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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
The Abbess of Shaftesbury: or, The Days of John of Gaunt Anonymous 1846
Abbeychurch: or, Self Control and Self Conceit Charlotte Mary Yonge 1844
The Abbot's Bridge Frances Mary Peard 1891
Abbotsnid C. E. M. 1888
Abel Grey Elizabeth Youatt 1860
Abigail Templeton: or, Brave Efforts. A Story of To-day Emma Marshall 1896
Aboard the "Atalanta": The Story of a Truant Henry Frith 1888
Above the Breakers: or, Simple Trust Mary Onley 1875
Abroad and at Home: Tales Here and There Julia S. H. Pardoe 1857
Accidents of Childhood: or, Cautionary Stories for Heedless Children D. Richmond 1861
Across Country Elim Henry D'Avigdor 1882
Acting on the Square: A Schoolboy's Diary Harriett Boultwood 1887
Ada and Gerty: A Story of School Life Louisa Mary Gray 1875
Ada Brenton: or, Plans for Life Anonymous 1861
Ada Vernham, Actress Richard Marsh 1900
Ada, the Betrayed: or, The Murder at the Old Smithy. A Romance of Pa... James Malcolm Rymer 1847
Adam Bell, Clym O' the Cleugh, and William of Cloudeslie Pierce Egan 1842
Adé, a Story of German Life Esmé Stuart 1882
Adelaide Rosenberg's Troubles BTAO "Worth her Weight in Gold" 1876
Adelbert and Bastel: or, Every Man in his Place. A Story for Boys Franz Hoffman 1871
Adeline: or, Mysteries, Romances, and Realities of Jewish Life Osborn William Trenery Heighway 1854
Adeline: or, The Grave of the Forsaken. A Domestic Romance James Malcolm Rymer 1841
The Admiralty House: A Story of Three Happy Children Edith King Hall 1899
Adonijah: A Tale of the Jewish Dispersion Jane Margaret Strickland 1856
Adrift in a Boat William Henry Giles Kingston 1869
Adrift in the Great City: A Story Mary Elizabeth Whatham 1893
Adrift in the Pacific Jules Verne 1889
Adrift on the Sea: or, The Children's Escape Emilia Norris 1871
The Adventurers: A Tale of Treasure Trove Henry Brereton Marriott Watson 1898
Adventures Among the Indians Francis Robert Goulding 1871
The Adventures and Experiences of Biddy Dorking: To which is Added t... Anna Maria Hall 1858
Adventures in Africa by an African Trader William Henry Giles Kingston 1883
Adventures in India William Henry Giles Kingston 1884
Adventures in the Far West William Henry Giles Kingston 1881
Adventures in Toyland Edith King Hall 1897
Adventures in Western Africa: A Tale Henry Samuel Budget Yates 1880
The Adventures of a Donkey: Written by Himself Anonymous 1869
The Adventures of a Gentleman in Search of a Horse Sir George Stephen 1835
The Adventures of a Griffin on a Voyage of Discovery Harden S. Melville 1867
The Adventures of a Little French Boy Alfred de Bréhat 1863
Adventures of a Perambulator: True Details of a Family History Jeanie Hering 1894
The Adventures of a Sporting Dog Anonymous 1863
The Adventures of a Stowaway Fred Whishaw 1897
The Adventures of a Watch Julie Gouraud 1864
Adventures of a Young Naturalist Lucien Biart 1870
Adventures of Alfan: or, The Magic Amulet John Holme Burrow 1863
The Adventures of Captain Mago: or, A Phoenician Expedition, B. C. 1... Léon Cahun 1876
The Adventures of Carlo Katharine Tynan 1900
Adventures of Dick Onslow among the Red Skins William Henry Giles Kingston 1863
The Adventures of François: Foundling, Thief, Juggler, and Fencing-... Silas Weir Mitchell 1898
The Adventures of Gustavus Wasa: or, The Dawning of Light in Sweden L. S. Griffith 1880
Adventures of Hans Sterk, the South African Hunter and Pioneer Alfred Wilks Drayson 1869
The Adventures of Herbert Massey in Eastern Africa Verney Lovett Cameron 1888
The Adventures of Herr Baby Mary Louisa Molesworth 1881
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: (Tom Sawyer's Comrade) Mark Twain 1884
The Adventures of Johnny Ironsides: A Tale Jules Girardin 1875
The Adventures of Joshua Hawsepipe, Master Mariner: A Tale of the Se... Charles Rathbone Low 1869
Adventures of Kwei, the Chinese Girl Mary E. Gellie 1872
The Adventures of Mark Paton, and Other Stories Charles John Jodrell Mansford 1898
Adventures of Marshall Vavasour, Midshipman Samuel Whitchurch Sadler 1873
The Adventures of Maurice Drummore, Royal Marines, by Land and Sea Charles Butler Greatrex 1884
The Adventures of Mick Callighin, M.P.: A Story of Home Rule. And Th... William Robert Ancketill 1874
The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green: An Oxford Freshman Edward Bradley 1853
The Adventures of Mr. Wilderspin on His Journey Through Life Andrew Halliday 1860
Adventures of Old Dan Tucker, and his Son Walter: A Tale of North Ca... Calvin Henderson Wiley 1851
The Adventures of Picklock Holes Rudolph Chambers Lehmann 1901
The Adventures of Prior Claime: Relating Chiefly to his Residence in... Anonymous 1872
The Adventures of Reuben Davidger: Seventeen Years and Four Months C... James Greenwood 1865
The Adventures of Rob Roy James Grant 1864
The Adventures of Robinson Playfellow, a Young French Marine Anonymous 1873
The Adventures of Rolando in Mesopotamia, Persia, Siberia, Kamschatk... Anne Bowman 1877
The Adventures of Seven Four-footed Foresters, Narrated by Themselves James Greenwood 1865
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 1892
The Adventures of the Bodley Family Horace Scudder 1879
The Adventures of Tom Hanson: or, Brave Endeavours Achieve Success Firth Garside 1877
The Adventures of Wouldn't-Say-Wee: By Nasr-ed-Din Sparrow, R. A. Frances Isabelle Tylcoat 1881
Adventures Round the World Anonymous 1880
An Affair of Honour Alice Weber 1892
Afloat at Last: A Sailor Boy's Log of his Life at Sea John Conroy Hutcheson 1890
The African Cruiser: A Midshipman's Adventures on the West Coast Samuel Whitchurch Sadler 1873
The African Trader: or, The Adventures of Harry Bayford William Henry Giles Kingston 1873
The Africander: A Plain Tale of Colonial Life Egerton Clairmonte 1896
After Many Days: or, Clear Shining After Rain Anonymous 1875
After the Holidays: or, Wunnie's Work Mary W. Ellis 1874
After Worcester: The Story of a Royal Fugitive Evelyn Ward Everett Green 1901
Afterward Emilie Searchfield 1885
Against Tide: A Story of a Poor Street Arab Miriam Ross 1871
Agatha: A Fanciful Flight for a Gusty Night George Halse 1861
Agatha: or, Sketches of School Life. And The Black Sheep. Two Tales ... Mrs. Packer 1865
Agatha Lee's Inheritance Mary R. Higham 1878
Agatha Webb Anna Katherine Green 1900
Agnes Beaumont: A True Story of the Year 1670 Marian Caldecott 1874
Agnes Fairfield: or, The Triumph of Faith Charles F. Higginson 1873
Agnes Falconer BTAO "Agnes Falconer" 1863
Agnes Grahame, Deaconess: A Story of Woman's Work for Christ and His... M. A. M. 1879
Agnes Hopetoun's Schools and Holidays: The Experiences of a Little G... Margaret Oliphant 1859
Agnes Leigh: or, The Path and Lamp Anonymous 1867
Agnes Selby: A Story for Children Henrietta Lushington 1861
Ahmo's Plot: or, The Governor's Indian Child Ann S. Stephens 1863
Ailie Stuart: A Story of School Life Annie Gray 1873
"Aim at a Sure End" Emilie Searchfield 1886
Aimée: A Tale of the Days of James the Second Agnes Giberne 1872
Alda Graham, and her Brother Philip Emilia Norris 1872
Alda, the British Captive Agnes Strickland 1841
Alec Green: A Tale of Sea Life Silas Kitto Hocking 1879
Alec Tomlin: or, Choose Wisely Isabella Eleanor Aylmer 1873
Aletta: A Tale of the Boer Invasion Bertram Mitford 1900
Alfred and his Mother: or, Seeking the Kingdom Katharine E. May 1871
Alfred Arnold's Choice, and What Came of It: A Tale of Factory Life BTAO "Alice Leigh's Mission" 1878
Alfred de Rosann: or, The Adventures of a French Gentleman George William MacArth Reynolds 1839
Alfred Leslie: A Story of Glasgow Life Frederick Arnold 1856
Alfred May R. Rylands 1882
Alfred the Great, and other Stories from History Anonymous 1871
Alfreda Holme: A Story of Social Life in Australia Elisabeth Boyd Bayly 1882
The Algerian Slave: A Novel Lisbeth Gooch Séguin 1888
Algy's Lesson Sophia Elizabeth De Morgan 1868
Alice and Beatrice Grandmamma 1869
Alice Barlow's Trust: or, Principle in Everything. A Village Story George Eliel Sargent 1882
Alice Benden: or, The Bowed Shilling Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna 1838
Alice Bridge of Norwich: A Tale of the Time of Charles the First Andrew Reed 1879
Alice de Burgh: A Home Story for Girls Louisa Joyce Tomlinson 1874
Alice Deane's Life-Work: A Tale of the Fisher-Folk at Sencliff Anonymous 1874
Alice Franklin: A Tale. Another Part of "Sowing and Reaping" Mary Howitt 1843
Alice Gray: or, The Ministrations of a Child Julia A. Mathews 1855
Alice Herbert and Emily's Choice E. V. N. 1871
Alice Home: or, The Revenge of the Blighted One. A Romance of Deep I... James Malcolm Rymer 1848
Alice in the Country Anonymous 1873
Alice Leigh's Mission BTAO "Alice Leigh's Mission" 1870
Alice Leighton: or, The Murder at the Druids' Stones. A Romance of t... Thomas Frost 1848
Alice Lowther: or, Grandmamma's Story about her Little Red Bible J. W. C. 1862
Alice Neville: or, A Little Child Shall Lead Them Charlotte Elizabeth Bowen 1874
Alice Stanley and Other Stories Anna Maria Hall 1868
Alice Thorne: or, A Sister's Work Anonymous 1867
Alice Wilde: The Raftsman's Daughter. A Forest Romance Metta Victoria Fuller 1861
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll 1865
Alice's Pupil Letitia McClintock 1883
Alicia Grey: or, To be Useful is to be Happy Catherine Grace Godwin 1837
Alicia Newcome: or, The Land Claim. A Tale of the Upper Missouri Frances Fuller Barritt 1862
"All But": A Chronicle of Laxenford Life Sir Henry Thompson 1886
All for Number One: or, Charlie Russell's Ups and Downs. A Story for... Henry Johnson 1888
All for the Best: or, Bernard Gilpin's Motto Emily Sarah Holt 1887
All in a Garden Green: and, Talk of a Sheet of Paper Elizabeth Traice 1877
All Play and no Work Charles Harold Avery 1901
All Sorts and Conditions of Men: An Impossible Story Walter Besant 1882
All the Way One Shilling: Judy's Book for Anywhere and All Times. Th... Charles Henry Ross 1877
All the Way to Fairyland: Fairy Stories Evelyn Sharp 1898
The Allens: A Tale of the Great Kanawha Valley Henry J. Thomas 1862
Allie: or, Into the Light E. E. H. 1877
Allina Grey: or, The Decision Georgiana Margaret Sterne 1867
All's Well: or, Alice's Victory Emily Sarah Holt 1893
All's Well that Ends Well: A Tale for Children M. M. S. 1870
Ally and Her School-Fellow: A Tale for the Young Matilda Barbara Betham-Edwards 1861
Almeria's Castle: or, My Early Life in India and in England Henrietta Lushington 1866
Almost a Hero: or, School-Days at Ashcombe Robert Richardson 1880
Almost a Pauper: A Tale of Trial and Triumph Erminda Rentoul Esler 1888
"Almost Persuaded": A Tale of Village Life Frances Elizabeth G. Carey Brock 1856
Alone in China and Other Stories Julian Ralph 1897
Alone in Crowds: or, Kindlup Tower Annette Thomasina Lyster 1882
Always in the Way: A Little Story Thomas Jeans 1866
Alwyn Morton: His School and Schoolfellows. A Tale of St. Nicholas G... Elizabeth Stuart Phelps 1867
Alypius of Tagaste: A Tale of the Early Church Annie Webb 1865
The Amazon: A Tale Franz Dingelstedt 1869
The Amber City: Being Some Account of the Adventures of a Steam Croc... Thomas Vetch 1888
Ambition Mrs. Courtenay Newton 1851
Ambrose Oran: or, With the Buccaneers Frederick Scarlett Potter 1881
An American Emperor: The Story of the Fourth Empire of France Louis Tracy 1897
An American Girl in London Sara Jeanette Duncan 1891
Amid the Greenwood A. C. Chambers 1881
Among Hostile Hordes: A Story of the Tai-ping Rebellion Bessie Marchant 1901
Among the Brigands, and Other Tales of Adventure Charlotte Elizabeth Bowen 1875
Among the Cannibals Jules Verne 1876
Among the Freaks William Livingston Alden 1896
Among the Gibjigs: A Child's Romance Sydney Hodges 1881
Among the Maoris: A Book of Adventure Emilia Norris 1874
Among the Mountains: or, The Harcourts at Montreux Agnes Giberne 1865
Among the Squirrels Mary A. Denison 1867
Among the Tartar Tents: or, The Lost Fathers. A Tale Anne Bowman 1861
Among the Woblins: A Child's Romance Sydney Hodges 1882
Among Thorns Marion Clarke 1887
Among Typhoons and Pirate Craft Alexander Christie 1892
Amos Fayle: or, Through the Wilderness into a Wealthy Place Sophie Amelia Prosser 1878
Amos Huntingdon: A Tale Illustrative of Moral Courage, with Examples... Theodore Percival Wilson 1881
The Amphibion's Voyage Parker Gillmore 1885
Amy Carlton: or, First Days at School. A Tale for the Young D. Richmond 1856
Amy Harrington: or, A Sister's Love Catherine Georgina Hamilton 1848
Amy Thornton: or, The Curate's Daughter Edward Burlend 1862
Amy Wilton: or, Lights and Shades of Christian Life Emma Jane Worboise 1852
Amyas Egerton, Cavalier Maurice H. Hervey 1896
Amy's New Home, and other Stories for Boys and Girls Anonymous 1863
Amy's Trials: or, A Character Misunderstood Julia A. Mathews 1872
Amy's Wish and What Came of It: A Fairy Tale Catherine Elizabeth Tylee 1870
The Ancient Britons: A Tale of Primeval Life Anonymous 1851
Ancient Ninevah: A Story for the Young Anonymous 1878
And Shall Trelawney Die? and The Mist on the Moors: Being Romances o... Joseph Hocking 1897
The Andersons, Brother and Sister Agnes Giberne 1894
Andrew Garth's Apprentices Frederick Scarlett Potter 1888
An Angel in a Web Julian Ralph 1899
The Angel of the Iceberg and Other Stories and Parables: to which is... John Dodd 1859
The Angel of the Revolution: A Tale of the Coming Terror George Griffith 1893
An Angel Unawares: A Lincolnshire Story C. E. C. Weigall 1899

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