Plain Living: A Bush Idyll Boldrewood, Rolf 1898
Plain or Ringlets? Surtees, Robert Smith 1860
Plain Tales from the Hills Kipling, Rudyard 1888
Plantagenet Anonymous, 1835
Plato's Handmaiden Cleeve, Lucas 1901
Platonic Affections Hutchinson, Horace Gordon 1896
Played Out: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1866
Playing for Love: A Story Clayton, Ellen Creathorne 1876
Playing on the Brink: A Novel Corkran, John Frazer 1867
Playing with Fire: A Story of the Soudan War Grant, James 1887
Plebeians and Patricians Gaskill, Peter 1836
Plot of the Present Day Hope, Kate 1880
Ploughed and Other Stories Walford, L. B. 1894
Pluck Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1886
Plucky Fellows: Being Reminiscences from th... Mackenna, Stephen Joseph 1873
Plutus Adonis: A Mythical Hero Hardwich, Sara M. 1883
Poet and Peer Aidé, Hamilton 1880
Poets All Bridges, John Affleck 1893
Poets' Bazaar: A Romance Andersen, Hans Christian 1846
Point Blank: A Novel Sneyd, Pamela 1884
Poisoned Arrows Middlemass, Jean 1884
Poisoners and Propagandists: or, A Develope... Anonymous, 1856
Policy and Passion: A Novel of Australian L... Praed, Rosa Caroline 1881
Polly: A Village Portrait Fitzgerald, Percy H. 1867
Polly Oliver's Problem: A Story for Girls Wiggin, Kate Douglas 1894
Polly Spanker's Green Feather: An East Loth... Walford, L. B. 1887
Pomegranate Seed BTAO Rare Pale Margaret<... 1886
Pomeroy Abbey: A Romance Wood, Ellen 1878
Pomfret: or, Public Opinion and Private Jud... Chorley, Henry Fothergill 1845
Pomona Whitaker, Evelyn 1894
Pomona's Travels Stockton, Frank R. 1894
Ponsonby: A Tale of Troublous Times Anonymous, 1850
Poor Archie's Girls Knox, Kathleen 1882
Poor Fellow! Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1902
Poor Folk Dostoyevsky, Fyodor 1894
Poor Human Nature Bedford, Jessie 1898
Poor Humanity Robinson, Frederick William 1868
Poor Jack Marryat, Frederick 1840
Poor Little Mother Price, Eleanor C. 1896

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