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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
An Apprentice: or, Glimpses of the Life of James Syston Anonymous 1875
The Arabian Nights Entertainments: Arranged for the Perusal of Youth... Hon. Mrs. Sugden 1863
Araki the Daimio: A Japanese Story of the Olden Time Mona B. Bickerstaffe 1865
Arbell: A Tale for Young People Jane Margaret Hooper 1853
The Archbishop's Daughter: A Tale of the Sixteenth Century Anonymous 1837
Archibald Hughson, the Young Shetlander William Henry Giles Kingston 1873
Archie: A Story of Changing Fortunes, and Other Stories Robina Forrester Hardy 1885
Archie Blake: A Sea-Side Story Elizabeth Darby Eiloart 1868
Archie Dunn's Stories as Told by Himself Anonymous 1878
Archie Grey: or, Doing it Heartily F. M. S. 1867
The Archipelago on Fire Jules Verne 1886
Arctic Adventures William Henry Giles Kingston 1882
Arcturus: or, The Bright Star in Bootes. An Easy Guide to Science. Catharine Maria Sedgwick 1865
An Aristocratic Detective Richard Marsh 1900
An Arm-Chair in the Smoking-Room: or, Fiction, Anecdote, Humour, and... Anonymous 1870
Armadale Wilkie Collins 1866
Arnold Delahaize: or, The Huguenot Pastor Francisca Ingram Ouvry 1863
Arnold Lee: or, Rich Children and Poor Children Catherine Douglas Bell 1852
Arnold Leslie: or, A Working Man's Life and Experience George Eliel Sargent 1858
Around the Fire: Yuletide Stories Margaret Scott Haycraft 1900
Around the World in Eighty Days Jules Verne 1873
Arthur Bonnicastle: An American Novel Josiah Gilbert Holland 1873
Arthur Egerton's Ordeal: or, God's Ways not Our Ways Emma Leslie 1878
Arthur Erskine's Story: A Tale of the Day of Knox Deborah Alcock 1884
Arthur Fortescue: or, The Schoolboy Hero Ascott R. Hope 1866
Arthur Middletint: A Tale of Art in Short Chapters Alfred Ernest Knight 1881
Arthur Morland: A Tale for Boys L. S. N. 1864
Arthur O'Leary, his Wanderings and Ponderings in Many Lands Charles James Lever 1844
The Artist's Married Life: Being that of Albert Dürer Leopold Schefer 1848
As a Man Lives E. Phillips Oppenheim 1898
As Good as Gold: A Tale F. Bayford Harrison 1878
As Many as Touched Him Elizabeth Emily Charlton 1882
As Pretty as Seven and Other Popular German Tales Ludwig Bechstein 1872
As the Crow Flies Elizabeth Owens Blackburne 1880
Asaph Wood: or, Little by Little Phoebe Anne Allen 1882
Ashcliffe Hall: A Tale of the Last Century Emily Sarah Holt 1870
The Asheldon Schoolroom Frances Mary Peard 1884
Ashgrove Farm: or, A Place for Every One Charlotte Elizabeth Bowen 1866
Ashley Priors: or, The Beauty of Holiness. A Tale about Children Anonymous 1874
Ashton Cottage: or, The True Faith. A Sunday Tale Anonymous 1851
"Ask Mamma": or, The Richest Commoner in England Robert Smith Surtees 1858
Astray: A Tale of a Country Town Charlotte Mary Yonge 1886
Astray in the Forest Edward S. Ellis 1898
At Aboukir and Acre: A Story of Napoleon's Invasion of Egypt George Alfred Henty 1899
At Agincourt: A Tale of the White Hoods of Paris George Alfred Henty 1897
At School with an Old Dragoon Stephen Joseph Mackenna 1874
At Sea under Drake on the Spanish Main Charles Henry Eden 1899
At Sunwich Port William Wymark Jacobs 1902
At the Lion BTAO "An Elder Sister" 1879
At the South Pole: or, The Adventures of Richard Pengelley, Mariner William Henry Giles Kingston 1870
At ye Grene Griffin: or, Mrs. Treadwell's Cook. A Tale of the Fiftee... Emily Sarah Holt 1882
The Attack on the Farm, and Other Stories Andrew W. Arnold 1899
Aubrey Conyers: or, The Lordship of Allerdale Elizabeth M. Stewart 1853
August and Elvie Jacob Abbott 1873
Augustine's Choice: or, The Children of Strathdevon Louisa Anne Moncreiff 1876
Aunt Agnes: or, The Why and the Wherefore of Life A Clergyman's Daughter 1861
Aunt Annie's Stories: or, The Birthdays at Gordon Manor Edis Searle 1867
Aunt Ann's Stories Louisa Loughborough 1873
Aunt Atta: A Tale for Little Nephews and Nieces Henrietta Louisa Farrer 1850
Aunt Dorothy's Story Book for a Good Child, a Naughty Child, and a "... Mary Kirby 1862
Aunt Edith: or, Love to God the Best Motive BTAO "Aunt Edith" 1852
Aunt Emma BTAO "Rose and Kate" 1866
Aunt Hester, and Why We Loved Her: A Story of Rosebrook Anonymous 1880
Aunt Jane's Hero Elizabeth Prentiss 1873
Aunt Judith's Recollections: A Tale of the Eighteenth Century BTAO "Missionary Anecdotes" 1870
Aunt Judy's Letters Margaret Gatty 1862
Aunt Judy's Tales Margaret Gatty 1859
Aunt Lily's Motto: A Tale Marion Clifford Butler 1891
Aunt Mabel's Prayer Mrs. Henderson 1870
Aunt Maddy's Diamonds: A Tale for Little Girls Lydia Falconer Miller 1864
Aunt Margaret's Courtship and Other Tales Anonymous 1880
Aunt Margaret's Visit: or, The False and the Real Jane M. Kippen 1874
Aunt Margery's Maxims: Work--Watch--Wait Sophia Tandy 1869
Aunt Martha's Corner Cupboard: A Story for Little Boys and Girls Mary Kirby 1875
Aunt Mary E. Perring 1881
Aunt Mary's Bran Pie Eliza Tabor Stephenson 1875
Aunt Mildred's Legacy: A Story for the Young BTAO "The Best Cheer" 1869
Aunt Milly's Childhood BTAO "Lea's Playground" 1880
Aunt Sally's Life Margaret Gatty 1865
Autobiographies of a Lump of Coal; a Grain of Salt; a Drop of Water;... Annie Carey 1870
The Autobiography of a Charwoman Annie Wakeman 1900
The Autobiography of a Five-Pound Note Annie Webb 1853
The Autobiography of a Man-o'-War's Bell: A Tale of the Sea Charles Rathbone Low 1875
The Autobiography of a Quack: and, The Case of George Dedlow Silas Weir Mitchell 1900
Autobiography of a Small Boy Percy H. Fitzgerald 1869
The Autobiography of Jack Ketch Charles Whitehead 1835
Autumn Gatherings: Mabel Ashton: A Tale of the Crimean War, and the ... Elizabeth Ann Allnatt 1879
The Avenger: or, The Oath of Blood. A German Tale Carl Spindler 1840
The Avenger of Blood James Maclaren Cobban 1895
The Avenging of Hiram: A Comedy which might have been a tragedy Bennett Coll 1892
Avice Tennant's Pilgrimage: A Tale of Bunyan's Days Kate Thompson Sizer 1887
The Awakening of Anthony Weir Silas Kitto Hocking 1901
The Awakening of Helena Thorpe Erminda Rentoul Esler 1901
Away from Home: or, Sighs and Scenes in Other Lands. A Book for the ... Anonymous 1862
Away in the Wilderness: or, Life Among the Red Indians and Fur-trade... R. M. Ballantyne 1863
Away on the Moorland: A Highland Tale A. C. Chambers 1875
Away on the Waters Matilda Mary Pollard 1880
The Awdries and their Friends: And Other Tales Sophie Amelia Prosser 1868
Axel Ebersen, the Graduate of Upsala André Laurie 1892
Bab: or, Tit for Tat Harriette Emma Burch 1895
The Baba Log: A Tale of Child Life in India James Middleton Macdonald 1896
The Babes in the Basket: or, Daph and her Charge Sarah Schoonmaker Baker 1859
Baboo Jabberjee, B.A. F. Anstey 1897
Babylon Electrified: The History of an Expedition Undertaken to Rest... Albert Bleunard 1890
The Backwood Rangers Percy Bolingbroke St. John 1865
The Backwoods' Bride: A Romance of Squatter Life Metta Victoria Fuller 1861
The Backwoodsman: or, Life on the Indian Frontier Sir Lascelles Wraxall 1864
A Bag of Farthings Christabel Rose Coleridge 1893
Bald Eagle: or, The Last of The Ramapaughs Elizabeth Oakes Prince Smith 1868
Ballybeg Junction: An Episode Edmund Downey 1895
The Bamboo Garden Bertram Mitford 1896
The Bandolero: or, A Marriage among the Mountains Capt. Mayne Reid 1866
A Banished Monarch and Other Stories Jeanie Hering 1880
Banning and Blessing Margaret Roberts 1890
Banshee Castle Rosa Mulholland 1895
Barbara's Brothers Evelyn Ward Everett Green 1888
The Barbarous Britishers: A Tip-top Novel Henry Duff Traill 1896
Barfield's Blazer and Other School Stories William Edward Cule 1900
Barford Bridge: or, Schoolboy Trials Henry Cadwallader Adams 1868
Barnaby Rudge: A Tale of the Riots of 'Eighty Charles Dickens 1841
Baron Bruno: or, The Unbelieving Philosopher, and Other Fairy Stories Louisa Morgan 1875
The Baron's Little Daughter, and Other Tales in Prose and Verse Cecil Frances Alexander 1848
Barrington Charles James Lever 1863
Barthel Winkler, and Other Tales of the German Fatherland Anonymous 1864
Barton Ferris: A Tale of Village Life and Work Benjamin Clarke 1879
Barton Todd BTAO "Amy and her Brother" 1867
Basil: or, Honesty and Industry Charlotte Grace O'Brien 1865
Basil Grey: or, Tried and True W. J. Bettison 1879
Basil St. John: An Autumn Tale BTAO "Basil St. John" 1865
Basile the Jester: A Romance of the Days of Mary Queen of Scots Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock 1896
The Basket of Flowers: or, Piety and Truth Triumphant Johann Christoph von Schmid 1850
The Bastard of Mauléon Alexandre Dumas 1848
The Battery and the Boiler: or, Adventures in the Laying of the Subm... R. M. Ballantyne 1883
A Battle and a Boy Blanche Willis Howard 1894
Battle and Victory: or, Story of a Painter's Life Charlotte Elizabeth Bowen 1882
The Battle of Life: A Love Story Charles Dickens 1846
The Battle Worth Fighting, and Other Stories Anonymous 1865
The Battle-Field of Life Agnes Giberne 1877
The Battlefield Treasure F. Bayford Harrison 1889
The Beach of Falesá: Being the Narrative of a South Sea Trader; and... Robert Louis Stevenson 1892
The Bear King: A Narrative Confided to the Marines James Greenwood 1868
The Bear-Hunters of the Rocky Mountains Anne Bowman 1861
Beatrice: or, Six Years of Childhood and Youth Laura Jewry 1859
Beatrice of St. Mawse: A Story for Girls Emma Wearing 1864
Beautiful Mamma and Other Stories Winifred Graham 1901
The Beautiful Mrs. Leach Winifred Graham 1900
The Beauty and her Plain Sister Anonymous 1865
The Beaver Trappers and Other Stories Friedrich Wilhelm Oertel 1870
The Beckside Boggle and Other Lake Country Stories Alice Rea 1886
Beech-Tree Hall: or, A Christmas at Sea BTAO "Blind Ellie's Class" 1873
The Beetle: A Mystery Richard Marsh 1897
Before the Dawn: A Tale of Wycliffe and Bohemia Emma Leslie 1880
The Beggar's Benison: or, A Hero, without a name; but, with an aim. ... George Mills 1866
Beginning Again: Being a Continuation of Work: A Story of Experience Louisa May Alcott 1875
Behind the Veil: A Tale of the Days of William the Conqueror Emily Sarah Holt 1890
Being Afraid, and Other Stories for the Young Charles Stuart 1871
The Bell-Ringer of Angel's Bret Harte 1894
The Bella and her Crew Harriet S. Hill 1880
Bella Sandford: A Tale Francis Claudius Armstrong 1858
The Bells of St. Stephen's: or, Changing Scenes Anonymous 1879
The Belton Scholarship: A Chapter from the Life of George Denton Richard Marsh 1882
Ben Boyce, the Beachman, and Other Nautical Sketches Anonymous 1879
Ben Burton: or, Born and Bred at Sea William Henry Giles Kingston 1872
Ben Cramer: Working Jeweller. A Tale for Boys and Girls Stella Austin 1879
Ben Hanson: A Story of George Watson's College Jessie Margaret Edmonston Saxby 1884
Ben Wentworth's Revenge M. F. 1868
Benaiah: A Tale of the Captivity Annie Webb 1865
Beneath the Surface: A Story of Trust and Trial Henrietta Keddie 1894
Bennie: The King's Little Servant Louise Marston 1882
Ben's Boyhood Charlotte Elizabeth Bowen 1873
Beric the Briton: A Story of the Roman Invasion George Alfred Henty 1893
Bernard Hamilton, Curate of Stowe Mary Elizabeth Shipley 1880
Bernard Kendal's Fortune Ruth Lamb 1883
Bernard Leslie: or, A Tale of the Last Ten Years William Gresley 1842
Bert Lloyd's Boyhood: A Story from Nova Scotia James Macdonald Oxley 1892
Bertie and his Sister: A Domestic Story Alfred Harold Engelbach 1880
Bertie Lee: or, The Doorway of Life. A Boy's Book BTAO "Bertie Lee" 1862
Bertie's Birthday Present: or, Patience Rewarded Sophia Tandy 1869
Bertram: or, The Heir of Pendyne N. 1874
The Bertram Family Elizabeth Rundle Charles 1876
Beside the Guns Mary Elizabeth Shipley 1897
The Besieged City, and the Heroes of Sweden Mrs. Campbell Overend 1872
Bessie Edith Elisa Cowper 1900
Bessie Mary Ashton 1878
Bessie Among the Mountains: NA Joanna H. Mathews 1869
Bessie and Her Friends: A Sequel to Maggie and Bessie Joanna H. Mathews 1869
Bessie at School Joanna H. Mathews 1869
Bessie at the Sea-side Joanna H. Mathews 1868
Bessie Bleak, and the Lost Purse BTAO "Josey the Runaway" 1873
Bessie Field: A Cottage Story Charlotte Grace O'Brien 1864
Bessie Mason's Victories Mary Ann Seamer 1878
Bessie on Her Travels: NA Joanna H. Mathews 1871
Bessy Wells Ellen Wood 1875
Better Late than Never Emma Marshall 1898
A Better Patrimony than Gold: "It is only a pin." A Tale for Youth Charles Martel 1863
Better Than Good: A Story for Girls Annie E. Ridley 1880
Better than Rubies: Stories for the Young Illustrative of Familiar P... Anonymous 1870
Between the Cliffs: or, Hal Forrester's Anchor Emma Marshall 1873
Between the Lines: A Detective Story Burford Delannoy 1901
Between the Locks: or, The Adventures of a Water-Party BTAO "Motherless Maggie" 1879

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