Title: Revenge!

Author and Title: Robert Barr. Revenge!

First Edition: London: Chatto and Windus, 1896. 1 volume, 6s.


Summary: Contains the stories "An Alpine Divorce," "Which was the Murderer?," "A Dynamite Explosion," "An Electrical Slip," "The Vengeance of the Dead," "Over the Stelvio Pass [The Driver with his Back to the Horses]," "The Hour and the Man," "And the Rigour of the Game," "The Bromley Gibberts Story," "Not According to the Code," "A Modern Samson," "A Deal on Change," "Transformation," "The Shadow of the Greenback," "The Understudy," "Out of Thun," "A Dramatic Point," "Two Florentine Balconies," "The Exposure of Lord Stansford," and "Purification."

References: BL; EC


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