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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur Mark Twain 1889
Yarns on the Beach: A Bundle of Tales George Alfred Henty 1886
A Year at School Tom Brown 1874
The Year Nine: A Tale of the Tyrol Anne Manning 1858
A Year with the Everards: A Tale Marion Clifford Butler 1874
Yorkshire Tales and Legends Joseph Robertshaw 1862
You'll Love Me Yet Frances Haswell 1893
The Young Apprentice: or, The Watch-words of Old London Vane Ireton St. John 1868
The Young Artist: A Story of Christmas Eve Johann Christoph von Schmid 1870
The Young Brahmin's Story: or, The Confessions of Bihàrì Làl Auguste Glardon 1874
Young Bright-Eye: or, Charlie Harvey's First Voyage Anne Jane Cupples 1875
The Young Buglers: A Tale of the Peninsular War George Alfred Henty 1879
The Young Carthaginian: or, A Struggle for Empire George Alfred Henty 1887
Young Chris Lizzie Ellen Tiddeman 1897
A Young Crusader Sheila E. Braine 1901
The Young Cumbrian, and Other Stories of Schoolboys George Eliel Sargent 1880
Young Denys: A Story of the Days of Napoleon Eleanor C. Price 1896
The Young Dragoon: or, Every Day Life of a Soldier Alfred Wilks Drayson 1874
The Young Envelope-Makers Sarah Maria Fry 1857
The Young Exiles: or, The Wild Tribes of the North. A Tale of Advent... Anne Bowman 1858
The Young Folks of Hazelbrook Charlotte Grace O'Brien 1864
The Young Franc-Tireurs : And Their Adventures in the Franco-Prussia... George Alfred Henty 1871
The Young Gold-Digger: or, A Boy's Adventures in the Gold Regions Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Gerstäcker 1860
The Young Governess: A Tale for Girls Henry Courtney Selous 1872
The Young Lord, and Other Tales Camilla Dufour Crosland 1849
Young Lucretia, and Other Stories Mary Eleanor Freeman 1892
A Young Macedonian in the Army of Alexander the Great Alfred John Church 1890
The Young Marquis: or, A Story from a Reign Amelia B. Edwards 1857
Young Men and Old Men: or, Sample of Life. A Tale which Unfolds the ... Jane Kennedy 1852
The Young Middy: or, The Perilous Adventures of a Boy-Officer among ... Francis Claudius Armstrong 1858
The Young Mountaineer: or, Frank Miller's Lot in Life. The Story of ... Daryl Holme 1870
The Young Muscovite: A Tale of the French Invasion of Russia in 1812... M. E. Bewsher 1874
The Young Nile-Voyagers Anne Bowman 1868
The Young Officer and Other Select Stories for the Young Anonymous 1870
The Young Orator and Other Choice Stories for the Young Anonymous 1870
The Young Pilgrim: A Tale Illustrative of "The Pilgrim's Progress" Charlotte Maria Tucker 1858
The Young Pretender Edith Henrietta Fowler 1895
The Young Rajah: A Story of Indian Life and Adventure William Henry Giles Kingston 1876
The Young Rebels: A Story of the Battle of Lexington Ascott R. Hope 1878
The Young Squire: or, Peter and his Friends Elizabeth Darby Eiloart 1872
Young Tom Bowling: A Story of the Boys of the British Navy John Conroy Hutcheson 1896
Young Travellers' Tales Ascott R. Hope 1895
The Young Voyageurs: or, The Boy Hunters in the North Capt. Mayne Reid 1854
The Young Yachtsmen: or, The Wreck of the Gipsy Anne Bowman 1865
The Young Yägers: or, A Narrative of Hunting Adventures in Southern... Capt. Mayne Reid 1857
Youngster's Yarns Ascott R. Hope 1888
Your Cousin's Ghost Maria Wilkin 1871
Yussuf the Guide: Being the Strange Story of the Travels in Asia Min... George Manville Fenn 1887
Zina: or, Morning Mists Mary Helen Holt 1873
Zipporah: The Jewish Maiden. A Tale of the Times of Herod the Great M. E. Bewsher 1876
£2000 Reward: A Tale of London Life Eliza Melville 1871