Author Tag: Seamen

Description: The following authors all worked on the sea as naval officers, sailors, or ship captains.

Charles Vernon Anson
Francis Claudius Armstrong
Matthew Henry Barker
John Arthur Barry
Charles Aubyn Beach
Louis Becke
Capt. Sir Edward Belcher
Frank Thomas Bullen
Verney Lovett Cameron
Frederick Chamier
Alexander Christie
Henry Ernest Acraman Coate
Augustus Collingridge
Philip Howard Colomb
Joseph Conrad
John Davis
William Price Drury
Charles Ede
William Fisher
James William Gambier
William Nugent Glascock
Charles Gleig
Basil Hall
James Hannay
Claud Harding
James Frederick Hodgetts
Wilfred Keppel Honnywill
Edward Howard
William Joseph Cosens Lancaster
Charles Rathbone Low
James Alexander Maitland
Frederick Marryat
Herman Melville
William Johnstoune Nelson Neale
Charles Peake
William Clark Russell
Samuel Whitchurch Sadler
William Gordon Stables
Hon. Frederick Walpole
Edward Wilberforce
Sir Sydney Marow Eardley Wilmot

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