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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
Naboth's Vineyard: A Novel Edith Oenome Somerville 1891
Nada the Lily H. Rider Haggard 1892
Nails Driven Home: or, Mr. Gresham's Wayside Lectures George Eliel Sargent 1871
Namesakes: A Story for Children Margaret Scott Haycraft 1896
Nancy Lambert: A Story of Lancashire Life M. A. M. 1877
Nancy Wimble: or, The Village Gossip Timothy Shay Arthur 1863
Nanny's Adventures: The Tale of a Goat N. D'Anvers 1879
Nanny's Treasure: or, Trials and Triumphs Madame De Stolz 1876
The Naresborough Victory: A Story in Five Parts Thomas Keyworth 1886
Nat the Naturalist: or, A Boy's Adventures in the Eastern Seas George Manville Fenn 1883
Nathan Todd: or, The Fate of the Sioux' Captive Edward S. Ellis 1861
Nature's Gentleman: or, "Manners Makyth Man" Emma Marshall 1893
The Naughty Girl of the Family Matilda Anne Mackarness 1866
The Naval Cadet: A Story of Adventure William Gordon Stables 1898
Neal Russell: The Story of a Brave Man Mary Eliza Bramston 1891
"Nearly Lost, but Dearly Won" Theodore Percival Wilson 1873
The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde, and Other Stories Mary Auguste De Morgan 1880
A Necklace of Stories Moncure Daniel Conway 1880
The Necromancer: A Romance George William MacArth Reynolds 1857
Ned Black: or, The Christmas Bells and their Message Anonymous 1869
Ned Fairlie and his Rich Uncle, and other Tales Anonymous 1867
Ned Franks: or, The Christian's Panoply. A Tale in Six Parts Charlotte Maria Tucker 1865
Ned Garth: or, Made Prisoner in Africa. A Tale of the Slave Trade William Henry Giles Kingston 1878
Ned Heathcote's Model Engine H. Frederick Charles 1876
Ned Kelly, the Ironclad Australian Bushranger James Skipp Borlase 1881
Ned Lyttleton's Little One: A Tale of a Traveller Alfred Harold Engelbach 1881
Ned Turner: or, Wait a Minute Anonymous 1867
Ned's Motto: or, Little by Little Sarah Stuart Robbins 1868
Ned's Search Mary Helen Holt 1873
A Needle and Thread: A Tale for Girls Emma J. Barnes 1873
A Neglected Privilege: The Story of a Modern Woman Maggie Swan 1896
Neighbourly Love: Exemplified in Two Juvenile Tales Lady Emily Pepys 1867
Neighbours Mary Louisa Molesworth 1889
Nellie Grey: or, The Ups and Downs of Everyday Life Anonymous 1865
Nellie Netterville: or, One of the Transplanted. A Tale Cecilia Mary Caddell 1867
Nellie's Playmates: A Story for Children Lily Higgin 1877
Nelly Newton: or, Patience and Perseverance Anonymous 1866
Nelly Nowlan and Other Stories Anna Maria Hall 1865
Nelly, the Gipsy Girl Laura Jewry 1860
Nelly's Dark Days Hesba Stretton 1870
Neptune: or, The Autobiography of a Newfoundland Dog Mrs. E. Burrows 1869
Ness and Jamie: A Story of London Life Henry Johnson 1890
The Nest Hunters: or, Adventures in the Indian Archipelago William Dalton 1863
A Nest of Royalists Esmé Stuart 1892
A Nest of Sparrows M. E. Winchester 1881
Netties's Mission: Stories Illustrative of the Lord's Prayer Julia A. Mathews 1866
Netty Moseley: or, Ears, and How to Use Them Eliza Tabor Stephenson 1870
Never Mind: or, The Lost Home Mary E. Bennett 1860
The New Border Tales Sir George Brisbane Scott Douglas 1895
The New Boy at Merriton: A Story of School Life Julia Bachope Goddard 1882
The New Home: or, Wedded Life; Its Duties Cares and Pleasures Mrs. E. Burrows 1862
The New Master Arnold Golsworthy 1901
The New Mysteries of London Anonymous 1858
The New Scholar: or, The Fear of God and the Fear of Man, How They D... Anonymous 1863
The New Shilling Leitch Ritchie 1857
New Stories on Old Subjects Charlotte Elizabeth Bowen 1872
The New Year's Bargain Susan Coolidge 1873
New Year's Day: A Winter's Tale Catherine Gore 1846
New York to Brest in Seven Hours André Laurie 1890
The Newcomes: Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family William Makepeace Thackeray 1855
Newlyn House: The Home of the Davenports A. E. W. 1866
Newton Dogvane: A Story of English Country Life Francis Francis 1859
The Next Naval War Sir Sydney Marow Eardley Wilmot 1894
Nicola: or, The Career of a Girl Musician Mary Ann Seamer 1894
Nidworth and his Three Magic Wands Elizabeth Prentiss 1874
Nigel Bartram's Ideal Florence Wilford 1869
Night and Day: or, Better Late than Never John Bennett 1858
A Night in a Snowstorm, and Other Stories Charles Bruce 1886
The Night-Guard: or, The Secret of the Five Masks Vane Ireton St. John 1875
Nilus Da Due Signore 1892
Nimrod of the Sea: or, The American Whaleman William Morris Davis 1874
Nine Little Goslings Susan Coolidge 1876
Nine Years Old Eliza Tabor Stephenson 1872
Nineteen Thousand Pounds Burford Delannoy 1901
Ninety-Eight: Being the Recollections of Cormac Cahir O'Connor Faly ... John Hill 1897
No Lie Thrives: A Tale Jane Alice Sargant 1853
No Other Way Walter Besant 1902
No Sense like Common Sense: or, Some Passages in the Life of Charles... Mary Howitt 1843
No Surrender!: A Tale of the Rising in La Vendee George Alfred Henty 1900
No-Man's-Land Thomas Miller 1863
No. 11, Chesterton Street: A Story for Mothers' Meetings Eva Jameson 1896
Noah's Ark: A Tale of the Norfolk Broads Francesca Maria Steele 1890
A Noble Sacrifice: A Temperance Tale Emily Grace Harding 1893
Nobody's Own George Eliel Sargent 1872
No'but and Ne'er Heed James Campkin 1865
Nonna: A Story of the Days of Julian the Apostate Ellen Palmer 1872
Nora Clinton: or, Did I Do Right? Emily Brodie 1883
Norah the Flower-Girl Mary Ann Seamer 1872
Nora's Stronghold Louisa Caroline Silke 1884
Norma Danton: or, The Children of the Lighthouse. A Tale of City Life Emily Pierpont de Lesdernier 1870
Norman Vallery: or, How to Overcome Evil with Good William Henry Giles Kingston 1880
Norman's Nugget James Macdonald Oxley 1901
Norrie Seton: or, Driven to Sea Anne Jane Cupples 1869
The Norsemen in the West: or, America Before Columbus R. M. Ballantyne 1872
North Against South: A Tale of the American Civil War Jules Verne 1888
North Overland with Franklin James Macdonald Oxley 1901
The North Pole, and How Charlie Wilson Discovered It Thomas Frost 1876
Northcote Memories: A Book for Watch and Ward Emily Steele Elliott 1879
Norton Hall: A Tale Elizabeth Harcourt Mitchell 1882
Norwegian Stories: Watchman Halfdan and his Little Granddaughter; an... Caroline Gladstone 1871
Not a Bit Like Mother Stella Austin 1876
Not Clever, and Other Stories Frances Maria Wilbraham 1864
Not for Him: The Story of a Forgotten Hero Emily Sarah Holt 1883
Not Forsaken: or, The Old House in the City Agnes Giberne 1873
Not in Vain: A Story Mary Elizabeth Palgrave 1884
Not my Way: or, Good out of Evil Tryphena Margaret Browne 1885
Not One of Us Margaret Roberts 1892
Nothing to Do: or, The Influence of a Life Matilda Horsburgh 1862
Nothing to Nobody Georgina Castle Smith 1873
Nothing Too Simple For God: The Hand of Providence seen in Answerto ... Louise Ernestina 1870
The Novel Adventures of Tom Thumb the Great: Showing how he Visited ... Louisa Mary Barwell 1838
Now or Never: The Trials and Perilous Adventures of Frederick Lonsda... Charles Aubyn Beach 1868
Number One: or, The Way of the World. Second Series Daniel Puseley 1863
Number One: or, The Way of the World. Third Volume Daniel Puseley 1864
Number Thirteen and Other Tales Elizabeth Stuart Phelps 1877
Nurse Ellerton: A Tale of Domestic Life BTAO "Jenny's Geranium" 1871
Nurse Heatherdale's Story Mary Louisa Molesworth 1891
Nursery Tales: A New Version Laura Jewry 1868
Nursery Times: or, Stories about the Little Ones Anonymous 1867
The Oak Staircase: or, The Stories of Lord and Lady Desmond. A Narra... Mary Lee 1872
Oakdale Grange: A Tale of School Life for Boys Thomas Simmons 1870
Oakleigh: or, The Minor of Great Expectations W. H. M. Holmes 1843
Oberon's Horn: A Book of Fairy Tales Henry Morley 1861
Obi: or, Three-Fingered Jack. A Romance Thomas Frost 1851
An Ocean Chase William Joseph Cosens Lancaster 1898
The Ocean Queen and the Spirit of the Storm: A New Fairy Tale of the... William Henry Giles Kingston 1851
Ocean Venture: A Boy's Book of Sea Stories, Scenes and Incidents Anonymous 1867
Oceanus: or, A Peaceful Progress o'er the Unpathed Sea Fanny Osborne 1850
Odd Fish: Some East Coast Comedies Athol Forbes 1901
The O'Donoghue: A Tale of Ireland Fifty Years Ago Charles James Lever 1845
O'er Many Lands, On Many Seas William Gordon Stables 1884
O'er Tartar Deserts: or, English and Russian in Central Asia David Ker 1898
Off Land's End, Homeward Bound: or, Christmas Eve on Board the "Ober... Walter Reid 1867
Off to Klondyke: or, A Cowboy's Rush to the Gold Fields William Gordon Stables 1898
Off to Sea: or, The Adventures of Jovial Jack Junker on his Road to ... William Henry Giles Kingston 1870
Olaf the Glorious: A Historical Story of the Viking Age Robert Leighton 1895
Olaf Thorlacksen: A Story of Iceland Anonymous 1868
Old Andrew the Peacemaker John Erskine Clarke 1866
Old Barnaby's Treasure: A Story Sophia Tandy 1870
Old Blazer's Hero David Christie Murray 1887
An Old Boy's Yarns: or, School Tales for Past and Present Boys Charles Harold Avery 1895
The Old Coalpit: or, The Adventures of Richard Boothby in Search of ... Emily Juliana May 1860
The Old Curiosity Shop: A Tale Charles Dickens 1841
Old Deccan Days: or, Hindoo Fairy Legends, Current in Southern India Mary Eliza Isabella Frere 1868
An Old Fogey, and Other Stories Max Adeler 1881
Old Friends with New Faces Charlotte Maria Tucker 1859
Old Gingerbread and the Schoolboys BTAO "Uncle Jack the Fault Killer" 1858
Old Jack: A Man-of-War's-Man and South-Sea Whaler William Henry Giles Kingston 1859
Old Jupe: or, A Woman's Art Mrs. Arrin James 1868
Old Kensington Anne Isabella Ritchie 1873
Old London Bridge: A Romance of the Sixteenth Century George Herbert Bonaparte Rodwell 1848
Old Miss Audrey: A Chronicle of a Quiet Village Evelyn Ward Everett Green 1892
The Old Missionary Box and Its Owners Harriet D'Oyley Howe 1852
Old Norse Fairy Tales: Gathered from the Swedish Folk George Stephens 1882
Old Nursery Tales and Famous Histories Henry William Dulcken 1869
Old Oak Farm: A Tale Thomas Tunstall Haverfield 1869
Old Paths of Honour and Dishonour: A Story of the Beatitudes Mary Seeley 1870
The Old Pincushion: or, Aunt Clotilda's Guests Mary Louisa Molesworth 1889
Old Ransom: or, Light after Darkness. A Story of Street Life Charles H. Barstow 1884
Old Robin and his Proverb Mrs. Henry F. Brock 1860
Old Saint Paul's: A Tale of the Plague and the Fire William Harrison Ainsworth 1841
Old Saws New Set Matilda Anne Mackarness 1872
Old Sayings Illustrated BTAO "Uplands" 1864
Old Schoolfellows, and What Became of Them Anonymous 1871
The Old Sea Captain George Mogridge 1842
The Old Shepherd, and other Choice Stories for the Young Anonymous 1870
Old Shipmates: A Novel Claud Harding 1887
Old Tales for Young Folks Charles Allen Clarke 1895
Old Times: A Novel William Gorman Wills 1857
The Old Worcester Jug: or, John Griffin's Little Maid Elizabeth Emily Charlton 1882
Oldtown Fireside Stories Harriet Beecher Stowe 1871
Olga Romanoff: or, The Syren of the Skies. A Sequel to The Angel of ... George Griffith 1894
Olive the Teacher BTAO "Olive the Teacher" 1866
Oliver Dale's Decision Charlotte Grace O'Brien 1864
Oliver Gay: A Rattling Story of Field, Fright, and Fight Bertha Henry Buxton 1880
Oliver Twist: or, The Parish Boy's Progress Charles Dickens 1838
Oliver Wyndham: A Tale of the Great Plague Annie Webb 1867
Olive's Story Mrs. O. F. Walton 1881
Omar the Tentmaker: A Romance of Old Persia Nathan Haskell Dole 1898
On a Coral Reef: The Story of a Runaway Trip to Sea Arthur Locker 1869
On a Pincushion and Other Fairy Tales Mary Auguste De Morgan 1877
On Board the "Esmeralda": or, Martin Leigh's Log. A Sea Story John Conroy Hutcheson 1885
On Duty: A Story for Children Angelica Mary Selby 1888
On Special Service: A Tale of Life at Sea William Gordon Stables 1886
On the Banks of the Amazon: or, A Boy's Journal of his Adventures in... William Henry Giles Kingston 1872
On the Deep: or, The Missionary's Daughter. A Story of the Pacific O... Roger Starbuck 1866
On the Irrawaddy: A Story of the First Burmese War George Alfred Henty 1897
On the Leads: or, What the Planets Saw A. A. Strange Butson 1880
On the Plains: or, The Race for Life. A Story of Adventure Among the... Edward S. Ellis 1865
On the Rock and Other Short Allegories Edis Searle 1883
On the Track Jules Verne 1876
On the Way: or, Places Passed by Pilgrims Charlotte Maria Tucker 1868
On the Wings of the Wind Henry Frith 1885
On the World's Roof James Macdonald Oxley 1896
One by One Robert Edward Francillon 1883
One for Another: or, Sharers in the Fight H. S. England 1900
The One I Knew the Best of All Frances Hodgson Burnett 1893
One in Charity Silas Kitto Hocking 1893
One New Year's Night and Other Stories Isabella Mayo 1878
One of the 28th: A Tale of Waterloo George Alfred Henty 1890

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