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Title Author Year
Miss Misanthrope McCarthy, Justin 1878
Miss Molly Butt, Beatrice May 1876
Miss Montizambart Hoppus, Mary A. M. 1885
Miss Moore: A Tale for Girls Craik, Georgiana Marion 1873
Miss Mouse and her Boys Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1897
Miss Nancy Stocker Blatherwick, Charles 1887
Miss Nanse Keddie, Henrietta 1899
Miss Neville's Discovery Evans, Rev. Albert Eubule 1889
Miss or Mrs.? and Other Stories in Outline Collins, Wilkie 1873
Miss Pauncefort's Peril Martin, Mary Jane 1901
Miss Pen and her Niece: A Novel Stone, Elizabeth 1843
Miss Precocity James, Charles Thomas Clement 1894
Miss Primrose Giberne, Agnes 1896
Miss Pringle's Pearls Banks, Isabella 1890
Miss Providence: A Novel Gerard, Dorothea 1897
Miss Quillet Baring-Gould, Sabine 1902
Miss Rayburn's Diamonds Jocelyn, Ada Maria 1898
Miss Russell's Hobby: A Novel Anonymous, 1865
Miss Secretary Ethel: A Story for Girls of ... Adams, Ellinor Davenport 1898
Miss Shafto: A Novel Norris, William Edward 1889
Miss Standish, and By the Bay of Naples Little, Alicia Ellen Neve 1883
Miss Stepney's Fortune Doudney, Sarah 1883
Miss Stuart's Legacy Steel, Flora Annie 1893
Miss Tod and the Prophets: A Sketch Bell, Lady Florence 1898
Miss Tommy: A Medieval Romance Craik, Dinah Marie 1884
Miss Tudor Ford, Thomas Murray 1897
Miss Uraca Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1894
Miss Vanbrugh Rowsell, Mary Catherine 1885
Miss Vandeleur: or, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Saunders, John 1884
Miss Wentworth's Idea Norris, William Edward 1891
Miss Williamson's Divagations Ritchie, Anne Isabella 1881
Miss Willowburn's Offer Doudney, Sarah 1888
Misselmah: A Persian Tale Morier, James Justinian 1847
Missing Proofs: A Pembrokeshire Tale Stirling, M. C. 1881
Missing! and Other Tales Hay, Mary Cecil 1881
Missy and Master: A Story for Girls Bramston, Mary Eliza 1881
Mistaken Swan, Annie S. 1883
Misterton's Mistake Raymond, Walter 1888
Mistress and Maid Craik, Dinah Marie 1863
Mistress Barbara Cunliffe Sutcliffe, Halliwell 1901
Mistress Beatrice Cope: or, Passages in the... Le Clerc, M. E. 1889
Mistress Haselwode: A Tale of the Reformati... Moore, Frederick H. 1876
Mistress Judith: A Cambridgeshire Story Tytler, Christina Catherine... 1873
Mistress Matchett's Mistake: A Very Old Story Marshall, Emma 1887
Mistress Nancy Molesworth: A Romantic Story Hocking, Joseph 1898
Mistress Phil Debenham, Mary H. 1891
Mistress Spitfire Fletcher, Joseph Smith 1896
Misunderstood Montgomery, Florence Sophia 1869
Mitchelhurst Place: A Novel Veley, Margaret 1884
Mithazon: A Secret of Nature Jones, W. Braunston 1891
Mitre Court: A Tale of the Great City Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1885
Mobsley's Mohicans: A Tale of Two Terms Avery, Charles Harold 1900
Mock Beggars' Hall: A Story Betham-Edwards, Matilda Bar... 1902
Modern Chivalry: or, A New Orlando Furioso Gore, Catherine 1843
Modern Flirtations: or, A Month at Harrowgate Sinclair, Catherine 1841
Modern Instances D'Arcy, Ella 1898
Modern Society: or, The March of Intellect.... Sinclair, Catherine 1837
Modern Society in Rome Beste, John Richard Digby 1856
Modern Wonders of the World: or, The New Si... Gilbert, William 1881
Modest Little Sara Marshall, Frances L. 1892
Mohawks: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1886
Moina: A Detective Story Van Deventer, Emma 1891
Molka: Christmas Angel Farjeon, Benjamin Leopold 1886
Mollie Darling: A Novel Howard, Lady Constance 1882
Mollie's Maidens Crow, Louisa A. 1894
Mollie's Prince Carey, Rosa Nouchette 1898
Molly and Her Man of War Kenealy, Arabella 1893
Molly Bawn Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1878
Molly Carew: A Novel Blackburne, Elizabeth Owens 1879
Molly Darling and Other Stories Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1895
Molly Melville: A Tale for Girls Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1897
Molly's Heroine Floyer, Edith Louisa 1889
Molly's Story: A Family History Merryfield, Frank 1888
Moloch: A Story of Sacrifice Praed, Rosa Caroline 1883
Mona Maclean, Medical Student: A Novel Todd, Margaret Georgina 1892
Mona's Choice Alexander, Mrs. 1887
Moncrieffe's Second Wife: A Novel Lolo, 1883
Money: A Novel Kennaquhom, Colin 1860
Money's Worth: A Novel Hood, Tom 1870
Mongrels Wilton, T. 1883
Monica: or, Stronger Than Death Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1889
Monica's Story: or, The Rightful Heir Kenyon, Edith C. 1890
Monkraven: The Story of His Betrayal Burrard, William Dutton 1886
Monks Norton: A Tale of English Country Life Manning, Anne 1874
Monks of Monks' Own: A Novel Knight, Legh 1870
Monks-Hollow: A Novel Arnold, Mrs. Henry 1883
Monksbury College: A Tale of Schoolgirl Life Doudney, Sarah 1878
Monksford: A Tale of Much Talking Veitch, Sophie Frances Fane 1879
Monochromes D'Arcy, Ella 1895
Mononia: A Love Story of "Forty-Eight" McCarthy, Justin 1901
Monsell Digby: A Novel Marshall, William 1880
Monsieur Judas: A Paradox Hume, Fergus 1891
Monsieur Maurice, a New Novelette: And Othe... Edwards, Amelia B. 1873
Monsignor: A Novel Reade, Emma 1890
Montacute: or, A New Home Kirkland, Caroline Matilde 1840
Monte Carlo Stories Barrett, Joan 1896
Montes the Matador: and Other Stories Harris, Frank 1900
Montezuma's Daughter Haggard, H. Rider 1893
Moonbeams and Brownies White, Roma 1894
Moonfleet Falkner, John Meade 1898

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