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Title Author Year
Amor Vincit: A Novel Martin, Mary Emma 1887
Amos Kilbright, his Adscititious Experiences Stockton, Frank R. 1888
Amusement Only Marsh, Richard 1901
Amusements of a Man of Fashion: A Novel Nugent, Norman 1873
Amy Herbert: A Tale Sewell, Elizabeth Missing 1844
Amy Lawrence, the Freemason's Daughter: A N... Smith, John Frederick 1879
Amy Paul: A Tale Jackson, Arthur Stanley 1852
Amy Stennett Anonymous, 1872
Amy Wynter: A Novel Pinkerton, Thomas A. 1880
Amyas Egerton, Cavalier Hervey, Maurice H. 1896
Amymone: A Romance of the Days of Pericles Linton, Eliza Lynn 1848
An Accomplished Gentleman Sturgis, Julian 1879
An Acrobat's Girlhood Stretton, Hesba 1889
An Actor's Duel and The Winning Shot Doyle, Arthur Conan 1894
An Actress's Love Story: A Novel Church, Eva Ross 1888
An Adventurer of the North: Being a Continu... Parker, Sir Gilbert 1895
An Adventuress: A Novel Addison, Francis 1888
An Adventuress Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1899
An African Millionaire: Episodes in the Lif... Allen, Grant 1897
An African Treasure: A Tale of the Great Sa... Cobban, James Maclaren 1899
An Agitator Black, Clementina 1894
An Algonquin Maiden: A Romance of the Early... Adam, Graeme Mercer 1887
An Altruist Ouida, 1897
An American Duchess: A Pendant to "Miss Bay... Rae, William Fraser 1890
An American Emperor: The Story of the Fourt... Tracy, Louis 1897
An American Girl in London Duncan, Sara Jeanette 1891
An American Monte Cristo: A Romance Hawthorne, Julian 1893
An American Peeress Chatfield-Taylor, Hobart Ch... 1894
An American Politician Crawford, F. Marion 1884
An American Widow Davies, Albert Kevill 1890
An American Woman Swan, Annie S. 1900
An Ancient Ancestor: A Tale of Three Weeks Hall, Charles Edmund 1893
An Angel in a Web Ralph, Julian 1899
An Angel of Evil Warden, Gertrude 1897
An Angel of Pity: A Novel Marryat, Florence 1898
An Angel Unawares: A Novel Blount, Constance Susanna 1882
An Anxious Moment, etc. Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1897
An Apostle of Freedom: A Tale of the Anarch... Hughes, Edwin 1895
An April Day: A Novel Jephson, Phillippa Prittie 1883
An Aristocratic Detective Marsh, Richard 1900
An Arranged Marriage Gerard, Dorothea 1895
An Artful Widow: A Novel Saint Clair, Vernon 1880
An Artist's Proof Austin, Alfred 1864
An Australian Girl Martin, Catherine Edith Mac... 1890
An Australian Heroine Praed, Rosa Caroline 1880
An Australian Millionaire Blitz, Mrs. A. 1893
An Early Frost and An Awkward Affair James, Charles Thomas Clement 1890
An East London Mystery Sergeant, Adeline 1892
An Editor's Tales Trollope, Anthony 1870
An Electric Shock and Other Stories Gerard, Emily Jane 1897
An English Squire: A Novel Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1881
An English Vendetta: A Novel Boyle, Fred 1887
An Englishman Pendered, Mary Lucy 1899
An Englishwoman's Love-Letters Housman, Laurence 1900
An Enthusiast Fothergill, Caroline Janet 1887
An Episode in Arcady Sutcliffe, Halliwell 1898
An Erring Pilgrimage Ainslie, Noel 1896
An Escape from the Tower: A Story of the Ja... Marshall, Emma 1896
An Every-Day Heroine Cremer, Jacobus Jan 1877
An Evil Reputation Russell, Dora 1892
An Evil Spirit: A Novel Pryce, Richard 1887
An Excellent Knave Molloy, Joseph Fitzgerald 1893
An Exiled Scot: Passages in teh Life of Ran... Bryden, Henry Anderson 1899
An Exquisite Fool Poynter, Eleanor Frances 1892
An Eye for an Eye Trollope, Anthony 1879
An Eye for an Eye: A Mystery Le Queux, William 1900
An Honourable Estate Crow, Louisa 1890
An Idle Farthing: A Story Stuart, Esmé 1888
An Ill Wind Cameron, Caroline Emily 1901
An Imaginative Man Hichens, Robert 1895
An Impecunious Lady Bridges, Emily Feake 1888
An Important Man and Others Ridge, William Pett 1896
An Impossible Person Cotterell, Constance Annie ... 1896
An Indian Wizard Lillie, Arthur 1887
An Innocent Maiden: A Story Gift, Theo 1883
An Innocent Sinner: A Psychological Romance Collins, Mabel 1877
An Irish Cousin: A Novel Somerville, Edith Oenome 1889
An Irish Midsummer-Night's Dream: A Legend ... Bickerdyke, John 1884
An Ishmaelite Indeed Sneyd, Pamela 1892
An Island Interlude Amity, John 1901
An Island Princess: A Story of Six Weeks&md... Gift, Theo 1893
An Isle in the Water Tynan, Katharine 1895
An Isle of Surrey: A Novel Dowling, Richard 1889
An M.P.'s Wife Terrell, Thomas 1895
An Ocean Chase Lancaster, William Joseph C... 1898
An Ocean Free-Lance: From a Privateersman's... Russell, William Clark 1881
An Ocean Tragedy: A Novel Russell, William Clark 1890
An Octave Norris, William Edward 1900
An Octave of Friends, with Other Silhouette... Linton, Eliza Lynn 1891
An Old Boy's Yarns: or, School Tales for Pa... Avery, Charles Harold 1895
An Old Country House Grey, Catherine Maria 1850
An Old Debt: A Novel Wedgwood, Julia 1858
An Old Fogey, and Other Stories Adeler, Max 1881
An Old Maid's Love: A Dutch Tale told in En... Maartens, Maarten 1891
An Old Man's Favour Elliot, Anne 1887
An Old Man's Love Trollope, Anthony 1884
An Old Parson's Anecdotes and Tales Heygate, William Edward 1892
An Old Road and an Old River Ross, William A. 1860
An Old Rogue's Tragedy Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1899
An Old Story of my Farming Days Reuter, Fritz 1878

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