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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
Rab Bethune's Double: or, Life's Long Battle Won Isabella Mayo 1894
The Race for Gold : or, The City Merchant and his Country Brother Anonymous 1866
A Race for Life Fred Whishaw 1898
A Race for Life and Other Tales Anonymous 1863
Rachel Cohen, the Usurer's Daughter Mrs. Kemp 1860
Ragamuffins: or, The Arabs of Love Lane. A Tale Jessie Sale Lloyd 1880
Raggles, Baggles, and the Emperor Clarissa L. Matéaux 1872
Rags and Rainbows: A Story of Thanksgiving Margaret Scott Haycraft 1886
Rags and Tatters: A Story for Boys and Girls Stella Austin 1876
The Rainbow Garden and Other Stories Gratiana Chanter 1901
Rainbows in Springtide: Tales Sadie 1866
Rainy Afternoons: or, Tales and Sketches by the Howard Family Randall Hunter Ballantyne 1853
The Rajah of Dah George Manville Fenn 1891
The Rajah's Legacy David Ker 1890
The Rajah's Second Wife Headon Hill 1894
Ralph Luttrel's Fortunes: By Rail, by Road, and by Sea. A Book for B... Robert St. John Corbet 1869
Ralph Rodney's Mother H. Louisa Bedford 1898
Ralph Saunders: or, The School-boy Friends Anonymous 1862
Ralph Seabrooke: or, The Adventures of a Young Artist in Piedmont an... Alfred Elwes 1861
Ralph Somerville: or, A Midshipman's Adventures in the Pacific Ocean Charles Henry Eden 1876
Ralph's Trouble, and Other Stories Anonymous 1875
Rambles and Adventures of Our School Field-Club George Christopher Davies 1875
The Rambles of a Rat Charlotte Maria Tucker 1857
The Rambles of Captain Bolio Archibald Nagle 1838
Rambling Recollections of a Soldier of Fortune William Hamilton Maxwell 1842
Ran Away to Sea: An Autobiography for Boys Capt. Mayne Reid 1858
Randall Davenant: A Tale of the Mahrattas Sir Claude Arthur Bray 1892
Random Shots Max Adeler 1879
The Ranger: or, The Fugitives of the Border Edward S. Ellis 1863
A Ray of Light to Brighten Cottage Homes Matilda Anne Mackarness 1857
Raymi: or, The Children of the Sun Clive Holland 1889
Raymond Bury: A Tale. Founded on T. Hood's Poem, "The Haunted House" Eliza H. Keating 1853
Real Grit Silas Kitto Hocking 1886
Real Jam John Corlett 1880
Rebecca and Rowena: A Romance upon Romance William Makepeace Thackeray 1850
The Rebel Chief: A Romance of New Zealand James Hume Nisbet 1896
The Rebel Privateer: or, The Last Cruise of the Black Angel William Stephens Hayward 1874
Reclaimed: A Tale Rev. Albert Eubule Evans 1879
A Recoiling Vengeance Frank Barrett 1888
Recollections of a Detective Police-Officer William Russell 1856
Recollections of Mrs. Anderson's School: A Book for Girls Jane Margaret Hooper 1851
Recollections of Mrs. Hester Taffetas, Court Milliner and Modiste: D... Augusta Johnstone 1857
Reconciled: or, The Story of Hawthorn Hall Edwin Hodder 1869
The Rector's Daughters: A Tale for the Young Anne Bowman 1864
The Rector's Home: A Story Agnes Giberne 1879
The Rectory: A Tale Eliza Paget 1841
The Rectory and the Manor: A Tale Frances Elizabeth G. Carey Brock 1860
The Rectory Children Mary Louisa Molesworth 1889
Red and White: A Tale of the Wars of the Roses Emily Sarah Holt 1882
The Red Axe S. R. Crockett 1898
The Red Brick House Theodora Elizabeth Lynch 1855
The Red Chancellor: A Romance Sir William Magnay 1901
Red Cloud, the Solitary Sioux: A Story of the Great Prairie Sir William Francis Butler 1882
The Red Eric: or, The Whaler's Last Cruise. A Tale R. M. Ballantyne 1861
The Red Grange: A Tale Mary Louisa Molesworth 1891
The Red House in the Suburbs Eleanor Grace O'Reilly 1881
Red Jacket, the Last of the Senecas Edward S. Ellis 1900
The Red Man's Revenge: A Tale of the Red River Flood R. M. Ballantyne 1880
Red Plume, the Renegade: A Tale of the Blackfeet Country J. Stanley Henderson 1866
The Red Rose: A Legend of St. Alban's Abbey Anonymous 1858
Red, White, and Blue: Sketches of Military Life Julia Clara Byrne 1862
Redskin and Cow-boy: A Tale of the Western Plains George Alfred Henty 1892
Redskin and Paleface: Romance and Adventure of the Plains Ascott R. Hope 1891
Reed Farm Eleanor Grace O'Reilly 1880
Reedyford: or, Creed and Character Silas Kitto Hocking 1880
The Reef, and Other Parables Edward Henry Bickersteth 1874
Reginald Barentyne: or, Liberty without Limits. A Tale of the Times Frederick George Lee 1881
The Regular Service: or, The Story of Reuben Inch Emily Steele Elliott 1868
Reine's Kingdom Lizzie Ellen Tiddeman 1899
Reminiscences of a Raven James Greenwood 1866
A Rent in a Cloud Charles James Lever 1869
Ressurrection: A Novel Count Leo Tolstoy 1900
Retiring from Business: or, The Rich Man's Error Timothy Shay Arthur 1879
The Return from India: A Sequel to Hilda and Hildebrand F. M. C. W. 1871
The Return of the Native Thomas Hardy 1878
Reuben Everett: or, When Old Things were New Christabel Rose Coleridge 1888
The Revenge of Valerie: A Romance of British Columbia James Hume Nisbet 1900
The Reverse of the Shield: or, The Adventures of Grenville Le Marcha... Augusta Marryat 1879
Rex Raynor, Artist: A Story of Sowing and Reaping Silas Kitto Hocking 1890
The Rhine Inundation, and Other Tales Anonymous 1871
Ribbon Stories Lady Barker 1872
Richard Aubrey: or, My Own Bible E. O. W. 1868
Richard Blake, and his little Green Bible: A Sequel Matilda Horsburgh 1868
Richard Carvel Winston Churchill 1899
Richard de Lacy: A Tale of the Later Lollards Charles Edmund Maurice 1891
Richard Hunne: A Story of Old London George Eliel Sargent 1871
Richard IV, Plantagenet James Frederick Hodgetts 1888
Richard Savage: A Romance of Real Life Charles Whitehead 1842
The Richest Man in Todmorton: and Other Stories about Riches and Hap... Anonymous 1864
Rider's Leap Frederick Langbridge 1888
Ridley Seldon: or, The Way to Keep Lent. A Tale for the Times Anne Howard 1845
The Riflemen of the Miami Edward S. Ellis 1862
The Right Way and the Contrast Anonymous 1867
The Right Way and the Wrong Way: or, The Ardingley Lads BTAO "Woodbury Farm" 1871
Rina Cliffe: A Village Character Emily M. Lawson 1871
The Rival Apprentices: A Tale of the Riots of 1780 Vane Ireton St. John 1870
The Rival Crusoes William Henry Giles Kingston 1879
The Rival Kings: or, Overbearing Annie Keary 1857
The Rival Scouts: or, The Forest Garrison. A Story of the Siege and ... Edward S. Ellis 1865
The River Syndicate, and Other Stories Charles Edward Carryl 1899
The River Waif: or, The "Luck" of Godfrey's Wharf Constance Cross 1885
Riverbank: or, The Clifford Family Anonymous 1858
Rivers of Ice: A Tale Illustrative of Alpine Adventure and Glacier A... R. M. Ballantyne 1876
Riversdale Charlotte Elizabeth Bowen 1874
Riverslea G. Norway 1901
Rob and Mag: or, A Little Light in a Dark Corner Louise Marston 1881
Rob Rat: A Story of Barge Life Mark Guy Pearse 1878
Robbie and His Mother Rev. Dr. Edersheim 1871
Robert and Harold: or, The Young Marooners. A New Crusoe Story Francis Robert Goulding 1853
Robert Dawson: or, The Brave Spirit Helen C. Knight 1847
Robert Gilbert: A Sequel to "The Missing Sovereign" BTAO "The Missing Sovereign" 1864
Robert's Holidays N. D'Anvers 1875
Robin Hood: A Romance of the English Forest Alec Alexander 1900
Robin Redbreast: A Story for Girls Mary Louisa Molesworth 1892
Robin the Runner Frances Browne 1870
Robin Tremayne: A Tale of the Marian Persecution Emily Sarah Holt 1872
Rochester: or, The Merry Days of Merry England John Frederick Smith 1854
The Rock Light: or, Duty our Watchword Eleanora Louisa Montagu 1871
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep: A Tale of the Salt, Salt Sea William Gordon Stables 1890
Roger Ingleton, Minor Talbot Baines Reed 1891
Roger Kyffin's Ward William Henry Giles Kingston 1874
Roger Willoughby: or, The Times of Benbow. A Tale of the Sea and Land William Henry Giles Kingston 1881
The Rogues' Paradise: An Extravaganza Edwin William Pugh 1898
Roland Cashel Charles James Lever 1850
The Roll of the Drum and Other Tales Richard Mounteney Jephson 1880
A Romance of a Mince-Pie: An Incident in the Life of John Chirrup, o... Angus Bethune Reach 1848
The Romance of Jenny Harlowe and Sketches of Maritime Life William Clark Russell 1889
Romance of Modern Missions: A Home in the Land of Snows, and Other S... Cecilia Lucy Brightwell 1870
The Romance of the Golden Star George Griffith 1897
Romances of the Backwoods: and Perils of the Uncleared Territories Anonymous 1871
The Romantic History of Robin Hood Barry Pain 1898
Ronald Dunbeath: or, The Treasure in the Cave F. M. C. W. 1872
Rory O'More: A National Romance Samuel Lover 1837
Rosa: or, The Two Castles Eliza Weaver Bradburn 1863
Rosa Lindesay: The Light of Kilmain Matilda Horsburgh 1867
Rosabella: A Doll's Christmas Story Bertha Henry Buxton 1878
Rosalia Vanderwelf: or, A Tale of the Siege of Leyden Mary Doig 1872
Rosamond Fane: or, The Prisoners of St. James's Mary Lee 1870
Rosamond Ferrars Mary Eliza Bramston 1875
Rosa's Childhood: or, Every-Day Scenes BTAO "Home Life" 1849
A Rose and a Pearl Christina Catherine Fraser Tytler 1870
Rose and Kate: or, The Little Howards BTAO "Rose and Kate" 1865
Rose and Lillie Stanhope: or, The Power of Conscience Maria Jane Mcintosh 1855
The Rose and the Ring: or, The History of Prince Giglio and Prince B... William Makepeace Thackeray 1855
Rose Bryant: Passages in her Maiden and Married Life Emma Marshall 1862
Rose Capel's Sacrifice: or, A Mother's Love Margaret Scott Haycraft 1893
The Rose in the Desert Susan Bogert Warner 1864
Rose Morrison: or, Sketches of Home-Happiness Emily H. Comyn 1857
A Rose of a Hundred Leaves: A Love Story Amelia E. Barr 1893
The Rose of Judah: A Tale of the Captivity George Griffith 1899
Rose Talbot: A Tale Eliza Paget 1836
Rose-Leaves: Tea-Time Tales for Young Little Folks and Young Old Folks Richard Gustafsson 1880
Rosebud Jeanie Hering 1891
Roses Amy Le Feuvre 1899
The Roseville Family: An Historical Tale of the Eighteenth Century Mrs. Alexander S. Orr 1869
Rosine George John Whyte-Melville 1877
Rosy Mary Louisa Molesworth 1882
Rottenstake Alley: A Tale of the Plaiting Districts (Founded on Facts) Gerald S. Davies 1873
Rough Cast Christabel Rose Coleridge 1898
Rough Diamonds: A Story-Book John Hollingshead 1867
Rough the Terrier: His Life and Adventures Emily Brodie 1879
Round about the Minster Green: Stories of the Boys and Girls who Liv... Ascott R. Hope 1876
Round the Fire: Six Stories Elizabeth Sara Sheppard 1856
Round the World: A Tale for Boys William Henry Giles Kingston 1859
Round the World and Other Stories Anonymous 1871
The Rover's Secret: A Tale of the Pirate Cays and Lagoons of Cuba William Joseph Cosens Lancaster 1888
A Roving Commission: Or, Through the Black Insurrection at Hayti George Alfred Henty 1900
Rowland Bradshaw, his Struggles and Adventures on the Way to Fame Thomas Hall 1848
Rowland Massingham: or, I will be my own Master Susanna Moodie 1837
Roxana: The Spanish Maid. A Tale of Modern Times Anonymous 1862
The Royal Brothers: An Historical Tale Agnes Strickland 1876
The Royal Drawing Room Table Book: Comprising Original Tales and Poe... John Sherer 1867
Royal Georgie Sabine Baring-Gould 1901
Royal Rogues Alberta Bancroft 1901
The Royal Umbrella Alfred Frederick Pollock Harcourt 1880
The Ruby Sword: A Romance of Baluchistan Bertram Mitford 1899
Rudolf's Dilemma: A Tale of the Rising in Tyrol Alfred Harold Engelbach 1882
The Ruined Cities of Zulu Land Hugh Mulleneux Walmsley 1869
The Ruined Cottage: or, The Farmer's Maid. A Romance of Real Life Hannah Maria Jones 1847
The Runaway: A Story for the Young Elizabeth Anna Hart 1872
Runnymede and Lincoln Fair: A Story of the Great Charter John George Edgar 1866
Rupert Dreadnought: or, The Secrets of the Iron Chest Vane Ireton St. John 1870
Rupert Rochester, the Banker's Son: A Tale Winifred Taylor 1870
Ruth Alan: or, the Two Homes BTAO "Shadow and Sunshine" 1864
Ruth and her Friends: A Story for Girls BTAO "Ruth and her Friends" 1857
Ruth Clayton: or, The Contrast Anonymous 1856
Ruth Harland: or, The Maid of Weathersfield W. J. Hamilton 1867
Ruth Lee and Her Companions: or, Working for God. A Canadian Story BTAO "The Two Lucys" 1871
Ruth Margerie: A Romance of the Revolt of 1689 Mary A. Denison 1863
Ruth's Life-Work: or, "No Pains, no Gains" Joseph Johnson 1885
Ruth's Rescue: or, The Light in Ned's Home Emily Brodie 1883
Sage Stuffings for Green Goslings: or, Saws for the Goose and Saws f... Hon. Hugh Rowley 1872
Sail-Ho!: or, A Boy at Sea George Manville Fenn 1893
A Sailor Boy's Adventures in the Land of the Sun Thomas Frost 1874
The Sailor Crusoe Percy Bolingbroke St. John 1864
Sailor Jack: A Tale of the Southern Seas Constance Cross 1888
A Sailor's Lass Emma Leslie 1886
Saint Bartholomew's Eve: A Tale of the Huguenot Wars George Alfred Henty 1894
Sally Cavanagh: or, The Untenanted Graves. A Tale of Tipperary Charles Joseph Kickham 1869
Sally Tramp: The Story of a Mother's Prayer Elizabeth M. A. F. Saxby 1882

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