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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
Links in a Golden Chain: A Tale, Illustrating the Different Petition... A. J. D. 1873
The Lion and the Unicorn Richard Harding Davis 1899
The Lion Battalion and Other Stories Mary Emily Hullah 1885
Lion Jack: A Story of Perilous Adventures among Wild Men and the Cap... P. T. Barnum 1877
The Lion of St. Mark: A Tale of Venice George Alfred Henty 1889
The Lion of the North: A Tale of the Times of Gustavus Adolphus and ... George Alfred Henty 1886
A Lion of Wessex: or, How Saxon Fought Dane Tom Bevan 1901
Lionel Franklin's Victory: A Tale Elizabeth Van Sommer 1880
Lionel Harcourt, the Etonian: or, "Like other Fellows" Grace Elizabeth Wyatt 1889
Lionel St. Clair: or, Under the Banian Tree Louisa Anne Moncreiff 1871
Lionel's Revenge: or, The Young Royalists. A Tale of the Great Civil... Alfred Harold Engelbach 1867
The Lion's Brood: A Romance Duffield Osborne 1901
The Lips of a Fool: A Story for Mothers' Meetings Phoebe Anne Allen 1899
Lisa Baillie's Journal Agnes Giberne 1875
The Little Acrobat and his Mother: A True Story Anonymous 1872
Little Ada's Jewels Fanny Levien 1875
Little Aggie's Fresh Snow-Drops, and What They Did in One Day Frances Mary Synge 1863
Little Alfred: or, The Influence of Home Training Anonymous 1865
Little Alfred of Anglesey Anonymous 1837
Little Amy's Birthday and Other Tales: A Story Book for Autumn Lydia Falconer Miller 1846
Little Annie: or, Is Church Time a Happy Time? Anonymous 1852
The Little Bag of Gold F. Bayford Harrison 1894
The Little Ballet Girl: Founded on Fact M. E. Bewsher 1875
Little Barefoot: or, Strive and Trust. A Tale of Village Life Berthold Auerbach 1872
Little Ben Hadden: or, Do Right, Whatever Comes of It William Henry Giles Kingston 1870
Little Ben, the Shepherd: A Tale of Australian Life in the Present Day Anonymous 1864
Little Bess: or, The Pure in Heart Mary W. Ellis 1878
Little Blackcap, and Other Tales Anonymous 1870
Little Blind May Constance Beverley 1876
The Little Blue Lady and Other Tales Elizabeth Harcourt Mitchell 1881
The Little Bog-Trotters: or, A Few Weeks at Conmore Clara Mulholland 1878
Little Boots and the Steps They Trod in Jennie Harrison 1874
"Little Boots" Grown Older: or, The Soldier of the Cross Jennie Harrison 1874
Little Bricks Francesca Maria Steele 1882
Little Bright Eyes' Picture Book for Little Children Lucy Sale-Barker 1876
The Little Brown Girl: A Story for Children Esmé Stuart 1877
Little Bullets from Batala Charlotte Maria Tucker 1880
Little Buttercup and Jenny Wren: A Book for the Young BTAO "How to Enter into Rest" 1873
The Little Camp on Eagle Hill Susan Bogert Warner 1873
A Little Candle Mary H. Debenham 1890
The Little Captain: A Tale of the Sea A. J. C. 1865
Little Captain Dick Cecilia Anne Jones 1885
The Little Captives and Other Stories Deborah Alcock 1898
The Little Castle Maiden: Simple Stories for Young Children Hon. Louisa Lelias Greene 1870
The Little Chief: A Story of the Pilgrim Fathers Eliza Fanny Pollard 1901
Little Chimes for All Times Anonymous 1880
Little Christmas and her Friends Martha C. France 1874
The Little Colonists: or, King Penguin Land Theo Gift 1890
Little Content and Other Stories Edith Walford 1870
Little Count Paul: A Story of Troublesome Times Louise Frances Field 1894
Little Cousins: or, Georgie's Visit to Lotty Georgina Castle Smith 1879
Little Crosses: or, "Let Patience haver her Perfect Work" Anonymous 1881
Little Curly Pate's Picture Book Lucy Sale-Barker 1878
The Little Doctor: or, The Magic of Nature Francesca Maria Steele 1892
The Little Doorkeeper: or, Patience and Peace Sophia Tandy 1865
Little Dorrit Charles Dickens 1857
The Little Dwarf's Mirror and the Children's Prayer A. L. G. 1878
Little Eddy Hill, and Other Lessons of Love Anonymous 1868
Little Effie's Cowslip-Ball Anonymous 1863
Little Effie's Home BTAO "Bertie Lee" 1870
Little Elsie's Summer at Malvern Marion Clifford Butler 1871
The Little Emigrant's Birthday, and the Children of the Alps Georgina C. Munro 1853
Little Empress Joan Madeline Bonavia Hunt 1880
Little Estella and Other Fairy Tales: For the Young Mary Popham Blyth 1860
Little Faith: or, The Child of the Toy Stall Mrs. O. F. Walton 1880
Little Faults and their Cure Emma Leslie 1877
Little Ferns for Fanny's Little Friends Fanny Fern 1854
Little Flotsam: A Story for Boys and Girls. And Other Tales Robert Richardson 1881
The Little Flower Seekers: Being Adventures of Trot and Daisy in a W... Rosa Mulholland 1874
Little Foundling, and Other Tales: A Story Book for Summer Lydia Falconer Miller 1846
Little Friends in the Village: A Story for Children Edis Searle 1868
The Little Gipsy Emma Leslie 1874
Little Gipsy Marion: A Tale Charlotte O'Brien 1870
"Little Great-Grandmother" Mary Emma Martin 1891
Little Grey: The Pony of Nordfjord or the Story of Gjermund and Sigrid Jonas Lie 1873
Little Grig: and, The Tinker's Letter Eleanor Grace O'Reilly 1872
The Little Guide of Adrighoole: or, How to be Happy BTAO "Johnny M'Kay" 1858
The Little Gypsy Elie Sauvage 1868
Little Harry's Troubles: A Story of Gipsy Life BTAO "Little Harry's Troubles" 1865
Little Hazel, the King's Messenger BTAO "Little Snowdrop" 1876
The Little Head of the Family Zénaïde Fleuriot 1877
Little Helpers: or, What Children may do for Jesus Mary Elizabeth Shipley 1876
Little Hinges Madeline Bonavia Hunt 1879
The Little Housekeeper Aunt Edith 1872
Little Ivan's Hero: A Story of Child Life Helen Rose Anne Milman 1897
Little Jeanneton's Work: A Chronicle of Breton Life Cecilia Anne Jones 1886
Little Jimmy and his Strange Adventures: A Story for Children David Rice Jones 1895
Little Joe: A Tale of the Pacific Railway James Bonwick 1872
Little Joe: or, A Large Family with Small Means Mary Emma Drewsen 1879
Little Josey: or, Try and Succeed Sarah Schoonmaker Baker 1872
The Little King Stella Blandy 1876
Little Laddie BTAO "Little Rosy's Travels" 1874
The Little Ladies Helen Rose Anne Milman 1891
Little Lady Clare Evelyn Ward Everett Green 1888
The Little Lame Prince and his Traveling Cloak: A Parable for the Ol... Dinah Marie Craik 1875
The Little Larrikin Ethel Sybil Turner 1896
A Little Lass and Lad Henrietta Keddie 1896
Little Lasses and Lads Anonymous 1869
A Little Leaven, and What it Wrought BTAO "Our Little Girls" 1867
Little Lisette: The Orphan of Alsace Mary E. Gellie 1872
Little Lives: Animals Stories in Prose and Verse BTAO "Evening Amusement" 1872
Little Lizzie Mary Gillies 1866
Little Lord Fauntleroy Frances Hodgson Burnett 1886
Little Lou's Sayings and Doings Elizabeth Prentiss 1869
Little Lucy: What She Thought, and Said, and Did. A Story for Young ... Mrs. W. Glennie Smith 1861
The Little Lychetts Dinah Marie Craik 1855
Little Madeleine: A Story for Children Sarah M. S. Clarke 1876
Little Magda: The Story of a Child Rose Burrowes 1874
Little Maggie and her Brother: A Sketch for Children Jane Margaret Hooper 1861
Little Margit and Other Stories Maria Alice Hoyer 1887
Little Max Anonymous 1869
Little May: or, Of What Use am I? BTAO "Home Life" 1859
Little May's Friends: or, Country Pets and Pastimes Annie Whittem 1878
Little Men: Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys Louisa May Alcott 1871
The Little Messenger Birds: or, The Chimes of the Silver Bells Caroline Hyde Butler 1871
Little Mike's Charge Mary Ann Seamer 1877
The Little Miner: or, "Honesty is the Best Policy"". A Tale for Youn... Anonymous 1868
Little Minnie's Troubles: An Everyday Chronicle N. D'Anvers 1876
Little Miss Conceit Ellinor Davenport Adams 1896
Little Miss Mischief, and Other Stories Susan Coolidge 1874
Little Miss Peggy: Only a Nursery Story Mary Louisa Molesworth 1887
Little Miss Robinson Crusoe Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett 1898
Little Miss Vanity Amy Key Clarke 1899
Little Moccasin: or, Along the Madawaska. A Story of Life and Love i... John Neal 1867
Little Mother BTAO "Little Rosy's Travels" 1873
Little Mother Mattie Ellen Ross 1880
Little Mother Meg Ethel Sybil Turner 1902
Little Mr. Bouncer and his Friend, Verdant Green Edward Bradley 1873
The Little Museum Keepers Eliza Meteyard 1863
Little Nan: or, A Living Remembrance F. F. G. 1872
Little Neddie's Menagerie Sarah Lee 1880
Little Nellie, the Clockmaker's Daughter F. M. C. W. 1870
Little Nineteenth-Century Child and Other Stories Lisbeth Gooch Séguin 1878
The Little Nurse of Cape Cod Anna Bartlett Warner 1864
Little Orangees: or, The Friend of the Friendless Jennie Harrison 1875
The Little Orphan: or, Annie Thornley Anonymous 1869
The Little Orphans, and other Tales Anonymous 1871
The Little Oxleys: Their Sayings and Doings, and How They Went to Se... Mrs. W. Dinzey Burton 1867
Little Pansy: A Story of the School Life of a Minister's Orphan Daug... Anonymous 1866
Little Paul and his Moss-Wreaths: or, The King and the Little Boy wh... Angelika von Lagerstrom 1868
The Little People and Other Tales Lady Pollock 1874
Little Peter: A Christmas Morality Lucas Malet 1888
"Little Pickles": A Tale for Children Jeanie Hering 1872
Little Pops: A Nursery Romance Bertha Henry Buxton 1881
Little Prescription and Other Tales Eleanor Grace O'Reilly 1875
Little Queen Mab Louisa Caroline Silke 1883
Little Ready Cry: or, The Sorrows of Six Years Old Joséphine Blanche Colomb 1885
The Little Red Man and Other Tales Anonymous 1869
Little Red Shoes, and other Tales BTAO "Little Red Shoes" 1870
Little Redcap: A Tale for Boys Marianne Parrott 1870
Little Robin's Story: In Six Chapters Anonymous 1873
The Little Robinson and Other Tales Anonymous 1848
The Little Robinson of Paris: or, Industry's Triumph. A Tale for Youth Anonymous 1851
Little Rosy's Pets BTAO "Little Rosy's Travels" 1876
Little Rosy's Travels: or, Country Scenes in the South of France BTAO "Little Rosy's Travels" 1867
Little Rosy's Voyage of Discovery: Undertaken in Company with her Co... BTAO "Little Rosy's Travels" 1868
The Little Sea-Bird George Eliel Sargent 1863
The Little Sea-Bird Anonymous 1863
Little Serena in a Strange Land Margaret Murray Robertson 1870
The Little Shoemaker : or, "Where the Truth takes Root, God Will Mak... Anonymous 1860
Little Snowdrop and her Golden Casket BTAO "Little Snowdrop" 1875
Little Speckly: or, The Adventures of a Chicken Anonymous 1879
The Little Standard-Bearer: A Tale E. F. A. R. 1869
A Little Step-Daughter Margaret Roberts 1887
Little Sunbeams Joanna H. Mathews 1872
Little Sunshine's Holiday: A Picture from Life Dinah Marie Craik 1871
Little Susy's Little Servants Elizabeth Prentiss 1866
Little Susy's Six Birthdays Elizabeth Prentiss 1854
Little Susy's Six Teachers Elizabeth Prentiss 1866
Little Talks with Little People Anonymous 1877
Little Things Ursula 1880
Little Tim's Parlour Anonymous 1866
Little Tora the Swedish Schoolmistress and Other Stories Sarah Schoonmaker Baker 1898
Little Tottie, and Two Other Stories Thomas Archer 1886
The Little Traveller: The Places He Visited and the Things He Saw George Frederick Pardon 1857
Little Trix: or, Grandmamma's Lessons Anonymous 1873
Little Trouble-the-House Elizabeth Thomasina Meade 1877
Little Valentine and Other Tales Henry Frith 1878
Little Violet Anonymous 1864
The Little Wanderer: A Tale for the Young Cordelia 1879
The Little Warringtons Anna Jane Buckland 1861
Little Wavie, the Foundling of Glenderg Crona Temple 1873
A Little Western Flower Margaret C. Helmore 1878
The Little Whaler: or, The Adventures of Charles Hollberg Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Gerstäcker 1857
The Little Wonder-Horn: A New Series of "Stories Told to a Child" Jean Ingelow 1872
The Little World of School Annie Rylands 1885
Littlebourne Lock F. Bayford Harrison 1891
Littlehope Hall Henrietta Lushington 1864
Live Dolls: A Tale for Children of All Ages Annabella Maria Browne 1873
Live Toys: or, Anecdotes of our Four-Legged and Other Pets Emma Anne Georgina Davenport 1862
Lives that Came to Nothing John George Leigh 1895
Living and Loving Virginia F. Townsend 1878
Living for Appearances: A Tale Augustus Mayhew 1855
Lizette and Her Mission: or, Over the Moor Emma Marshall 1895
Lizzie Andrews' First Place Sidney Mary Sitwell 1880
Lizzie Blake: or, Scenes from the Life of a Villiage Maiden Charlotte O'Brien 1872
Lizzie Hepburn: or, Every Cloud has a Silver Lining Anonymous 1874
Lizzie Sydenham, and the Wrong Turning Mary Ann Hubert Tandy 1880
Lizzy Johnson: or, Mutual Help B. C. G. 1867
Lob Lie-by-the-Fire: or, The Luck of Lingborough. And Other Tales Juliana Horatia Ewing 1874

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