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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
Ishmael the Yezidee: A Romance of Syrian Life Annie Webb 1865
The Island Home: or, The Adventures of Six Young Crusoes Richard Archer 1854
The Island of the Rainbow: A Fairy Tale and Other Fancies Camilla Dufour Crosland 1866
Isoult Barry of Wynscote: Her Diurnal Book. A Tale of Tudor Times Emily Sarah Holt 1871
"It isn't Right": or, Frank Johnson's Reason Ruth Lamb 1863
It Might Have Been: The Story of the Gunpowder Plot Emily Sarah Holt 1890
The Italian's Child and Other Tales Anonymous 1870
"It's All Real True": The Story of a Child's Difficulties Elizabeth Emily Charlton 1881
Ivanda: or, The Pilgrim's Quest. A Tale Sir Claude Arthur Bray 1894
Jack: A Chapter in a Boy's Life Yotty Osborn 1880
Jack and his Ostrich: An African Story Eleanor Stredder 1890
Jack and Jill: A Village Story Louisa May Alcott 1881
Jack and the Gypsies Kate Wood 1887
Jack and the Tanner of Wymondham: A Tale of the Time of Edward the S... Anne Manning 1854
Jack Archer: A Tale of the Crimea George Alfred Henty 1883
Jack Buntline: or, Life on the Ocean William Henry Giles Kingston 1861
Jack Frost and Betty Snow with Other Tales John Mill Chanter 1858
Jack Granger's Cousin Julia A. Mathews 1877
Jack Hazard and His Fortunes: A Story of Adventure John Townsend Trowbridge 1871
Jack Hinton, the Guardsman Charles James Lever 1843
Jack of Both Sides: The Story of a School War Florence Coombe 1900
Jack O'Lanthorn: A Tale of Adventure Henry Frith 1884
Jack Sheppard: A Romance William Harrison Ainsworth 1839
Jack Stanley: or, The Young Adventurers Emilia Norris 1870
Jack, the Conqueror: or, Difficulties Overcome Charlotte Elizabeth Bowen 1868
Jack-of-all-Trades Thomas Miller 1868
Jacko: A Story for the Young Harriette Emma Burch 1891
Jack's Yarn: or, Perils in the Pacific Robert Brown 1888
Jacob and the Raven, with Other Stories for Children Frances Mary Peard 1896
Jacob Jennings, the Colonist: or, The Adventures of a Young Scotchma... Janet Gordon 1884
A Jacobite Exile: Being the Adventures of a Young Englishman in the ... George Alfred Henty 1894
Jacqueline: A Story of the Reformation in Holland Janet Gordon 1872
Jacques Bonneval: or, The Days of the Dragonnades Anne Manning 1868
James Braithwaite, the Supercargo: The Story of his Adventures Ashor... William Henry Giles Kingston 1882
James Cope Cuthbert Barmby 1899
James Hatfield and the Beauty of Buttermere: A Story of Modern Times Edmund Frederick John Carrington 1841
The Jamesons Mary Eleanor Freeman 1899
Jan of the Windmill: A Story of the Plains Juliana Horatia Ewing 1876
Jane Brightwell: or, The Beggar's Petition. A Romance James Malcolm Rymer 1847
Jane Hardy: or, The Withered Heart Timothy Shay Arthur 1857
Jane Hudson: or, The Secret of Getting on in the World Anonymous 1871
Jane Shore: or, London in the Reign of Edward the Fourth. An Histori... James Malcolm Rymer 1846
Janet Darney: A Tale of Fisher-Life in Thale Bay Sarah Doudney 1873
Janet M'Laren: or, The Faithful Nurse William Henry Giles Kingston 1873
Janet Stroud: A Tale for Girls Going to Service Anonymous 1870
Jarwin and Cuffy: A Tale R. M. Ballantyne 1878
Jasmine Leigh Christina Catherine Fraser Tytler 1871
Jealousy and Revenge: Tales Eliza Peake 1845
Jean Lindsay, the Vicar's Daughter Emily Brodie 1878
Jean Roubaix: A Tale of the Swiss Mountains M. Montgomery Campbell 1880
Jeanie Lairn's Wee Laddie: A Simple Story of the Old Town Maria Margaret Grant 1881
Jeannette: A Story of the Huguenots Frances Mary Peard 1883
Jem Bunt Matthew Henry Barker 1841
Jem Morrison, the Fisher-boy Ruth Lamb 1862
Jem the Tinker and his Children S. E. P. 1869
Jenny Dale Anonymous 1870
Jenny the Crochet-Worker: or, The Path of Truth Sarah Maria Fry 1861
Jenny's Geranium: or, The Prize Flower of a London Court BTAO "Jenny's Geranium" 1869
Jessie and her Friends: With the History of a Lost Purse Anonymous 1864
Jessie Arnold: or, The Murder at the Old Well. A Romance James Malcolm Rymer 1852
Jessie Gordon: or, A Sunday Scholar's Influence Elizabeth Hely Walshe 1866
Jessie Phillips: A Tale of the Present Day Frances Milton Trollope 1843
Jessie Wilson: A Tale of Scottish Life Anonymous 1864
Jessie's Work: or, Faithfulness in Little Things. A Story for Girls Mary Elizabeth Shipley 1873
The Jew's Daughter: or, The Witch of the Water-side Mary E. Bennett 1839
Jimmy's Cruise in the Pinafore Louisa May Alcott 1879
Jim's Discovery: or, On the Edge of a Desert Tryphena Margaret Browne 1895
Jockey Club Stories Frank Barrett 1888
Joe Daviess' Client: or, Courting in Kentucky Metta Victoria Fuller 1865
Joe Webster's Mistake Emilie Searchfield 1883
Joe Witless: or, The Call to Repentance Eliza Hunter 1867
John Ames, Native Commissioner: A Romance of the Matabele Rising Bertram Mitford 1900
John Blessington's Enemy: A Story of Life in South Africa Edwin Harcourt Burrage 1900
John de Wycliffe, the First of the Reformers, and What he did for En... Emily Sarah Holt 1884
John Gardiner's Neighbours Julia Bachope Goddard 1888
John Hartley and How He Got on in Life Charlotte Adams 1867
John Hobbs: A Tale of British India George Drago 1862
John Jasper's Secret: Being a Narrative of Certain Events Following ... Henry Morford 1872
John Manesty, the Liverpool Merchant William Maginn 1844
John O'London: A Romance of the Days of Roger Bacon Somerville Gibney 1887
John Philips: or, Happy Homes for Working Men Anonymous 1867
John Snow's Wife: And Other Temperance Stories Charles Courtenay 1879
John Standish: or, The Harrowing of London Edward Gilliat 1889
John Tregenoweth: His Mark Mark Guy Pearse 1873
John Webb's End: Australian Bush Life Francis William Lauderdale Adams 1891
John Winter: A Story of Harvests Isabella Mayo 1890
Johnnie Wilks: or, The Old Home and the New. A Country Tale BTAO "Agnes Falconer" 1871
Johnny Jordan and his Dog Elizabeth Darby Eiloart 1867
Johnny Weston: or, Christmas Eve at the White House. A Story for Chi... Emma Marshall 1862
Johnnykin and the Goblins Charles Godfrey Leland 1877
John's Lily Eleanor C. Price 1894
Jonathan Toms Annie Victoria Dutton 1900
Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities Robert Smith Surtees 1838
Joseph Adams: or, Two Ways of Facing Life Florence Edith Burch 1886
Joseph Martin: or, "The Hand of the Diligent" Anonymous 1867
Josephine: or, Early Trials Catherine Grace Godwin 1837
Joseph's Coat David Christie Murray 1881
Josey the Runaway: or, Beware of Bad Company BTAO "Josey the Runaway" 1870
The Journal of Three Children: Written by Themselves Anonymous 1868
A Journey in Other Worlds: A Romance of the Future John Jacob Astor 1894
A Journey to the Centre of the Earth Jules Verne 1872
Jovinian: or, The Early Days of Papal Rome. A Tale William Henry Giles Kingston 1877
The Joy of Well-Doing Anonymous 1867
Joyce Morrell's Harvest: or, The Annals of Selwick Hall. A Story of ... Emily Sarah Holt 1881
Joyful through Hope: A Story Blanche A. L. Garvock 1884
Jud Helen Shipton 1886
The Judges of Israel: or, Tales for Sunday Reading Henry Cadwallader Adams 1866
Judy: or, Only a Little Girl Yotty Osborn 1880
Julia Maitland: or, Pride Goes Before a Fall Mary Kirby 1857
Julian's Dream: A Story of A. D. 362 Gerald S. Davies 1875
The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling 1894
Jungle Jack: or, To the East after Elephants Charles Henry Eden 1889
Juno and Georgie Jacob Abbott 1873
Juno on a Journey Jacob Abbott 1873
Just a Girl Charles Garvice 1898
Just Anyone: or, Kitty's Dream Isabel Reaney 1879
Just like Jack: A Story of the Brine and the Breeze William Gordon Stables 1893
The Kangaroo Hunters: or, Adventures in the Bush Anne Bowman 1859
Karaibo: or, The Outlaw's Fate J. Stanley Henderson 1867
Karl and the Six Little Dwarfs Julia Bachope Goddard 1863
Karl-of-the-Locket and His Three Wishes David Murray Smith 1867
Kaspar and the Seven Wonderful Pigeons of Würzburg Julia Bachope Goddard 1876
Kaspar and the Summer Fairies Julia Bachope Goddard 1878
Kate and her Brother: or, The Young Orphans Anonymous 1868
Kate Darly: or, It Will Come Right Sarah Schoonmaker Baker 1865
Kate Reyburn Constance Cross 1896
Kate Temple's Mate Frances E. Reade 1883
Katerfelto: A Story of Exmoor George John Whyte-Melville 1875
Katharine Beresford: or, The Shade and Sunshine of Woman's Life. A R... Hannah Maria Jones 1852
Katherine Douglas: or, Principle Developed Susan Selby Coppard 1860
Katherine Woodrington: or, Talents Neglected Harriet D'Oyley Howe 1856
Kathleen: or, A Maiden's Influence Julia Hack 1899
Katie: or, The Simple Heart D. Richmond 1862
Katie Johnstone's Cross: A Canadian Tale Agnes Maule Machar 1870
Katty Lester: A Book for Girls Anne Jane Cupples 1873
Keepers of England: A Story of a Thousand Years Ago Mary H. Debenham 1900
Keeping Up Appearances: A Tale for the Rich and Poor Timothy Shay Arthur 1879
A Keepsake for the Young: A Book of Amusement Sarah Schoonmaker Baker 1871
Keith's Trial and Victory Evelyn Ward Everett Green 1894
Kenneth's Children: A Story for Boys and Girls Stella Austin 1884
A Kent Squire: Being the Record of Certain Adventures of Ambrose Gwy... Frederick William Hayes 1900
A Kentucky Cardinal, and Aftermath James Lane Allen 1901
Kept in the Dark: A Novel Anthony Trollope 1882
Kéraban the Inflexible: The Captain of the Guidara Jules Verne 1884
Kéraban the Inflexible: Scarpante the Spy Jules Verne 1885
Kerrigan's Quality Jane Barlow 1894
The Kickleburys on the Rhine William Makepeace Thackeray 1850
Kidnapped: or, Lewis Lloyd's Adventures in Virginia Ascott R. Hope 1883
Kidnapped by Cannibals William Gordon Stables 1900
Kidnapping in the Pacific: or, The Adventures of Boas Ringdon. A Lon... William Henry Giles Kingston 1879
Kim Rudyard Kipling 1901
King Barnaby: or, The Maidens of the Forest. A Romance of the Mickma... N. William Busteed 1862
King Diddle Hugh Coleman Davidson 1887
King Dobbs: Sketches in Ultra-Marine James Hannay 1849
King Gab's Story Bag, and the Wonderful Stories it Contained Charles Marshall 1869
King George's Middy William Gilbert 1869
King Jack of Haylands: A Tale of School Life F. M. S. 1871
King Jack of Haylands: A Tale of School Life BTAO "King Jack of Haylands" 1868
The King of the Conjurors James Skipp Borlase 1877
The King of the Golden River: or, The Black Brothers. A Legend of St... John Ruskin 1851
The King of the Tigers Louis Rousselet 1885
The King of Topsy-Turvy Arthur Lillie 1870
King Solomon's Mines H. Rider Haggard 1885
The King's Assegai: A Matabili Story Bertram Mitford 1894
Kings Beeches: Stories of Old Chums Stephen Joseph Mackenna 1873
The King's Daughters: or, How Two Girls Kept the Faith Emily Sarah Holt 1888
The King's Jackal Richard Harding Davis 1898
The King's Light-Bearer: or, Shining for Jesus Margaret S. Comrie 1893
The King's Man: A Tale of South Carolina in Revolutionary Times Augustine J. H. Duganne 1863
Kings of the Sea: A Story of the Spanish Main James Hume Nisbet 1896
The King's Reeve and How He Supped with his Master Edward Gilliat 1898
The King's Signet: or, The Story of a Huguenot Family Eliza Fanny Pollard 1900
The King's Warrant: A Story of Old and New France Alfred Harold Engelbach 1878
Kingsdown Lodge Emma Jane Worboise 1858
Kirke's Mill and Other Stories Eleanor Grace O'Reilly 1885
Kirstin's Adventures: A Tale for the Young BTAO "Casimir" 1871
A Kiss for a Blow: or, A Collection of Stories for Children, Showing... Henry C. Wright 1853
A Kiss for a Kingdom: or, A Venture in Vanity Bernard Hamilton 1899
Kit Bam's Adventures: or, The Yarns of an Old Mariner Mary Victoria Cowden Clarke 1849
Kitty Bligh's Birthday Alfred Harold Engelbach 1878
Kitty Bright, the Flower Girl Elizabeth Youatt 1874
Kitty Fisher, the Orange Girl Janet Maughan 1881
Kitty Lamere: or, A Dark Page in London Life. A Tale Augustus Mayhew 1855
Klondike Nuggets, and How Two Boys Secured Them Edward S. Ellis 1898
The Kloof Bride: or, The Lover's Quest Ernest Glanville 1898
Knaves of Diamonds, Being Tales of Mine and Veld George Griffith 1899
The Knight of Dilham: A Story of the Lollards Arthur Brown 1875
The Knight of Gwynne: A Tale of the Time of Union Charles James Lever 1847
A Knight of the White Cross: A Tale of the Siege of Rhodes George Alfred Henty 1896
The Knights of Rosemullion Esmé Stuart 1898
The Knights of the White Rose George Griffith 1897
A Knotless Thread Louisa Emily Dobrée 1879
The Kopje Garrison: A Tale of the Boer War George Manville Fenn 1901
Kormak the Viking James Frederick Hodgetts 1902
Labour Stands on Golden Feet: A Holiday Story Heinrich Zschokke 1855
Labours of Love: A Tale for the Young Winifred Taylor 1870
The Lace Makers: Sketches of Irish Character, with Some Account of t... Mrs. Meredith 1865
The Ladies of Polcarrow: A Tale of Cornish Coast-Life Bitha Lloyd 1864
Lad's Love: An Idyll S. R. Crockett 1897
The Lads of Heatherwood: A Tale Anonymous 1868

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