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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
Earth's Many Voices: Second Series Elizabeth M. A. F. Saxby 1864
Easter Eggs, and Red and White Roses Johann Christoph von Schmid 1870
Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers Mrs. Valentine 1875
Easydale: A Story Edis Searle 1874
Eaton Parsonage: or, The Secret of Home Happiness Sarah Ann Herbert 1867
Echoes Emily Marion Harris 1872
Echoes of an Old Bell and Other Tales of Fairy Lore Hon. Augusta Bethell 1865
Echoes of the Past from a Retired Hamlet: A Tale Founded on Fact Una 1870
Eda May: or, The Twin Roses A. D. Binfield 1873
An Eden in England: A Tale Charlotte Maria Tucker 1874
Edgar Clifton: or, Right and Wrong. A Story of School Life Charlotte Adams 1852
Edged Tools Sarah Stuart Robbins 1867
Edith and her Ayah, and Other Stories Charlotte Maria Tucker 1872
Edith and Mary at Holly Farm Susan Bogert Warner 1871
Edith Heron: or, The Earl and the Countess James Malcolm Rymer 1864
Edith Hinton: or, Twice Blessed E. M. 1872
Edith Osward: or, Living for Others Jane M. Kippen 1881
Edith the Captive: or, The Robbers of Epping Forest James Malcolm Rymer 1862
Edith Vernon's Life-Work F. M. S. 1864
Edith's Charity Frances E. Reade 1895
Edna Willis: or, The Promise Fulfilled Susanna Warren 1866
Edward and Mary: A Story Illustrative of the Nature and Effects of T... Anonymous 1852
Edward Bertram: or, The Emigrant Heir Grace Stebbing 1882
Edward Evelyn: A Tale of the Rebellion of Prince Charles Edward Jane Margaret Strickland 1843
Edward the Black Prince: or, A Tale of the Feudal Times Pierce Egan 1870
Edwin and Mary Lady Tuite 1838
Edwin's Fairing Edward A. Monro 1867
"Effects" and Adventures of Raby Rattler, Gent. Thomas Hall 1845
Effie Maurice: or, What do I Love Best? Emily Judson 1862
Effie's Prayer: or, "Thy Will Be Done."" A Tale Explanatory of the L... Ellen Barlee 1871
Effie's Year: A Tale for Little Children of the Church Anonymous 1869
Egerton Roscoe: A Story for the High-Spirited George Eliel Sargent 1851
The Egyptian Wanderers: A Story for Children, of the Great Tenth Per... John Mason Neale 1854
Eight Bells: A Tale of the Sea and the Cannibals of New Guinea James Hume Nisbet 1889
Eight Cousins: or, The Aunt-Hill Louisa May Alcott 1875
Eight Years a Blue Coat Boy: or, Dundalker's Schooldays. A Narrative... Anonymous 1877
El Carmen: A Romance of the River Plate George Crampton 1897
Elbow-Room: A Novel without a Plot Max Adeler 1876
Elder Park: or, Scenes in Our Garden Mrs. Alfred Payne 1869
Eldergowan: or, Twelve Months of my Life, and Other Tales Rosa Mulholland 1874
The Eldest Miss Simpson: Her Haps and Mishaps; her Offers and Engage... Charles Henry Ross 1866
Electra: A Story of Modern Times Philippe Ferdinand Auguste de Rohan Chabot ... 1853
Elf Jeanie Hering 1887
Eliezer: or, Suffering for Christ Charlotte Elizabeth Stern 1877
Eliza Metcalf's Basket: or, Policy not Principle Emma Leslie 1873
Ella and Marian: or, Rest and Unrest Catherine Douglas Bell 1866
Ella's Locket and What it Brought Her G. E. Dartnell 1875
Ellen and Frank E. Perring 1875
Ellen French: A Tale for Girls Aunt Evergreen 1866
Ellen Manners: or, Recollections of a Governess E. W. 1875
Ellen Mansel: or, Seek those things which are Above BTAO "Ellen Mansel" 1876
Ellen Mason: or, Principle and Prejudice Anonymous 1862
Ellen Mordaunt: or, The Effects of True Religion Amelia Margaretta Harrington 1851
Ellen North's Crumbs Anna Harriet Drury 1873
Ellen's Trials Anonymous 1862
Ellerslie House: A Book for Boys Emma Leslie 1867
Ellie: or, Nothing Perfect Here. A Tale for Girls K. M. W. 1865
Elsie Gordon: or, Through Thorny Paths Emily Brodie 1880
Elsie in Dreamland Frederic Edward Weatherly 1877
Elsie's Choice: A Story BTAO "May's Garden" 1874
Elsie's Dowry: A Tale of the Franco-German War Emma Leslie 1872
Elsie's Expedition Frederic Edward Weatherly 1874
Elsie's Girlhood Martha Finley 1873
The Embroidered Banner, and Other Marvels Richard Hort 1850
The Emerald Wreath: A Fireside Treasurey of Legends, Stories, &c. Caviare 1865
Emily Ellet's Journal: or, Steps Towards a Better Life Anonymous 1874
Emily Herbert: or, The Happy Home Maria Jane Mcintosh 1855
Emily Milman: The Little Sunbeam of the Farmhouse BTAO "Soldier Harold" 1870
Emily's Choice: An Australian Tale Maud Jeanne Franc 1867
Emily's Reward: or, The Holiday Trip to Paris Barbara Hofland 1844
Emma Leighton: or, Lessons of Self-Control Anonymous 1864
Emma Mayfield: or, The Rector's Daughter Thomas Frost 1848
The Emperor's Englishman Fred Whishaw 1896
The Enchanted Doll: A Fairy Tale for Little People Mark Lemon 1849
An Enemy's Friendship: or, The Christmas Gift. A Tale of the Franco-... Sarah M. S. Clarke 1876
Energy: A Tale Barbara Hofland 1838
Engaged to be Married: A Tale of To-day Elizabeth Thomasina Meade 1890
England's Yeomen: From Life in the Nineteenth Century Maria Louisa Charlesworth 1861
The English at the North Pole Jules Verne 1875
The English Boy at the Cape: An Anglo-African Story Edward Augustus Kendall 1835
The English Boy in Japan: or, The Perils and Adventures of Mark Raff... William Dalton 1858
English Hearts and English Hands: or, The Railway and the Trenches Catherine Marsh 1859
English Hearts and Irish Homes: Life Scenes from an Editor's Note-Bo... Anonymous 1868
Enid Duncan: or, The Discipline of a Year Edith E. Rhodes 1900
Entrances and Exits Eliza Winstanley 1879
Eochaid the Heremhon: or, The Romance of the Lia Phail Alfred Morris 1900
Eph Peters: or, The Scout of the Mohawk Valley W. J. Hamilton 1867
Equal to the Occasion Isabella Mayo 1887
Erling the Bold: A Tale of the Norse Sea-Kings R. M. Ballantyne 1869
Ernest Bracebridge: or, Schoolboy Days William Henry Giles Kingston 1860
Ernest Fairfield: or, Two Terms at St. Andrew's Arthur Noel Malan 1888
Ernest Hepburn: or, Revenge and Forgiveness Henry Cadwallader Adams 1888
Ernie at School: and What Came of his Going There Elizabeth Darby Eiloart 1867
Ernie Elton: The Lazy Boy Elizabeth Darby Eiloart 1865
The Errand Boy: or, Your Time is Your Employer's Charlotte Adams 1858
Escaped from Siberia: The Adventures of Three Distressed Fugitives Henry Frith 1886
Especially Those: A Story on the Prayer For All Conditions of Men Georgina Castle Smith 1875
Espérance: A Story of the Siege of Rouen Mary Eliza Bramston 1870
Esther: A Story of the Oregon Trail Ann S. Stephens 1863
Esther: A Story for Children Geraldine May Butt 1878
Esther: A Tale of Modern Jewish Burgher Life Charlotte Elizabeth Stern 1880
Esther Ray the Hop-Picker BTAO "Josey the Runaway" 1879
Esther's Shrine: A Character Sketch Helen Rose Anne Milman 1893
Ethel Clemence: or, Home at the Laytons. A Story for Children E. G. E. 1878
Ethel Graham's Victory Susanna Mary Paull 1880
Ethel Hardman: A Story of Self-Discipline William Edward Chadwick 1901
Ethel Linton: or, The Feversham Temper E. A. W. 1870
Ethel Ripon: or, Beware of Idle Words George Eliel Sargent 1874
Ethel's Adventures in the Doll Country Clara Bradford 1880
Ethel's Strange Lodger: A Story in Four Chapters Clara Lucas Balfour 1873
Etidorhpa: or, The End of the Earth John Uri Lloyd 1895
Ettie Knott: or, Silver Lined Clouds Winter Daisy 1877
Eunice Margaret Murray Robertson 1887
Eva and Bertie: A Tale for Little Children Agnes Giberne 1871
Eva and her Playfellows: A Book of Entertainment Caroline Mary Smith 1862
Eva Grant's Escape Susanna Mary Paull 1886
Eva's Locket, and Other Tales Lucy Sale-Barker 1878
Evelyn Grey J. Macgowan 1856
Evelyn Howard: or, Early Friendships Susanna Mary Paull 1875
Evenings at the Tea-Table Anonymous 1871
Evenings Away from Home: A Modern Miscellany of Entertainment for Yo... Ascott R. Hope 1883
An Eventful Night, and What Came of It Ernst Andolt 1877
Everingham Girls Mary Eliza Bramston 1886
Every Inch a King: or, The Adventures of Rex and His Friends. Transl... Mrs. J. Worthington Bliss 1879
Every Saturday: The Half-Holiday Diary of Three Children Catherine Douglas Bell 1867
The Evil Eye: or, The Black Spectre. A Romance William Carleton 1860
The Evil Eye and Other Stories Katharine Sarah Macquoid 1876
An Evil Motherhood: An Impressionist Novel Walter Ruding 1896
Ewin Lloyd: or, How We All Get On Ellinor J. Kelly 1865
Example Better than Precept Matilda Anne Mackarness 1867
An Exiled Scot: Passages in the Life of Ranald Cameron of Fannich Henry Anderson Bryden 1899
The Exiles: The Autobiography of Miles Spencer, and Other Tales Anonymous 1870
Exiles in Babylon: or, Children of Light Charlotte Maria Tucker 1866
The Exiles of France Ascott R. Hope 1870
The Exiles of Lucerna: or, The Sufferings of the Waldenses During th... John Ross Macduff 1841
The Exiles of the Cebenna: A Journal Written during the Decian Perse... John Mason Neale 1859
Expelled: Being the Story of a Young Gentleman Richard Marsh 1882
The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective Catherine Louisa Pirkis 1894
The Experiences of Tom Neal and Sarah his Wife Ruth Lamb 1864
The Expiation of Wynne Palliser: A Novel of Contrast Bertram Mitford 1896
The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard Arthur Conan Doyle 1896
The Extraordinary Adventures of a Young Lady's Wedding Bonnet, up th... Charles Henry Ross 1867
The Eye of Istar: A Romance William Le Queux 1897
Eyebright: A Story Susan Coolidge 1879
Fabled Stories from The Zoo: Tea-Time Tales for Young Little Folks a... Albert Alberg 1880
Fables and Fairy Tales Henry Morley 1860
The Face and the Mask Robert Barr 1894
Facts and Fictions: or, Gleanings of a Tourist. A Series of Tales J. Hungerford Sealy 1835
A Faggot of Stories for Little Folk Philip Bennett Power 1866
Faggots for the Fireside: or, Tales of Fact and Fancy Samuel Griswold Goodrich 1855
A Fair Brigand George Horton 1900
A Fair Claimant: Being a Story for Girls Frances Charlotte Armstrong 1894
Fair Diana Elim Henry D'Avigdor 1884
Fair Else, Duke Ulrich, and Other Tales Margaret Roberts 1877
Fair Rosamond: An Historical Romance Pierce Egan 1844
Fairmeadows Farm Mary H. Debenham 1890
Fairway Island Horace Gordon Hutchinson 1892
The Fairy Book: The Best Popular Fairy Stories Selected and Rendered... Dinah Marie Craik 1870
The Fairy Bower: or, The History of a Month. A Tale for Young People Harriet Elizabeth Mozley 1841
Fairy Circles: Tales and Legends of Giants, Dwarfs, Fairies, Water-S... Villamaria 1877
Fairy Fables Edward Bradley 1857
Fairy Fancies Lizzie Selina Eden 1870
Fairy Frisket: or, Peeps at Insect Life Charlotte Maria Tucker 1874
Fairy Gifts: or, A Wallet of Wonders Kathleen Knox 1875
The Fairy Godmothers and Other Tales Margaret Gatty 1851
A Fairy Grandmother: or, Madge Ridd, a Little London Waif Lizzie Ellen Tiddeman 1897
Fairy Guardians F. Willoughby 1875
Fairy Know-a-bit Charlotte Maria Tucker 1866
Fairy Land: Tales and Legends of Dwarfs, Fairies, Water-Sprites, Elv... Villamaria 1876
Fairy Tales Mark Lemon 1868
Fairy Tales: Published by Command of her Bright Dazzlingness Glorian... A Soldier of the Queen 1879
Fairy Tales for Children: Tommy Greedygrab; and Wriggletum Joseph McKim 1883
Fairy Tales in Other Lands Julia Bachope Goddard 1892
Fairy Tales Told Again BTAO "Little Red Shoes" 1872
The Fairy Tree: or, Stories from Far and Near Ita 1861
Faith Harrowby: or, The Smugglers' Cave Sarah Doudney 1871
The Faith of his Father Helen Shipton 1897
Faithful and True: or, The Mother's Legacy Emma J. Barnes 1871
Faithful and True: or, The Evans Family BTAO "Win and Wear" 1864
Faithful Georgie: A Tale of Australian Adventure Grace Stebbing 1882
Faithful in Little: A Tale for Young Women Mrs. F. E. Head 1870
Faithful unto Death: or, Susine and Claude of the Val Pelice Anna Carolina di Tergolina 1870
Faithful, but not Famous: A Historical Tale Emma Leslie 1872
Faith's Victory, and Other Narratives Anonymous 1873
The Falcon Family: or, Meta and Willy. A Tale of Two Birthdays Henry Cadwallader Adams 1874
Falconshurst: or, Birthday Tales Henry Cadwallader Adams 1869
The Fall of Athens: A Story of the Peloponnesian War Alfred John Church 1895
The Fall of Prince Florestan of Monaco Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke 1874
The False Heir and Other Choice Stories for the Young Anonymous 1870
Family Adventures Harriet Elizabeth Mozley 1852
The Family at Heatherdale: or, The Influence of Christian Principles Margaret Mackay 1837
The Family Difficulty: The Story of a Young Samaritan Sarah Doudney 1891
The Family Failiing Francesca Maria Steele 1883
The Family of Glencarra: A Tale of the Irish Rebellion Sidney O. Moore 1851
Family Secrets: or, A Page from Life's Volume. A Romance James Malcolm Rymer 1846
The Family Sepulchre: A Tale of Jamaica Theodora Elizabeth Lynch 1848
Fancy Free Eden Phillpotts 1901
Fanny and Arthur: or, Pervevere and Prosper. A Tale of Interest Jane Margaret Hooper 1862
Fanny Brown and her Honey-Bees Sophia Tandy 1875
Fanny Fern's New Stories for Children Fanny Fern 1865

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