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Title Author Year
The Transit of the Red Dragon and Other Tales Phillpotts, Eden 1903
The Translation of a Savage Parker, Sir Gilbert 1894
The Trapper's Son Kingston, William Henry Giles 1873
The Treasure Cave of the Blue Mountains Smeaton, William Henry Olip... 1898
The Treasure of Thorburns: A Novel Boyle, Frederick 1887
The Treasures in the Marshes Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1893
The Tree of Knowledge Robins, Gertrude Minnie 1889
The Tree of Life Syrett, Netta 1897
The Tremlett Diamonds Marshall, Frances L. 1895
The Trespasser Parker, Sir Gilbert 1893
The Trespasses of Two Breton, Frederic 1896
The Trial: More Links of the Daisy Chain Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1864
The Trials of Jetta Malaubret Cherbuliez, Charles Victor 1886
The Trials of Life Grey, Maria 1829
The Trials of the Bantocks Street, George Slythe 1900
The Trials of the Tredgolds: A Novel Cook, Edward Dutton 1864
The Triple Alliance: Its Trials and Triumphs Avery, Charles Harold 1899
The Triumph of Manhood Connor, Marie 1889
The Triumph of Theresa: A Novel Arden, Jeffrey 1893
The Triumph of Truth: or, Henry and his Sis... Bunbury, Selina 1847
The Triumph of Woman: A Christmas Story Rowcroft, Charles 1848
The Triumphs of Time Marsh, Anne 1844
The Troubles of a Shovel Hat, and Other Sto... Messent, Charles 1901
The Troubles of an Heiress: A Novel Lucas, Cecil 1887
The Troubles of an Unlucky Boy: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1897
The Troubles of Monsieur Bourgeois Vail, George E. 1890
The True History of a Little Ragamuffin Greenwood, James 1866
The True History of Joshua Davidson, Christ... Linton, Eliza Lynn 1872
The Trumpet-Major: A Tale Hardy, Thomas 1880
The Trust: An Autobiography Le Peur, Jean 1877
The Trustee: A Novel Lovell, George William 1841
The Truth about Clement Ker Fletcher, Constance 1889
The Truth-Tellers: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1896
The Tudor Sisters: A Story of National Sacr... Anonymous, 1846
The Tuft Hunter Lennox, Lord William Pitt 1843
The Turn of the Tide: A Novel Majendie, Lady Margaret 1881
The Turn of the Tide: A Story of 1745 Browne, John Hutton Balfour 1896
The Tutor and Student A Member of the Middle Temp... 1858
The Tutor's Ward: A Novel Skene, Felicia Mary Frances 1851
The Tuttlebury Tales Platts, William Carter 1896
The Tuttlebury Troubles Platts, William Carter 1899
The Twickenham Peerage Marsh, Richard 1902
The Twickenham Tales, by a Society of Novel... Anonymous, 1860
The Twilight of hte Gods and Other Tales Garnett, Richard 1888
The Twin Brothers of Elfvedale: A Story of ... Eden, Charles Henry 1875
The Twin Sisters: A Novel Field, Lucy 1853
The Twin Sisters: A Jewish Narrative of the... Bristow, Amelia 1835
The Twin Soul: or, The Strange Experiences ... Mackay, Charles 1887
The Twins: A Domestic Novel Tupper, Martin Farquhar 1841
The Twins of Saint-Marcel: A Tale of Paris ... Orr, Mrs. Alexander S. 1872
The Twins That Did Not Pair Bedford, H. Louisa 1898
The Two Admirals: A Tale of the Sea Cooper, James Fenimore 1842
The Two Anastasias: A Novel Smith, Anne Maria Carter 1864
The Two Apprentices: A Tale for Youth Howitt, Mary 1845
The Two Aristocracies: A Novel Gore, Catherine 1857
The Two Baronesses: A Romance Andersen, Hans Christian 1848
The Two Brothers Ponsonby, Lady Emily 1858
The Two Brothers: A Romance Anonymous, 1850
The Two Buccaneers: A Tale of the Sea Armstrong, Francis Claudius 1858
The Two Captains Russell, William Clark 1897
The Two Chiefs of Dunboy: or, An Irish Roma... Froude, James Anthony 1889
The Two Countesses Eschenbach, Marie Ebner von 1893
The Two Destinies: A Romance Collins, Wilkie 1876
The Two Dreamers: A Novel Saunders, John 1880
The Two Families: An Episode in the History... Whitehead, Sarah R. 1852
The Two Friends: A Novel Blessington, Countess of 1835
The Two Guardians: or, Home in this World Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1852
The Two Henriettas Marshall, Emma 1896
The Two Homes: A Novel Mathews, William 1859
The Two Homes: A Story of Life Discipline Marshall, Emma 1884
The Two Households: or, Passages in the Lif... Doyle, Terence 1860
The Two Lancrofts Keary, Charles Francis 1893
The Two Magics James, Henry 1898
The Two Marys Oliphant, Margaret 1896
The Two Midshipmen: A Tale of the Sea Armstrong, Francis Claudius 1854
The Two Miss Flemings BTAO "Rare Pale Margaret", 1879
The Two Miss Jeffreys Swan, Annie S. 1899
The Two Mottoes Roberts, Margaret 1858
The Two Neighbours: A Tale of Domestic Life Paull, Susanna Mary 1875
The Two Prima Donnas, and The Dumb Door Por... Sala, George Augustus 1862
The Two Queens: A Sequel to "Grace O'Malley" Muddock, Joyce Emmerson Pre... 1874
The Two Rubies: A Novel Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte 1868
The Two Shipmates Kingston, William Henry Giles 1874
The Two Sides of the Shield Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1885
The Two Standards Barry, William Francis 1898
The Two Strangers Oliphant, Margaret 1894
The Two Supercargoes: or, Adventures in Sav... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1878
The Two Surplices: A Tale Cambridge, Ada 1865
The Two Swords: A Story of Old Bristol Marshall, Emma 1887
The Two Vocations: or, The Sisters of Mercy... Charles, Elizabeth Rundle 1853
The Two Voyages: or, Midnight and Daylight Kingston, William Henry Giles 1881
The Two Widows: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1873
The Type-writer Girl Allen, Grant 1897
The Tyrants of Kool-Sim Cobban, James Maclaren 1896
The Ugly Man Downey, Edmund 1896
The Ugly Story of Miss Wetherby Pryce, Richard 1889
The Unbidden Guest Hornung, Ernest William 1894
The Unclassed: A Novel Gissing, George 1884
The Uncle's Legacy: A Novel Torr, John Berry 1849
The Under-Secretary Le Queux, William 1902

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