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Title Author Year
Blair Athol: A Novel Allison, William 1881
Blake of Oriel Sergeant, Adeline 1899
Blake of the 'Rattlesnake': or, The Man who... Jane, Frederick Thomas 1895
Blanche Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1893
Blanche and her Betrothed: A Tale. Told by ... BTAO Blanche and her Bet... 1855
Blanche Coningham's Surrender Middlemass, Jean 1898
Blanche Cressingham: A Novel E., M. 1844
Blanche of Montacute: A Tale Haly, Mrs. George 1865
Blanche Seymour: A Novel BTAO Blanche Seymour, 1871
Blanche, Lady Falaise: A Tale Shorthouse, Joseph Henry 1891
Bleak House Dickens, Charles 1853
Bless Her Heart: or, My Love Nelly Greenwood, James 1873
Blessing and Blessed: A Sketch of Girl Life Reaney, Isabel 1878
Blight: or, The Novel Hater. A Tale of Our ... Foot, Rose 1859
Blind Fate Alexander, Mrs. 1890
Blind Justice: A Story Mathers, Helen 1890
Blind Love Collins, Wilkie 1890
Blindfold: A Novel Marryat, Florence 1890
Blindpits: A Story of Scottish Life Taylor, Elizabeth 1868
Blizzard: and Another Fantasy Pinkerton, Thomas A. 1894
Blondel Parva Payn, James 1868
Blood: A Tragic Tale Hay, William Delisle 1888
Blood is Thicker than Water: A Political Dr... Danyers, Geoffrey 1894
Blood Money, and Other Stories Gibbon, Charles 1889
Blood Royal: A Novel Allen, Grant 1893
Blossom and Blight: A Tale Paull, Mary Anna 1880
Blotted Out: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1876
Blotted Out Burry, Bessie Pullen 1897
Blount Tempest Bellew, John Chippendall Mo... 1865
Blown to Bits: or, The Lonely Man of Rakata... Ballantyne, R. M. 1889
Blue and Green: or, The Gift of God. A Roma... Pottinger, Sir Henry 1879
Blue Bell Bramston, Mary Eliza 1878
Blue Bonnets Up: A Romance Pinkerton, Thomas A. 1901
Blue Lights: or, Hot Work in the Soudan. A ... Ballantyne, R. M. 1888
Blue Ribbon Stephenson, Eliza Tabor 1873
Blue Roses: or, Helen Malinofska's Marriage Dempster, Charlotte Louisa ... 1877
Bluebeard's Keys, and Other Stories Ritchie, Anne Isabella 1874
Bluebell: A Novel Huddleston, Mrs. George Croft 1875
Bluebell: A Story of Child Life Now-a-days Marshall, Emma 1893
Blythe Herndon MacDowell, Katherine Sherwo... 1882
Boating Life at Oxford: With Notes on Oxfor... Anonymous, 1868
Bob Martin's Little Girl Murray, David Christie 1892
Bob Strong's Holidays: or, Adrift in the Ch... Hutcheson, John Conroy 1897
Boernice Clacy, Ellen Louise 1858
Bog-Myrtle and Peat: Tales, Chiefly of Gall... Crockett, S. R. 1895
Bole Ponjis: Containing the Tale of the Buc... Parker, Henry Meredith 1851
Bond and Free Jolly, Emily 1860
Bond Slaves: The Story of a Struggle Banks, Isabella 1893
Bonnie Dundee: A Novel Holdsworth, Annie E. 1890
Bonnie Dunraven: A Story of Kilcarrick Power, Victor O'Donovan 1881
Bonnie Editha Copplestone Yorke, Beatrice 1886
Bonnie Kate: A Story from a Woman's Point o... Adams, Bertha Jane 1891
Bonnie Maggie Lauder Marshall, Frances L. 1899
Bonnie Prince Charlie: A Tale of Fontenoy a... Henty, George Alfred 1888
Bootles' Baby: A Story of the Scarlet Lancers Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1885
Bootles' Children Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1888
Borderland: A Country-Town Chronicle Fothergill, Jessie 1886
Boris the Bear-Hunter: A Tale of Peter the ... Whishaw, Fred 1895
Born in Exile: A Novel Gissing, George 1892
Born in the Purple: A Novel Fox, Maxwell 1887
Born to Blush Unseen: A Novel Pemberton, Thomas Edgar 1879
Born to Command: A Tale of the Sea and of S... Stables, William Gordon 1892
Born to Luck: A Novel Vivian, Joyce Mary 1882
Born to Wander: A Boy's Book of Nomadic Adv... Stables, William Gordon 1887
Boscobel: or, The Royal Oak. A Tale of the ... Ainsworth, William Harrison 1872
Boscombe Chine: or, Fifty Years After. A St... Marshall, Emma 1893
Bosworth Field: or, The Fate of a Plantagen... Leicester, Peter 1835
Both in the Wrong Spender, Lillian 1878
Both of this Parish: A Story of the Byways Gissing, Algernon 1889
Both Sides of the Veil Marsh, Richard 1901
Both Sides the Border: A Tale of Hotspur an... Henty, George Alfred 1899
Bothwell: or, The Days of Mary, Queen of Sc... Grant, James 1851
Boulderstone: or, New Men and Old Populations Sime, William 1885
Bound by the Law: A Romance of Married Life Walker, Mrs. D. M. F. 1880
Bound to Please Spicer, Henry 1867
Bound to the Wheel Saunders, John 1866
Bound to Win: A Tale of the Turf Smart, Hawley 1877
Bound Together: Tales Fargus, Frederick John 1884
Boy: A Sketch Corelli, Marie 1900
Boy: Word Sketches of a Child's Life Milman, Helen Rose Anne 1890
Boyne Water Banim, John 1826
Boys and Girls Bramston, Mary Eliza 1874
Braemar: or, Two Months in the Highlands Lowe, Louisa Ruth 1881
Brakespeare: or, The Fortunes of a Free Lance Lawrence, George Alfred 1868
Brandon Towers Carr, Francis 1876
Branksome Dene: A Sea Tale Walmsley, Hugh Mulleneux 1872
Brave Geordie: The Story of an English Boy Stebbing, Grace 1879
Brave Heart and True Marryat, Florence 1890
Brayhard: The Strange Adventures of One Ass... Downey, Edmund 1890
Breach of Promise Smythies, Harriet Maria 1845
Bread Upon the Waters: A Governess's Life Craik, Dinah Marie 1852
Breakers Ahead Le Marchant, Sir Henry Denis 1864
Breaking a Butterfly: or, Blanche Ellerslie... Lawrence, George Alfred 1869
Breaking the Rules: A Tale of School-boy Life Paull, Susanna Mary 1872
Breaking the Shackles Barrett, Frank 1900
Breezie Langton Smart, Hawley 1869
Brenda Yorke, and Other Tales Hay, Mary Cecil 1875
Bressant: A Romance Hawthorne, Julian 1873
Brian O'Linn: or, Luck is Everything Maxwell, William Hamilton 1848
Briar and Palm: A Study of Circumstance and... Swan, Annie S. 1887

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