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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
Mignonette Agnes Giberne 1869
Miles Lambert's Three Chances Mary Elizabeth Palgrave 1884
Milford Malvoisin: or, Pews and Pewholders Francis Edward Paget 1842
Milicent Courtenay's Diary: or, The Experiences of a Young Lady at H... William Henry Giles Kingston 1873
The Military Chest: An Incident of the War between Prussian and France Friedrich Wilhelm Oertel 1870
The Miller of Deanhaugh James Ballantine 1844
The Miller's Children Anonymous 1870
The Miller's Daughter: A Legend of the Granta Samuel Page Widnall 1871
Millicent and her Cousins Hon. Augusta Bethell 1870
Millicent's Home Crona Temple 1871
Millie Howard: or, Trust in God Theodora Elizabeth Lynch 1854
A Millionaire of Yesterday E. Phillips Oppenheim 1900
Milly and Olly: or, A Holiday Among the Mountains Mary Augusta Ward 1881
Milly's Errand: or, Saved to Save Emma Leslie 1870
Milly's Mistakes: and What she Learned by Them Ruth Lamb 1884
Mince-Pie Island: A Christmas Story for Mince-Pie Eaters. With other... Robert St. John Corbet 1868
The Mine: or, Darkness and Light Charlotte Maria Tucker 1870
Minister Lovel: A Story of the Days of Laud Emily Sarah Holt 1890
A Ministering Angel Ellen Creathorne Clayton 1895
The Minister's Wooing Harriet Beecher Stowe 1859
Minnie's Legacy BTAO "Rose and Kate" 1867
Minor Dialogues William Pett Ridge 1895
Minty, the Policeman's Foundling Anonymous 1866
Miracles of Heavenly Love in Daily Life Charlotte Maria Tucker 1864
Miranda: or, The Heiress of the Grange. A Romance James Malcolm Rymer 1848
Mirango the Man-Eater: A Tale of Central Africa Charles Dudley Lampen 1899
Miriam Rosenbaum: A Story of Jewish Life Rev. Dr. Edersheim 1872
The Mischief Maker and the Peace Maker Anonymous 1864
Mischievous Moncton: or, Jest Turned to Earnest Evelyn Ward Everett Green 1890
The Miser Hope Inslow 1868
The Miser's Daughter William Harrison Ainsworth 1843
Miss Bobbie Ethel Sybil Turner 1897
Miss Carr's Young Ladies: A Story Mary Eliza Bramston 1897
Miss Chilcott's Legacy H. Louisa Bedford 1896
Miss Con: or, All Those Girls Agnes Giberne 1887
The Miss Crusoes: A Curious Story for Big and Little Children George Hatton Colomb 1888
Miss Grantley's Girls, and the Stories She Told Them Thomas Archer 1885
Miss Hitchcock's Wedding Dress Elizabeth Anna Hart 1876
Miss Mary's Little Maid Ellinor Davenport Adams 1899
Miss Matty: or, Our Youngest Passenger, and Other Tales Anonymous 1866
Miss Milly Moss: or, Sunlight and Shade Ellen Creathorne Clayton 1863
Miss Misanthrope Justin McCarthy 1878
Miss Moore: A Tale for Girls Georgiana Marion Craik 1873
Miss Mouse and her Boys Mary Louisa Molesworth 1897
Miss Nonentity Elizabeth Thomasina Meade 1900
Miss Quillet Sabine Baring-Gould 1902
Miss Robert's Fortune: A Story for Girls Sophy Winthrop 1875
Miss Secretary Ethel: A Story for Girls of To-day Ellinor Davenport Adams 1898
Miss Troube-the-House, and her Adventures Sarah M. S. Clarke 1877
Miss Willowburn's Offer Sarah Doudney 1888
The Missing Merchantman William Joseph Cosens Lancaster 1889
The Missing Ship William Henry Giles Kingston 1877
The Missing Sovereign BTAO "The Missing Sovereign" 1863
A Missing Witness: From the Narrative of Dorothy Heatherly Frank Barrett 1897
Missionary Tales, for Little Listeners Mary Ann Serrett Barber 1840
Missy F. Bayford Harrison 1886
Missy and Master: A Story for Girls Mary Eliza Bramston 1881
Mistletoe Grange: A Royal Road to Wrinkles Anonymous 1870
Mistress Branican Jules Verne 1892
Mistress Margery: A Tale of the Lollards Emily Sarah Holt 1868
Mistress Nancy Molesworth: A Romantic Story Joseph Hocking 1898
Mists and Shadows George Eliel Sargent 1861
The Mists of the Valley Agnes Giberne 1874
Mobsley's Mohicans: A Tale of Two Terms Charles Harold Avery 1900
A Modern Don Quixote Elizabeth Mary Alford 1889
A Modern Man Ella Macmahon 1895
A Modern Miracle Matthias MacDonnell Bodkin 1902
A Modern Romance Laurence Bliss 1892
A Modern Slavedealer Archer Philip Crouch 1901
Modern Wonders of the World: or, The New Sinbad William Gilbert 1881
Modesty and Conceit Anonymous 1865
Moffat the Missionary and Other Stories Anonymous 1871
The Mohegan Maiden: or, The Stranger of the Settlement James L. Bowen 1867
Mokeanna: A Treble Temptation &c. Francis Cowley Burnand 1873
Molka: Christmas Angel Benjamin Leopold Farjeon 1886
The Molyneux Family: or, How to do Good. A Tale Julia Addison 1865
The Moneyspinner, and Other Character Notes Hugh Stowell Scott 1896
A Monk of Cruta E. Phillips Oppenheim 1894
Monowano, the Shawnee Spy Edward S. Ellis 1862
Monsieur Beaucaire Booth Tarkington 1901
Monsieur Jack: A Tale of the Old War-Time Alfred Harold Engelbach 1879
The Monster, and Other Stories Stephen Crane 1901
A Month at Ashfield Farm: Or, Ellen and Robert's First Journey from ... Anonymous 1868
A Month at Brighton, and What Came of It Mary Elizabeth Shipley 1874
A Month at the Sea-side: or, A Sequel to Willie and May Emily Octavia Bray 1872
Moonbeams and Brownies Roma White 1894
Moonshine: Fairy Stories Edward Hugessen Knatchbull-Hugessen 1871
Moor and Moss Mary H. Debenham 1892
The Moose Hunter John Neal 1864
Mooswa and Others of the Boundaries William Alexander Fraser 1901
More about Peggy Jessie Mansergh 1901
More Dolls Bertha Henry Buxton 1879
More Stories Julia Bachope Goddard 1863
More than Conqueror: or, A Boy's Temptation Harriette Emma Burch 1888
Moreton: or, The Doomed House. A Romance James Malcolm Rymer 1847
Mossdale: A Tale Anna M. De Jongh 1870
The Moth and the Candle: or, Lucy Woodville's Temptation Anonymous 1869
Mother Bunch: A Story for Boys and Girls Stella Austin 1885
Mother Carey's Chicken: Her Voyage to the Unknown Isle George Manville Fenn 1888
The Motherless Lads: or, George West and his Brother Tom Anonymous 1866
Mother's Shawl: A Story for Children Anonymous 1866
A Mother's Trial Lady Emily Ponsonby 1859
Mother's Warm Shawl: A Tale Charlotte Grace O'Brien 1865
The Mountain Pastor Theodora Elizabeth Lynch 1852
Mountain Patriots: A Tale of the Reformation in Savoy Mrs. Alexander S. Orr 1869
The Mountain Refuge: or, Sure Help in Time of Need. A Tale of the Va... Aunt Annie 1862
Mousmé Clive Holland 1901
Mr. Batter's Pedigree: or, Experiences of a Tenderfoot Horace Gordon Hutchinson 1891
Mr. Burke's Nieces Elizabeth Anna Hart 1883
Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds Robert Smith Surtees 1865
Mr. Leslie's Stories Ascott R. Hope 1868
Mr. Lipscombe's Apples Julia Bachope Goddard 1889
Mr. Meeson's Will H. Rider Haggard 1888
Mr. Mygale's Hobby: A Story about Spiders Francesca Maria Steele 1889
Mr. Rudd's Grandchildren Mary Howitt 1864
Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour Robert Smith Surtees 1853
Mr. Wind and Madam Rain Paul De Musset 1864
Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures, as Suffered by the Late Job Caudle Douglas William Jerrold 1845
Mrs. Cliff's Yacht Frank R. Stockton 1896
Mrs. Gordon's Household: or, One Way of doing Good Anonymous 1869
Mrs. Jones's Evening Party Edmund Routledge 1864
Mrs. Martin's Company and Other Stories Jane Barlow 1896
Mrs. Merriman's Godchild H. Louisa Bedford 1897
Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances Juliana Horatia Ewing 1869
Mrs. Perkin's Ball William Makepeace Thackeray 1847
Mrs. Thorne's Guests: or, Salt, With Savour and Without Mary J. Capron 1880
Mrs. Woodruffe's Refuge: or, "Mother it-is-Written" Caroline Gladstone 1883
The Musgrove Ranch: A Tale of Southern California Tryphena Margaret Browne 1890
The Mutiny on Board the Ship "Leander": A Story of the Sea Richard Marsh 1882
My Aunt Constantia Jane: A Story for Children Mary Emily Hullah 1893
My Beautiful Home!: or, Lily's Search Charles Bruce 1871
My Boy Jack Ernest Warren 1888
My Boyhood: A Story Book for Boys Henry C. Barkley 1877
My Brother Basil Elizabeth Neal 1891
My Brother Harold: A Tale of Home Joys and Sorrows Cecilia Lucy Brightwell 1872
My Brother Jack: or, The Story of What-d'ye-Call'em Alphonse Daudet 1877
My Brother's Keeper Anna Bartlett Warner 1855
My "Budie" and I: A Novel Marcellus Eugene Thornton 1899
My Coloured Schoolmaster, and Other Stories Henry Bleby 1880
My Doggie and I R. M. Ballantyne 1881
My Earnings: or, The Story of Ann Ellison's Life BTAO "John Hampton's Home" 1859
My Father's Garden Thomas Miller 1867
My Father's Hand: and Other Stories and Allegories for the Young Frances Elizabeth G. Carey Brock 1867
My First and Last Voyage Benjamin Clarke 1871
My First Cruise William Henry Giles Kingston 1866
My First Journal: A Book for the Young Georgiana Marion Craik 1860
My First Voyage to Southern Seas William Henry Giles Kingston 1860
My Friend Smith: A Story of School and City Life Talbot Baines Reed 1889
My Goddaughter Mary H. Debenham 1893
My Grandmother's Budget of Stories and Songs Frances Freeling Broderip 1863
My Guardian: A Story of the Fen Country Ada Cambridge 1878
My Indian Queen Guy Boothby 1901
My Kalulu, Prince, King, and Slave: A Story of Central Africa Sir Henry Morton Stanley 1873
My Lady Marcia: A Story of the French Revolution Eliza Fanny Pollard 1901
My Lady of Orange H. C. Bailey 1901
My Lady's Slippers Mary H. Debenham 1899
My Laughing Philosopher Eden Phillpotts 1896
My Little Corner: A Book for Cottage Homes Mrs. O. F. Walton 1872
My Mother's Stories: or, Traditions and Recollections Esther Copley 1838
My Neighbour's Garden Mary H. Debenham 1896
My Neighbour's Shoes: or, Feeling for Others Charlotte Maria Tucker 1862
My Neighbours' Windows Emilie Searchfield 1882
My New Home: A Woman's Diary Sarah Stuart Robbins 1866
My New Suit, and other Tales H. A. Forde 1870
My New Year's Gift to My Son Pamphilius 1867
My Own Story: or, The Autobiography of a Child Mary Howitt 1845
My Scarlet Shawl: or, "Out of Debt, Out of Danger." And Other Stories George Eliel Sargent 1879
My Sister's Welfare: A Story William Edward Chadwick 1899
My Sundays, and What Shall I do With Them?: Taken from Life Anonymous 1868
My Sweetheart when a Boy Elizabeth Owens Blackburne 1880
My Uncle the Clockmaker: A Tale Mary Howitt 1844
My Young Days BTAO "Evening Amusement" 1871
Mynheer Joe: A Semi-Humorous Story of Love and Adventure St George Henry Rathborne 1893
Myra: The Child of Adoption. A Romance of Real Life Ann S. Stephens 1861
Myra Sherwood's Cross and How She Bore It BTAO "The Object of Life" 1870
Myrtle: or, The Child of the Prairie Metta Victoria Fuller 1864
Myrtle and Cypress: A Tale of Chequered Life Annette Calthrop 1876
Myself and my Relatives: A Story of Home Life Anne J. Robertson 1863
The Mysteries of London George William MacArth Reynolds 1846
The Mysteries of Old Father Thames: A Romance Thomas Frost 1848
The Mysteries of Paris Eugène Sue 1844
The Mysterious Document Jules Verne 1876
Mysterious Legends of Edinburgh: Now for the First Time Told in Print Alexander Leighton 1864
Mysterious Mr. Sabin E. Phillips Oppenheim 1898
Mysteriously Missing: The Strange Adventures of Two Little Pickles Frederick Langbridge 1881
The Mystery of Edwin Drood Charles Dickens 1870
The Mystery of Hall-in-the-Wood Rosa Mulholland 1893
The Mystery of Master Max, and The Shrimps of Shrimpton Helen Atteridge 1900
A Mystery of Sixty Centuries: or, A Modern St. George and the Dragon Samuel Page Widnall 1889
A Mystery of the Pacific William Henry Oliphant Smeaton 1899
Naboth's Vineyard: A Novel Edith Oenome Somerville 1891
Nada the Lily H. Rider Haggard 1892
Nails Driven Home: or, Mr. Gresham's Wayside Lectures George Eliel Sargent 1871
Namesakes: A Story for Children Margaret Scott Haycraft 1896
Nancy Lambert: A Story of Lancashire Life M. A. M. 1877
Nancy Wimble: or, The Village Gossip Timothy Shay Arthur 1863
Nanny's Adventures: The Tale of a Goat N. D'Anvers 1879
Nanny's Treasure: or, Trials and Triumphs Madame De Stolz 1876
The Naresborough Victory: A Story in Five Parts Thomas Keyworth 1886
Nat the Naturalist: or, A Boy's Adventures in the Eastern Seas George Manville Fenn 1883

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