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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
Paddy Finn: or, The Adventures of a Midshipman Afloat and Ashore William Henry Giles Kingston 1883
Paid in Gold: A Tale of a Treasure Bertie Senior 1900
A Pair of Cousins Mary Eliza Bramston 1890
A Pair of Madcaps: A Story of Impulse Ernest Warren 1883
A Pair of Them Jane H. Spettigue 1900
The Palace in the Garden Mary Louisa Molesworth 1887
Palissy the Huguenot Potter: A True Tale Cecilia Lucy Brightwell 1859
"The Pampas": A Story of Adventure in the Argentine Republic Ascott R. Hope 1876
Pansie's Flour-Bin Eliza Tabor Stephenson 1880
Papa, Limited, and Three Other Concerns William Carter Platts 1901
Parables and Sketches Alfred Ernest Knight 1894
Parables from Nature Margaret Gatty 1855
Parents and Children: or, Stories for the Home Circle Henriette de Witt 1873
The Parents' Cabinet Anonymous 1869
Parliament in the Play-Room Charlotte Maria Tucker 1861
The Parsonage and the Park Mary Grylls 1863
The Parson's Daughter: Her Early Recollections, and How Mr. Romney P... Emma Marshall 1899
Parted: A Tale of Clouds and Sunshine N. D'Anvers 1879
The Parting Ways Emma Newman 1897
Partners for Life: A Christmas Story Camilla Dufour Crosland 1847
Passages in the Life of Sir Lucian Elphin of Castle Weary: Edit by h... Sir Herbert Eustace Maxwell 1889
Pastorals of Dorset Mary Blundell 1901
Pat: A Story for Boys and Girls Stella Austin 1880
The Path of a Star Sara Jeanette Duncan 1899
The Path of Roses Frederick Greenwood 1859
Paths of the Dead: A Romance of the Present Day James Hume Nisbet 1899
Patience Strong Adeline Dutton Train Whitney 1870
Patient Henry: A Book for Boys Gustav Nieritz 1865
Patrañas: or, Spanish Stories, Legendary and Traditional Rachel Harriette Busk 1870
Patty Bailey: or, Who Knows Best? BTAO "Dick Bolter" 1865
Patz and Putz: or, The Lives of Two Bears. A Story for Young Children Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Gerstäcker 1868
Paul and Marie: The Orphans of Auvergne and Other Tales Anonymous 1868
Paul Bradley: A Village Tale, Inculcating Kindness to Animals Caroline Bray 1876
Paul Carah Cornishman Charles James Lee 1898
Paul Clifford: or, Hurrah for the Road. A Romance of Old Times James Malcolm Rymer 1853
Paul Duncan's Little by Little: A Story for Young Folks Frank Freeman 1862
Paul Gosslett's Confessions in Love, Law, and the Civil Service Charles James Lever 1868
Paul Howard's Captivity: And Why He Escaped. Founded on Fact Emilia Norris 1876
Paul Jones Pierce Egan 1842
Paul Jones's Alias David Christie Murray 1890
Paul Peabody: or, The Apprentice of the World Percy Bolingbroke St. John 1865
Paul Periwinkle: or, The Press Gang William Johnstoune Nelson Neale 1841
Paul the Courageous Mabel Quiller-Couch 1901
Paul, a Herald of the Cross Florence Morse Kingsley 1899
Paul, the Poacher Thomas Frost 1848
Paulina's Ambition: A Story Edis Searle 1878
Paul's Friend: A Story for Children and the Childlike Stella Austin 1889
Paved with Gold: or, The Romance and Reality of the London Streets. ... Augustus Mayhew 1858
Peace and War: A Tale for the Young Johann Christoph von Schmid 1871
The Peacock Butterfly Charlotte Grace O'Brien 1867
Pearl and Emerald: A Tale of Gotham Robert Edward Francillon 1872
A Pearl in the Shell: A Tale of Life and Love in the North Countrie Wilhelmina Martha James 1890
The Peasants of the Alps, and Passe-Tout: or, The New Fishing Smack Anonymous 1869
A Peck of Troubles: An Account of Certain Misfortunes which Happened... Ascott R. Hope 1874
The Pedlar and his Dog Mary Catherine Rowsell 1885
Peggy, and Other Tales Florence Sophia Montgomery 1868
The Pemberton Family Cousin Mary 1870
Penelope Wedgebone: The Supposed Heiress Richard Hort 1850
Penny Wise and Pound Foolish Frances Elizabeth G. Carey Brock 1862
The Peon Prince: A Tale of Mexico Augustine J. H. Duganne 1863
The People of the Moon Edward Tremlett Carter 1895
Percy Blake: or, The Young Rifleman Michael Rafter 1855
Percy Raydon: or, Self-Conquest Emma Leslie 1872
The Percys Elizabeth Prentiss 1874
Perfervid: The Career of Ninian Jamieson John Davidson 1890
Perilous Seas and How Oriana Sailed Them: A Naval Romance Samuel Whitchurch Sadler 1876
The Perils and Adventures of Harry Skipwith by Sea and Land William Henry Giles Kingston 1868
The Perils of Greatness: The Story of Alexander Menschikoff Gustav Nieritz 1865
Perkin Warbeck: or, The Last of the Plantagenets Thomas Frost 1860
The Personal Experience of Robin the Bold, with Observations on Dive... A. C. Chambers 1874
The Personal History of David Copperfield Charles Dickens 1850
Personal Recollections of Peter Stonnor, Esq Charles Blatherwick 1884
The Pet Lamb: A Tale Johann Christoph von Schmid 1870
The Pet Lamb, and Other Tales for Young Children Lydia Falconer Miller 1865
Peter Biddulph: The Rise and Progress of an Australian Settler William Henry Giles Kingston 1881
Peter Ibbetson George Du Maurier 1891
Peter Lipp: or, The Story of a Boy's Venture Julie Gouraud 1868
Peter the Apprentice: A Historical Tale of the Reformation in England Emma Leslie 1873
Peter the Whaler: His Early Life and Adventures in the Arctic Regions William Henry Giles Kingston 1851
Peter Trawl: or, The Adventures of a Whaler William Henry Giles Kingston 1881
Petite: or, The Story of a Child's Life Emily Octavia Bray 1873
The Phantom Brother and the Child Evelyn Ward Everett Green 1894
Phaulcon the Adventurer: or, The Europeans in the East. A Romantic B... William Dalton 1862
Philip and His Garden: With Other Stories Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna 1861
Philip Danford: A Story of School Life Julia Bachope Goddard 1890
Philip Gainsford's Profit and Loss George Eliel Sargent 1880
Philip Moore the Sculptor S. E. P. 1870
Philip Stone and his Companions M. E. Bewsher 1871
Philip Vandeleur's Victory Charles Henry Eden 1879
Philippa Mary Louisa Molesworth 1897
Phillis: or, The Jealous One Emma Anne Georgina Davenport 1867
Philosopher Jack: A Tale of the Southern Seas R. M. Ballantyne 1880
Phineas Finn, the Irish Member Anthony Trollope 1869
Phineas Redux Anthony Trollope 1874
Photographic Pleasures: Popularly Portrayed with Pen and Pencis Edward Bradley 1855
Phyllis Pengelley Frances Charlotte Armstrong 1875
Phyllis Raymond Sarah Selina Hamer 1887
Piccadilly: A Fragment of Contemporary Biography Laurence Oliphant 1870
Piccalilli: A Mixture Katharine Sarah Macquoid 1862
Picciola: or, The Prison Flower X. B. Saintine 1870
Pickle and his Page-Boy: or, Unlooked For. A Story Charlotte Mary Yonge 1882
Pickles: A Funny Little Couple Yotty Osborn 1878
Pickwick Abroad: or, The Tour in France George William MacArth Reynolds 1839
Pictures and Stories for the Young Mary Ann Seamer 1881
Pictures of Girl Life Catharine Augusta Howell 1865
Pierrette Henry de Vere Stacpoole 1900
The Pilgrims of New England: A Tale of the Early American Settlers Annie Webb 1853
The Pilgrims of the Rhine Edward Bulwer Lytton 1834
The Pillar of Fire: or, Israel in Bondage Joseph Holt Ingraham 1865
The Pilots of Pomona: A Story of the Orkney Islands Robert Leighton 1892
Pippie's Warning: or, Mind your Temper Catherine Ann Crowe 1848
The Pirate City: An Algerine Tale R. M. Ballantyne 1875
Pirate Gold J. Robert Hutchinson 1898
The Pirate Island: A Story of the South Pacific William Joseph Cosens Lancaster 1885
The Pirate Junk: A Story of the Sooloo Sea John Conroy Hutcheson 1896
A Pirate of the Caribees William Joseph Cosens Lancaster 1898
The Pirate Queen: or, Captain Kidd and the Treasure Douglas Stewart 1867
The Pirate, and the Three Cutters Frederick Marryat 1836
Pirates' Creek: A Story of Treasure-Quest Samuel Whitchurch Sadler 1883
The Pirate's Doom: or, A Midshipman's First Voyage William Hurton 1843
Pixie's Adventures: The Tale of a Terrier N. D'Anvers 1878
Pixton's Parish: A Story for Young Men and Women Florence Moore 1895
Plain or Ringlets? Robert Smith Surtees 1860
The Plant Hunters: or, Adventures Among the Himalaya Mountains Capt. Mayne Reid 1858
The Play-Day Book: or, New Stories for Little Folks Fanny Fern 1857
The Playfair Papers: or, Brother Jonathan, "the smartest nation in a... Paul Patterson 1841
The Playfellow and Other Stories Anna Maria Hall 1866
Playing Trades Charles Marshall 1870
Pleasant Grove: A Book for the Young Anonymous 1868
A Pleasant Life Mary Howitt 1871
Pleasant Paths for Little Feet Ruth Lamb 1862
Pleasant Stories in Prose and Verse Jane Boden 1877
Pleasant Tales for Young People George Mogridge 1850
Pleasant Words for Little Folk Anonymous 1869
The Pleasures of Old Age Émile Souvestre 1868
Plucky Fellows: Being Reminiscences from the Note-book of Captain Fr... Stephen Joseph Mackenna 1873
A Plunge into the Sahara: An Adventure of To-Day G. Demage 1894
The Poet's Children Mary Howitt 1863
Polly and Winnie: or, The Story of he Good Samaritan F. F. G. 1871
Polly of Parker's Rents Grace Thyrza Kimmins 1899
Polly Wyatt: or, Virtue its own Reward Sarah M. S. Clarke 1877
Pomegranates from the Punjab: Indian Stories Charlotte Maria Tucker 1878
Pomfret's Ward: or, A Vermonter's Adventures in Mexico Augustine J. H. Duganne 1865
Pomona's Travels Frank R. Stockton 1894
Pomponia: or, The Gospel in Caesar's Household Annie Webb 1867
Pontiac, Chief of the Ottawas: A Tale of the Siege of Detroit Edward S. Ellis 1897
Poor and Plain: A Story for Elder Girls Mary Ann Seamer 1891
The Poor Artist: or, Seven Eye-sights and One Object Richard Hengist Horne 1850
A Poor Buffer: A Story for Young People Helen Vernon Savile 1900
The Poor Clerk and his Crooked Sixpence George Eliel Sargent 1874
The Poor Girl Pierce Egan 1880
Poor Jack Frederick Marryat 1840
Poor Joe the Parish Boy James Campkin 1860
Poor Little Gaspard's Drum: A Tale of the French Revolution Alfred Harold Engelbach 1867
Poor Match: His Life, Adventures, and Death Harriet Parr 1863
Poor Nelly Elizabeth Anna Hart 1880
The Poplar Grove: or, Little Harry and his Uncle Benjamin. A Tale fo... Esther Copley 1841
Poppy's Easter Holidays: A Story for Children Emma Marshall 1864
Poppy's Life Service Emilie Searchfield 1885
A Popular Girl: A Tale of School Life in Germany May Baldwin 1901
Post Haste: A Tale of Her Majesty's Mails R. M. Ballantyne 1880
The Post of Honour Charlotte Bickersteth Wheeler 1863
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club Charles Dickens 1837
The Postman's Bag and Other Stories Jan de Liefde 1862
The Pot of Gold and Other Stories Mary Eleanor Freeman 1892
The Potterers' Club: A Cycling Novel George Lacy Hillier 1900
The Pottleton Legacy: A Story of Town and Country Life Albert Richard Smith 1849
Pounceford Hall: A Story of School Life Benjamin Clarke 1872
The Power of Kindness and Other Stories: A Book for the Example and ... Timothy Shay Arthur 1875
The Prairie Chief: A Tale R. M. Ballantyne 1886
Praise and Principle: or, For What Shall I Live? A Tale Maria Jane Mcintosh 1850
Precepts in Practice: or, Stories Illustrating the Proverbs Charlotte Maria Tucker 1858
Prentice Hugh Frances Mary Peard 1887
Preston Tower: or, Will He no' Come Back Again? Jessie Margaret Edmonston Saxby 1884
The Presumption of Stanley Hay, M.P. Herbert Flowerdew 1901
Pretty Pink's Purpose: or, The Little Street Merchants Mary Anna Paull 1886
The Pretty Polly: A Voyage of Incident William Clark Russell 1900
Priest and Nun: A Story of Convent Life BTAO "Almost a Nun" 1869
Prim's Story Lizzie Ellen Tiddeman 1892
The Prince and the Page: A Story of the Last Crusade Charlotte Mary Yonge 1866
Prince Goldenblade: A Rational Fairy Tale for Big and Little Folk Sir Gilbert Edward Campbell 1889
A Prince of Good Fellows Robert Barr 1902
The Prince of the Fair Family: A Fairy Tale Anna Maria Hall 1866
Prince Pertinax: A Fairy Tale Jane Margaret Hooper 1883
Prince Prigio Andrew Lang 1889
Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia: Being the Adventures of Prince Prigio'... Andrew Lang 1893
Prince Rupert the Buccaneer Charles John Cutcliffe Hyne 1901
Prince Ubbely Bubble's New Story Book John Templeton Lucas 1860
Princess Adelaide: A Story of the Siege of Kenilworth Emily Sarah Holt 1893
Princess Alethea Frances Mary Peard 1883
The Princess Aline Richard Harding Davis 1895
The Princess Désirée Clementina Black 1896
The Princess of Silverland, and Other Tales Elsie Strivelyne 1874
A Princess of Vascovy: A Romance John Oxenham 1900
The Princess Xenia: A Romance Henry Brereton Marriott Watson 1899
Prisoner among Pirates David Ker 1894
The Prisoner of the Mill: or, Captain Hayward's Body Guard Lt. Col. Hazeltine 1866
The Prisoner of the Pampas: or, The Mysterious Seal Island Charles Henry Eden 1889
Prisoners of Conscience Amelia E. Barr 1897
Private Bobs and the New Recruit Mabel C. Birchenough 1901

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