At the Circulating Library Publisher Information: Spencer Blackett

Publisher: Spencer Blackett

Primary Location: London

History: Spencer Blackett (1858–1920) was the third son of Henry Blackett, the partner of Hurst and Blackett. He began publishing in the 1880s and bought John Maxwell in 1887. In 1895, Spencer Blackett merged with Kegan Paul.

References: Leslie Howsam, Kegan Paul, A Victorian Imprint (University of Toronto Press, 1898)

Number of Titles Published by Spencer Blackett:

1882 (1 titles)1883 (1 titles)1887 (2 titles)
1888 (11 titles)1889 (21 titles)1890 (12 titles)
1891 (8 titles)1893 (1 titles)