Publisher: Samuel Tinsley

Publisher: Samuel Tinsley

Alternate Name(s): Samuel Tinsley and Co.

Primary Location: London

History: Samuel Tinsley was born in 1846, the younger brother of Edward and William Tinsley of Tinsley Brothers. As a boy, he followed his brothers to London where he worked first at Hookem's Library and then for his brothers. In 1872, he began publishing on his own account and he specialized in low-grade fiction. In 1881, Tinsley sold his business to F. V. White. A talented and passionate chess player, Tinsley played professionally (winning a number of tournaments) and wrote articles on the game for the Times. He died suddenly of heart failure in 1903.

References: British Census (1881); Times (2 March 1903)

Number of Titles Published by Samuel Tinsley:

1872 (13 titles)
1873 (22 titles)
1874 (25 titles)
1875 (37 titles)
1876 (24 titles)
1877 (29 titles)
1878 (31 titles)
1879 (35 titles)
1880 (24 titles)
1881 (7 titles)

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