Publisher: Beadle and Company

Publisher: Beadle and Company

Alternate Name(s): E. F. Beadle and Company

Primary Location: London

History: Short-lived London branch of the American publisher, active 15 February 1861 to 1 February 1866. Mostly responsible for the series Beadle's American Sixpenny Library (84 volumes), though Routledge took over the series starting with volume 62.

References: Albert Johannsen, The House of Beadle and Adams and Its Dime and Nickel Novels (1950); NIU

Number of Titles Published by Beadle and Company:

1861 (11 titles)
1862 (12 titles)
1863 (12 titles)
1864 (12 titles)
1865 (12 titles)
1866 (3 titles)

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