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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
Many Happy Returns of the Day!: A Birth-day Book Mary Victoria Cowden Clarke 1860
Many Ways of Love: A Romance of the Court of Catherine the Great Fred Whishaw 1899
Maori and Settler: A Story of the New Zealand War George Alfred Henty 1891
The Marble City: Being the Strange Adventures of Three Boys R. D. Chetwode 1895
Marbleside: or, The Widow and her Family Anonymous 1867
Marcella of Rome: A Tale of the Early Church Frances Eastwood 1872
Marcelle of the Latin Quarter Clive Holland 1900
Marcel's Duty: A Story of War-time Mary Elizabeth Palgrave 1881
A March on London: Being a Story of Wat Tyler's Insurrection George Alfred Henty 1898
The Marchioness of Brinvilliers, the Poisoner of the Seventeenth Cen... Albert Richard Smith 1846
Margaret and her Friends Charlotte Grace O'Brien 1864
Margaret Browning: or, Trust in God Elizabeth Youatt 1878
Margaret Cecil: or, I Can, Because I Ought Catherine Douglas Bell 1866
Margaret Craven: or, Beauty of the Heart Sarah Maria Fry 1856
Margaret Leslie Anonymous 1861
Margaret Muller: A Story of the Late War in France Madame Eugenie Bersier 1872
Margaret of Navarre: or The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve. An Hi... Alexandre Dumas 1845
Margaret Roper: or, The Chancellor and his Daughter Agnes M. Stewart 1874
Margaret Somerset: An Historical Tale Louisa Caroline Silke 1894
Margaret Vere BTAO "Woodbury Farm" 1868
Margaret Waldegrave: or, The Power of Truth C. G. H. 1845
Margaret Warner: or, The Young Wife at the Farm BTAO "Nursury Influence" 1862
Margaret's Choice Elizabeth Kirby 1872
Margaret's Venture BTAO "Jenny's Geranium" 1869
Margery's Son: or, "Until he Find it." A Fifteenth Century Tale of t... Emily Sarah Holt 1878
The Margravine: A Story of the Turf William George Craven 1870
Margy and her Feather: A Story for Girls Jeanie Selina Dammast 1867
Maria and I Edgar Lee 1890
Marian Falconer: or, Stars in the Darkness E. H. W. 1856
Marian Temple's Work, and What Came of It M. G. Hogg 1869
Marie and the Seven Children Hannah Ransome Geldart 1864
Marie Antoinette: or, The Chevalier of the Red House. A Tale of the ... Alexandre Dumas 1846
Marie Madeleine Sophie d' Arbouville 1851
Marion and Augusta: or, Love and Selfishness Emma Leslie 1884
Marion and her Pupils: A Story for Girls Charlotte Lankester 1864
Marion's Sundays: or, Stories on the Ten Commandments Anonymous 1864
Mark Dennison's Charge Georgiana Marion Craik 1881
Mark Seaworth: A Tale of the Indian Ocean William Henry Giles Kingston 1852
Mark Steadman: or, Show your Colours BTAO "Dick Bolter" 1868
Mark Wilton, the Merchant's Clerk Charles Benjamin Tayler 1848
Marmaduke Merry the Midshipman: or, My Early Days at Sea William Henry Giles Kingston 1862
Marooner's Island: or, Dr. Gordon in Search of his Children Francis Robert Goulding 1869
Marquise and Rosette and the Easter Daisy E. Martineau de Chesney 1878
The Marsdens: or, Struggles in Life George Eliel Sargent 1860
Martha and her Kind Friend Rachel Susan Bogert Warner 1864
Martha and I: Being Scenes from our Suburban Life Alfred Walter Barrett 1898
Martha Spreull: Being Chapters in the Life of a Single Wumman Henry Johnston 1887
Martha's Home: and How the Sunshine Came into It BTAO "King Jack of Haylands" 1863
The Martian: A Novel George Du Maurier 1897
Martin Hewitt, Investigator Arthur Morrison 1894
Martin Redfern's Oath Ethel Forster Heddle 1892
Martin the Weaver: or, The Power of Gold Anonymous 1870
The Martyr Shepherd: A Story of the Scottish Covenanters Ascott R. Hope 1867
The Martyrdom of Society Quillim Ritter 1893
The Martyr's Victory: A Tale of Danish England Emma Leslie 1886
The Marvellous Little Housekeepers: What They Did, and How They Did It Ida Joscelyne 1880
Mary and Alice: or, The Highest Attainment BTAO "History of Mary Evans" 1868
Mary and Florence at Sixteen: A Continuation of "Grave and Gay" Ann Fraser Tytler 1838
Mary and Frank: or, A Mother's Influence BTAO "Blind Nelly" 1863
Mary Anne Wellington, the Soldier's Daughter, Wife, and Widow Richard Cobbold 1846
Mary Ashford: or, the White Feather BTAO "Nellie and Alice" 1868
Mary Bell: A Franconia Story Jacob Abbott 1854
Mary Best: or, Life in a Factory Town Anonymous 1863
Mary Brunton: and Her One Talent E. A. D. R. 1869
Mary Bunyan: The Dreamer's Blind Daughter. A Tale Sallie Rochester Ford 1860
Mary Liddiard: or, The Missionary's Daughter. A Tale of the Pacific William Henry Giles Kingston 1873
Mary Lorn: The Story of an Ocean Waif. A Tale for the Young C. E. Broad 1879
Mary Mansfield: or, No Time to be a Christian Matilda Horsburgh 1863
Mary M'Neill: or, The Word Remembered. A Story of Humble Life J. W. C. 1863
Mary Morton and Her Sister: or, The Advantages of the Savings Bank Anonymous 1853
Mary Osborne Jacob Abbott 1873
Mary Spencer: A Tale for the Times Anne Howard 1844
Mary Unwin Frances L. Marshall 1899
Mary Wharton: or, Never Forsaken Mary Ann Seamer 1873
Mary's Work and Other Tales for her Young Friends Hetty Bowman 1874
Massasoit's Daughter: or, The French Captives. A Romance of Aborigin... Augustine J. H. Duganne 1861
Master Bartlemy Frances E. Crompton 1892
Master Gregory's Cunning, and Other Tales of Instruction and Amusement Ellen L. Brown 1865
Master Lionel: "That Tiresome Child" E. M. Waterworth 1885
Master Magnus: or, The Prince, the Princess and the Dragon Louise Frances Field 1895
A Master of Mysteries Elizabeth Thomasina Meade 1898
The Master of the Musicians: A Story of Handel's Days Emma Marshall 1896
Master Rockafellar's Voyage William Clark Russell 1891
Master Roley Beatrice Harraden 1889
Master Skylark: A Story of Shakspere's Time John Bennett 1897
Master Trim's Charge Esmé Stuart 1879
The Master-Beggars Leslie Cope Cornford 1897
A Masterful Man Helen Shipton 1899
Mat and Sofie: A Stoy for Boys and Girls Anonymous 1871
Match-Box Phil Phoebe Anne Allen 1890
The Mate of the "Lily": or, Notes from Harry Musgrave's Log Book William Henry Giles Kingston 1878
Materfamilias Ada Cambridge 1898
Mathias Sandorf Jules Verne 1886
Matilda Lonsdale: or, The Eldest Sister Charlotte Adams 1855
Mattie of the Colonnade: or, A Tale of the Hop-Fields S. Barber 1873
Matty Gregg: or, The Woman that did What She Could Sarah Maria Fry 1857
Matty's Hungry Missionary-Box, and the Message it Brought: A Tale fo... Emily Steele Elliott 1863
Maud Florence Nellie: or, Don't Care! Christabel Rose Coleridge 1890
Maud Summers the Sightless: A Narrative for the Young Anonymous 1858
Maude Grenville Anonymous 1864
Maum Guinea, and her Plantation Children: A Story of Christmas Week ... Metta Victoria Fuller 1861
Maureen's Fairing and Other Stories Jane Barlow 1895
Mavis Mary Eliza Bramston 1888
The Mavis and the Merlin Mary H. Debenham 1895
Max: A Story of the Oberstein Forest Anonymous 1871
Max Frere: or, Overcome Evil with Good Margaret Douglas Pinchard 1867
Max Havelaar: or, The Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company Eduard Douwes Dekker 1868
Max Thornton Ernest Glanville 1901
Max, Fritz and Hob: A Tale of Adventure Christabel Rose Coleridge 1892
May and Her Friends E. M. B. 1867
May Chumleigh, and Her Friend Conscience: A Tale for Little Girls Marianne Parrott 1857
May Cunningham's Trial Elizabeth Anna Hart 1883
May Lane: A Story of the Sixteenth Century C. M. M. 1871
May Lester: or, The Fruits of Self-Denial Mrs. John Brett 1883
May Malmesbury's Doubts Grace Stebbing 1898
May, Guy and Jim: With Other Stories Ellinor Davenport Adams 1897
May-Duke Blossoms: A Story for Mothers' Meetings Phoebe Anne Allen 1898
The May-Flower: or, Short Tales and Sketches Harriet Beecher Stowe 1853
Mayflower Stories Sarah M. S. Clarke 1876
May's Garden, and Where the Flowers Went BTAO "May's Garden" 1873
Meadowleigh: A Holiday History Kathleen Knox 1876
Medusa, and Other Tales Adelaide Kemble 1868
The Medwins of Wykeham: A Tale of Home Life Charlotte Lankester 1867
Meg Langholme: or, The Day after To-morrow Mary Louisa Molesworth 1897
Meggie of the Pines Sarah Schoonmaker Baker 1862
Meg's Mistake and Other Sussex Stories Eleanor Grace O'Reilly 1884
Meg's Primroses, and Other Stories Henrietta M. Chester 1873
Melbourne House Susan Bogert Warner 1865
Melchior's Dream and Other Tales Juliana Horatia Ewing 1862
The Melvill Family and Their Bible Readings Sarah Stickney Ellis 1872
Memoirs of a Physician Alexandre Dumas 1846
The Memoirs of an Umbrella George Herbert Bonaparte Rodwell 1845
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 1894
Men of Character Douglas William Jerrold 1838
Men of Iron Howard Pyle 1892
Men v. Devils T. Kingston Clarke 1901
Menhardoc: A Story of Cornish Nets and Mines George Manville Fenn 1885
The Merchant's Children: A Story for the Young Eleanor Stredder 1892
Meridiana: The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in ... Jules Verne 1873
Mermaidens: A Sea Story for Girls Henrietta Keddie 1895
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Howard Pyle 1883
Mervyn Clitheroe William Harrison Ainsworth 1858
Messire Frances E. Crompton 1894
M'Ginty's Racehorse, and Other Sporting Stories Henry George Harper 1899
Michael Penguyne: or, Fisher Life on the Cornish Coast William Henry Giles Kingston 1873
Michael Strogoff, the Courier of the Czar Jules Verne 1877
Michael the Miner: A Hungarian Story Anonymous 1864
Michaelo and the Twins: A Tale of the Lazzaroni in Naples Amalie Winter 1851
Micheline: A Tale Madame Eugenie Bersier 1876
Mick Tracy, the Irish Scripture Reader: or, The Martyred Convert and... W. A. C. 1863
The Middy and the Moors: An Algerine Story R. M. Ballantyne 1888
The Midnight Journey and Other Tales Leitch Ritchie 1871
Midsummer at Hay-lodge Ruth Lamb 1861
Midsummer Eve: A Fairy Tale of Love Anna Maria Hall 1848
Mignonette Agnes Giberne 1869
Miles Lambert's Three Chances Mary Elizabeth Palgrave 1884
Milford Malvoisin: or, Pews and Pewholders Francis Edward Paget 1842
Milicent Courtenay's Diary: or, The Experiences of a Young Lady at H... William Henry Giles Kingston 1873
The Military Chest: An Incident of the War between Prussian and France Friedrich Wilhelm Oertel 1870
The Miller of Deanhaugh James Ballantine 1844
The Miller's Children Anonymous 1870
The Miller's Daughter: A Legend of the Granta Samuel Page Widnall 1871
Millicent and her Cousins Hon. Augusta Bethell 1870
Millicent's Home Crona Temple 1871
Millie Howard: or, Trust in God Theodora Elizabeth Lynch 1854
A Millionaire of Yesterday E. Phillips Oppenheim 1900
Milly and Olly: or, A Holiday Among the Mountains Mary Augusta Ward 1881
Milly's Errand: or, Saved to Save Emma Leslie 1870
Milly's Mistakes: and What she Learned by Them Ruth Lamb 1884
Mince-Pie Island: A Christmas Story for Mince-Pie Eaters. With other... Robert St. John Corbet 1868
The Mine: or, Darkness and Light Charlotte Maria Tucker 1870
Minister Lovel: A Story of the Days of Laud Emily Sarah Holt 1890
The Minister's Wooing Harriet Beecher Stowe 1859
Minnie's Legacy BTAO "Rose and Kate" 1867
Minor Dialogues William Pett Ridge 1895
Minty, the Policeman's Foundling Anonymous 1866
Miracles of Heavenly Love in Daily Life Charlotte Maria Tucker 1864
Mirango the Man-Eater: A Tale of Central Africa Charles Dudley Lampen 1899
Miriam Rosenbaum: A Story of Jewish Life Rev. Dr. Edersheim 1872
The Mischief Maker and the Peace Maker Anonymous 1864
Mischievous Moncton: or, Jest Turned to Earnest Evelyn Ward Everett Green 1890
The Miser Hope Inslow 1868
The Miser's Daughter William Harrison Ainsworth 1843
Miss Bobbie Ethel Sybil Turner 1897
Miss Carr's Young Ladies: A Story Mary Eliza Bramston 1897
Miss Chilcott's Legacy H. Louisa Bedford 1896
Miss Con: or, All Those Girls Agnes Giberne 1887
The Miss Crusoes: A Curious Story for Big and Little Children George Hatton Colomb 1888
Miss Grantley's Girls, and the Stories She Told Them Thomas Archer 1885
Miss Hitchcock's Wedding Dress Elizabeth Anna Hart 1876
Miss Mary's Little Maid Ellinor Davenport Adams 1899
Miss Matty: or, Our Youngest Passenger, and Other Tales Anonymous 1866
Miss Milly Moss: or, Sunlight and Shade Ellen Creathorne Clayton 1863
Miss Misanthrope Justin McCarthy 1878
Miss Moore: A Tale for Girls Georgiana Marion Craik 1873
Miss Mouse and her Boys Mary Louisa Molesworth 1897
Miss Nonentity Elizabeth Thomasina Meade 1900
Miss Quillet Sabine Baring-Gould 1902
Miss Robert's Fortune: A Story for Girls Sophy Winthrop 1875
Miss Secretary Ethel: A Story for Girls of To-day Ellinor Davenport Adams 1898

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