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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
Daala-Mist: or, Stories of Shetland Jessie Margaret Edmonston Saxby 1876
Daddy Dick Anonymous 1870
Daddy Swallow and Other Little Stories Anonymous 1879
Daintree Richard Marsh 1883
Daisy Susan Bogert Warner 1868
The Daisy and her Friends: Simple Tales and Stories for Children Frances Freeling Broderip 1869
Daisy in the Field Susan Bogert Warner 1869
Daisy's Companions: or, Scenes from Child Life. A Story for Little G... BTAO "Grandmamma's Nest" 1869
Daisy's Dilemmas Elizabeth Anna Hart 1900
Daisy's First Winter, and Other Stories Harriet Beecher Stowe 1867
The Daltons: or, Three Roads in Life Charles James Lever 1852
Dame Buckle and her Pet Johnny: A Story for Little Children Elizabeth Kirby 1867
Dame Wynton's Home: A Tale Illustrative of the Lord's Prayer Frances Elizabeth G. Carey Brock 1869
Dames of High Estate Henriette de Witt 1872
The Danes in England: A Tale of the Days of King Alfred Alfred Harold Engelbach 1879
Dangerous Jewels Mary Eliza Bramston 1890
Daphne: A Story of Self-Conquest Edith Johnstone 1890
Dare to do Right: Three Tales Julia A. Mathews 1874
Daring Deeds and Tales of Peril and Adventure James Skipp Borlase 1869
The Dark Woman: or, The Days of the Prince Regent James Malcolm Rymer 1862
The Dash for Khartoum: A Tale of the Nile Expedition George Alfred Henty 1892
Dashwood Priory: or, Mortimer's College Life Emily Juliana May 1855
The Datchet Diamonds Richard Marsh 1898
A Daughter of the Klephts: or, A Girl of Modern Greece Isabella Mayo 1897
The Daughter of the Regiment: A Story from my Grandmother's Journal Ascott R. Hope 1881
Davenport Dunn: or, The Man of the Day Charles James Lever 1859
Davy's School Days: or, Deeds Speak Louder than Words David Dixon 1862
Dawn Island: A Tale Harriet Martineau 1845
The Day of a Baby-Boy: A Tale for a Little Child Elizabeth Sara Sheppard 1854
The Day of Recompense Silas Kitto Hocking 1899
Daybreak: or, Right, Struggling and Triumphant Ellen Louise Clacy 1862
Daybreak in Britain Charlotte Maria Tucker 1859
Daybreak in Italy Emma Leslie 1870
Days at Millgate: or, Lame Johnnie's Holiday Isobel 1870
Days at Seadown: or, The Story of a Happy Little Girl Anonymous 1867
The Days of Chivalry: or, The Legends of Croquemitaine Ernest Louis Victor Jules L'Épine 1866
Days of Old: Three Stories from Old English History. For the Young BTAO "Ruth and her Friends" 1859
The De Cliffords: An Historical Tale Mary Martha Sherwood 1847
Dead Man's Hollow: or, The Bridal of Bodesden. A Romance James Malcolm Rymer 1847
The Dealer in Death and Other Stories Arthur Morris 1897
Dearer than Life: A Tale of the Times of Wycliffe Emma Leslie 1884
The Death Grasp: or, A Father's Curse. A Romance of Startling Interest Thomas Peckett Prest 1844
Deb Clavel Mary Elizabeth Palgrave 1901
Deb Clinton, the Smuggler's Daughter Mary Theresa Vidal 1866
Deborah's Drawer Eleanor Grace O'Reilly 1871
Debtor and Creditor: A Tale of the Times Timothy Shay Arthur 1879
Decima's Promise Agnes Giberne 1882
Deep Down: A Tale of the Cornish Mines R. M. Ballantyne 1869
Deepdale End: Its Joys and Sorrows BTAO "The Cottage on the Shore" 1872
Deepdale Vicarage Mary Kirby 1881
Deeside Tales: or, Sketches of Men and Manners among the Peasantry o... John Grant Michie 1872
Denis Brian: or, A Promise Kept Anonymous 1868
Denis Patterson, Field Preacher: A Story of Early Methodism and John... Kate Thompson Sizer 1898
Dennis McArthy: or, A Home in New Brunswick Anonymous 1867
Denyse: A Sketch in Neutral Tints Taken from the Portfolio of a Ramb... Hélène E. A. Gingold 1888
A Deplorable Affair William Edward Norris 1893
The Desert Home: or, The Adventures of a Lost Family in the Wilderness Capt. Mayne Reid 1852
The Desert Ship: A Story of Adventure John Edward Bloundelle Burton 1893
The Desired Haven Anonymous 1901
A Desolate Shore: A Story for Boys Mary Elizabeth Shipley 1884
Detained in France: A Tale of the First French Empire Agnes Giberne 1871
The Devil-Tree of El Dorado: A Romance of British Guiana Francis Henry Atkins 1896
The Devil's Plough: The Romantic History of a Soul Conflict Anna Farquhar 1901
Devon Boys: A Tale of the North Shore George Manville Fenn 1887
The Devoted One: An Historical Novel Amelia Fitzallen 1835
D'Horsay: or, The Follies of the Day John Mills 1844
The Diamond Hunters of South Africa Alfred Wilks Drayson 1889
The Diamond on the Hearth: or, The Story of Sister Anne Marian James 1868
The Diamond Ring: A Tale Elizabeth Harcourt Mitchell 1882
Diamond Rock: or, On the Right Track James Macdonald Oxley 1894
The Diamond Rose: A Life of Love and Duty Henrietta Keddie 1867
The Diamond Wreath: or, The Price of a Soul Mary Helen Holt 1861
The Diary of a Nobody George Grossmith 1892
Diary of a Pilgrimage: (And Six Essays) Jerome K. Jerome 1891
The Diary of Nannette Dampier: During the Years 1664-66. Written by ... Anna Jane Buckland 1870
Dick and I Anonymous 1871
Dick Barford: A Boy who would go Down Hill Charles Bruce 1871
Dick Bolter: or, Getting on in Life Anonymous 1865
Dick Cheveley: His Adventures and Misadventures William Henry Giles Kingston 1880
Dick Darlington, at Home and Abroad Alfred Harold Engelbach 1881
Dick Delver: A Story of the Peasant Revolt of the Fourteenth Century Harriette Emma Burch 1889
Dick Ford and his Father Frances Charlotte Armstrong 1875
Dick o' the Fens: A Tale of the Great East Swamp George Manville Fenn 1888
Dick Robins: or, After Many Days Mary Ann Seamer 1873
Dick Rodney: or, The Adventures of an Eton Boy James Grant 1863
Dick Sands, the Boy Captain Jules Verne 1879
Dick the Sailor: A Tale of the Press-Gang Susanna Mary Paull 1875
Dick Turpin Henry Downes Miles 1840
Dick Vaughan's First Term R. W. K. Edwards 1901
Dickey Bird: or, A Nest Wanted and a Nest Found F. F. G. 1874
Dick's First School-Days: A Story for Little Boys Mrs. Henry Barnard 1875
Dick's Strength, and How He Gained It Louisa Caroline Silke 1873
Difficulty Hill, and Some Lads Who Climbed It: Two Tales Founded on ... Anonymous 1866
Digby Heathcote: or, The Early Days of a County Gentleman's Son and ... William Henry Giles Kingston 1860
Digging for Gold: or, Adventures in California R. M. Ballantyne 1869
Dinglefield Eleanor Grace O'Reilly 1883
The Dingo Boys: or, The Squatters of Wallaby Range George Manville Fenn 1892
The Dingy House at Kensington BTAO "The Troubles of Chatty and Molly" 1881
Disappeared Henrietta Keddie 1887
The Discipline of Alice Lee Isa Bell 1868
The Discontented Children, and How They were Cured Mary Kirby 1855
The Disgrace to the Family: A Story of Social Distinctions William Blanchard Jerrold 1848
Distant Cousins: Talks with Amy and George about some Far-off Relati... Anonymous 1872
The Disturbing Element: or, Chronicles of the Blue-bell Society Charlotte Mary Yonge 1878
The Divided Money Anonymous 1874
Do Your Duty George Alfred Henty 1900
Dobbie and Dobbie's Master: A Peep into the Life of a Very Little Man N. D'Anvers 1877
Doctor Birch and his Young Friends William Makepeace Thackeray 1849
The Doctor of the "Juliet": A Story of the Sea William Joseph Cosens Lancaster 1892
The Doctor's Ward: A Tale for Girls D. Richmond 1868
Doda's Birthday: The Faithful Record of all that befel a Little Girl... Edwin J. Ellis 1873
The Dodd Family Abroad Charles James Lever 1854
The Dog Crusoe: A Tale of the Western Prairies R. M. Ballantyne 1861
Dogged Jack Frances Palmer 1880
The Dogs of War: A Romance of the Great Civil War Edgar T. Pickering 1900
The Doll and her Friends: or, Memoirs of the Lady Seraphina Julia Charlotte Maitland 1852
Doll World: or, Play and Earnest. A Story from Real Life Eleanor Grace O'Reilly 1872
Dolly the Romp Florence Warden 1897
Dombey and Son Charles Dickens 1848
Dominic: or, A Good Action Always Has its Reward Franz Anton Hoffman 1871
Dominick's Trials: An Irish Story Charlotte Grace O'Brien 1870
Don Caesar de Bazan: A Romance of Spain James Malcolm Rymer 1845
Donald Fraser BTAO "Bertie Lee" 1867
Donnington Hall: A Novel Francis Talbot O'Donoghue 1865
Don't Tell: or, Mistaken Kindness Mary E. Bennett 1858
The Doom of St. Querec: A Xmas Legend Arthur William à'Beckett 1875
The Doomed Hunter: or, The Tragedy of Forest Valley. A Story of the ... James L. Bowen 1867
The Doomed Ship: or, The Wreck of the Arctic Regions William Hurton 1856
A Door of Hope: A Tale of the Danish Invastion in the Reign of King ... Annie Louise Gee 1900
Dora and her Papa: A Story for Children Eliza Meteyard 1869
Dora Coyne: or, Hid in the Heart Jessie Margaret Edmonston Saxby 1889
Dora Hamilton: or, Sunshine and Shadow Elizabeth Youatt 1864
Dora Melder: A Tale of Alsace Meta Sander 1842
Dores de Gualdim: A Tale of the Portuguese Revolution of 1640 John Mason Neale 1866
Dores de Gualdim: A Tale of the Portuguese Revolution of 1640 Anonymous 1866
Dorothy: A Tale Tryphena Margaret Browne 1885
Dorrincourt: The Story of a Term There Richard Marsh 1881
Doubt James Stanley Little 1888
The Douglas Family Catherine Douglas Bell 1851
The Dove and Other Stories of Old Anonymous 1865
Down Among Water Weeds: or, Marvels of Pond Life Mona B. Bickerstaffe 1868
Down in a Mine: or, Buried Alive George Eliel Sargent 1863
Down in Dingyshire: or, Sketches of Life in the Black Country William Edensor Littlewood 1873
Down the Snow Stairs: or, From Good-night to Good-morning Alice Corkran 1887
A Dozen Pair of Wedding Gloves Anonymous 1855
Dr. Ox's Experiment, and Other Stories Jules Verne 1874
Dr. Paull's Theory: A Romance Alice Mangoldt Diehl 1893
The Dragon and the Raven: or, The Days of King Alfred. George Alfred Henty 1886
Dragon's Teeth: A Novel Clo Graves 1891
Dramas of Life George Robert Sims 1890
The Dream Émile Zola 1893
The Dream Chintz Matilda Anne Mackarness 1851
The Dream Fox Story Book Mabel Osgood Wright 1900
The Dream of a Life: A Romance James Malcolm Rymer 1843
The Dream of Melzar, and Other Allegories Thomas J. Corr 1878
Dreams and Deeds Louisa Emily Dobrée 1877
The Dreams of Dania Frederick Langbridge 1897
Drifted Away: A Tale of Adventure Mary Charlotte Phillpotts 1877
Drifted into Port: A Story of Sea Life Edwin Hodder 1882
Driftwood Mary Elizabeth Palgrave 1899
The Drummer Boy: A Story of the Days of Washington Louis Rousselet 1883
The Drummer's Coat Sir John William Fortescue 1899
The Drunkard's Progress: A Tale George William MacArth Reynolds 1841
Duance Pendray: A Story of Jacobite Times in Cornwall G. Norway 1901
Duchenier: or, The Revolt of La Vendée John Mason Neale 1848
The Duchess: A Domestic Romance James Malcolm Rymer 1852
The Duchess Lass Caroline Masters 1896
Duff Darlington: or, An Unsuspected Genius Evelyn Ward Everett Green 1895
The Duke's Page: or, "In the Days of Luther". A Story for Boys Wilhelm Noeldechen 1890
The Duke's Ward: A Romance of Old Kent Dora M. Jones 1896
Dulcie King: A Story for Girls Mary Ann Seamer 1895
Dumps and I Louisa Parr 1891
"Dumps" and Other Stories Ascott R. Hope 1886
Duty and Affection: A Tale Gustav Moritz 1850
The Dwarf's Chamber and Other Stories Fergus Hume 1896
The Earl -Printer: A Tale of the Time of Caxton C. M. M. 1877
Earl Hubert's Daughter: or, The Polishing of the Pearl. A Tale of th... Emily Sarah Holt 1880
Earl Nugent's Daughter: or, The Last Days of the Penal Laws. A True ... Agnes M. Stewart 1883
The Earl's Path: A Narrative Founded on the Historical Events of 1745 Sidney Corner 1875
The Early Dawn: or, Stories to Think About A Country Clergyman 1867
Early Friendship: A Tale for Young People Esther Copley 1840
The Early Life of Old Jack: A Sea Tale William Henry Giles Kingston 1859
The Early Start in Life Emilia Norris 1867
Earnestness: The Sequel to "Thankfulness" Charles Benjamin Tayler 1850
Earning a Living: or, From Hand to Mouth. Scenes from the Homes of W... Mary Ann Serrett Barber 1861
The Earth Children Henrietta Mary Batson 1897
The Earth-Mother Morley Roberts 1896
Earth's Many Voices Elizabeth M. A. F. Saxby 1863
Earth's Many Voices: Second Series Elizabeth M. A. F. Saxby 1864
Easter Eggs, and Red and White Roses Johann Christoph von Schmid 1870
Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers Mrs. Valentine 1875
Easydale: A Story Edis Searle 1874
Eaton Parsonage: or, The Secret of Home Happiness Sarah Ann Herbert 1867
Echoes Emily Marion Harris 1872
Echoes of an Old Bell and Other Tales of Fairy Lore Hon. Augusta Bethell 1865
Echoes of the Past from a Retired Hamlet: A Tale Founded on Fact Una 1870
Eda May: or, The Twin Roses A. D. Binfield 1873
An Eden in England: A Tale Charlotte Maria Tucker 1874
Edgar Clifton: or, Right and Wrong. A Story of School Life Charlotte Adams 1852
Edged Tools Sarah Stuart Robbins 1867

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