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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Publisher: Methuen in 1896

Titles published by Methuen in the year 1896:

  1. Sabine Baring-Gould.  The Broom-Squire.  1 vol.
  2. Sabine Baring-Gould.  Dartmoor Idylls.  1 vol.
  3. John Arthur Barry.  In the Great Deep: Sea Stories.  1 vol.
  4. John Edward Bloundelle Burton.  Denounced: A Romance of Love and Sorrow.  1 vol.
  5. John Edward Bloundelle Burton.  In the Day of Adversity: A Romance.  1 vol.
  6. Leslie Cope Cornford.  Captain Jacobus: Certain Passages from the Memoirs of Anthony Langford.  1 vol.
  7. John Davidson.  Miss Armstrong's, and Other Circumstances.  1 vol.
  8. Evelyn Dickinson.  The Sin of Angels.  1 vol.
  9. Jane Helen Findlater.  The Green Graves of Balgowrie.  1 vol.
  10. Henry Johnston.  Doctor Congalton's Legacy: A Chronicle of North Country By-ways.  1 vol.
  11. Rudyard Kipling.  The Seven Seas.  1 vol.
  12. Lucas Malet.  The Carissima: A Modern Grotesque.  1 vol.
  13. Bertram Mitford.  The Sign of the Spider: An Episode.  1 vol.
  14. Herbert Arthur Morrah.  A Serious Comedy.  1 vol.
  15. Arthur Morrison.  A Child of the Jago.  1 vol.
  16. Margaret Oliphant.  The Two Marys.  1 vol.
  17. Sir Gilbert Parker.  The Seats of the Mighty: Being the Memoirs of Captain Robert Moray.  1 vol.
  18. Sir Ronald Ross.  The Spirit of Storm: A Romance.  1 vol.
  19. L. B. Walford.  Successors to the Title.  1 vol.