At the Circulating Library Author Information: Richard Walker

Author: Richard Walker (1791–1870)

Alternate Name(s): R.P. (pseudonym); Ricardus Peripateticus (pseudonym)

Biography: Richard Walker was born in 1791 in Norwich, the son of the Rev. John Walker. He attended Balliol College, was a fellow of Magdalen College, and headmaster of the Magdalen College School. Walker was ordained and served as curate at Tilehurst. In 1852, he married Eliza Naomi Davies. He died in 1870 at Hazel Olveston near Bristol.


References: Magdalen College School Journal (February 1871)

Fiction Titles:

  1. Oxford in 1888: A Fragmentary Dream by a Sub-Utopian.  1 vol.  Oxford: Henry Slater, 1838.