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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
Labour Stands on Golden Feet: A Holiday Story Heinrich Zschokke 1855
Labours of Love: A Tale for the Young Winifred Taylor 1870
The Lace Makers: Sketches of Irish Character, with Some Account of t... Mrs. Meredith 1865
The Ladder of Cowslips: or, What is Sound? Lady Kay Shuttleworth 1878
The Ladies of Polcarrow: A Tale of Cornish Coast-Life Bitha Lloyd 1864
Lad's Love: An Idyll S. R. Crockett 1897
The Lads of Heatherwood: A Tale Anonymous 1868
The Lads of Lunda Jessie Margaret Edmonston Saxby 1887
Lady Arabella: or, The Adventures of a Doll Julia S. H. Pardoe 1856
Lady Betty Christabel Rose Coleridge 1870
Lady Dye's Reparation Sarah Doudney 1901
Lady Edith: A Novel Anna M. N. Young 1869
Lady Felicia: A Novel Henry Cockton 1852
Lady Goodchild's Fairy Ring Sarah Goodchild 1860
The Lady in Black: or, The Widow and the Wife. A Romance James Malcolm Rymer 1847
The Lady Isobel: A Story for Girls Eliza Fanny Pollard 1899
Lady Lee's Widowhood Sir Edward Bruce Hamley 1854
Lady Mary and her Nurse: or, A Peep into the Canadian Forest Catharine Parr Traill 1856
The Lady of Robertval: An Episode of the Peasants' War, 1526 Jean Delaire 1900
Lady Rosamond's Book: or, Dawnings of Light Lucy Ellen Guernsey 1880
Lady Rose Crona Temple 1879
Lady Sybil's Choice: A Tale of the Crusades Emily Sarah Holt 1879
Lady Turpin Henry Herman 1897
Lady Victorine: or, The Triple Cord. A Story of Indian and Home Life Fernia 1878
A Lady's Gift: or, Woman as She Ought to Be Jane Kinderley Stanford 1835
Laetitia: A Story of the Seventeenth Century G. M. 1876
The Laird's Legacy Mary H. Debenham 1896
The Laird's Return and What Came of it: A Story for Young People Geraldine Stewart 1861
The Lake of the Woods: A Story of the Backwoods Charlotte Maria Tucker 1867
Lame Allan: or, Cast thy Burden on the Lord Mrs. Scott 1868
Lame Annie: or, The Wounded Lamb A Clergyman 1865
Lame Felix: A Book for Boys, Full of Proverb and Story Charles Bruce 1872
Lame John and the Green Brook School Boys Anonymous 1863
Lame Sam: or, Walter Castle's Work C. H. 1867
Lance Hernley's Holiday Helen Mary Wilson 1897
Land and Sea Tales Matthew Henry Barker 1836
The Land of the Hibiscus Blossom: A Yarn of the Papuan Gulf James Hume Nisbet 1888
The Land of the Mammoth: or, A Boy's Arctic Adventures Three Hundred... Thomas Frost 1877
The Land of the Pigtail: Its People and Customs, From a Boy's Point ... Benjamin Clarke 1874
Land Sharks and Sea Gulls William Nugent Glascock 1838
The Langdales of Langdale End: A Tale Eleanor Lloyd 1879
Langdon Manor: Scenes and Sketches in the History of a Family Bible George Eliel Sargent 1880
Langley-on-the-Lea: or, Love and Duty Thomas Miller 1860
Larache: A Tale of the Portuguese Church in the Sixteenth Century John Mason Neale 1861
The Last Chronicle of Barset Anthony Trollope 1867
The Last Cruise of the Ariadne and What Befell her Passenger Samuel Whitchurch Sadler 1877
The Last Entry: A Tale William Clark Russell 1897
The Last Hope Esmé Stuart 1885
Last Hours with Cousin Kate Catherine Douglas Bell 1862
The Last Inhabitants of an Old House: or, The Recollections of Grand... I. O. T. A. 1873
The Late Miss Hollingford Rosa Mulholland 1886
Laughing Eyes: A Tale of Natchez Henry J. Thomas 1864
Laughing Eyes: or, A Cruise and Its Consequences Ernest Warren 1881
Laura and Lucy: or, The Two Friends Charlotte Adams 1866
Laura Linwood: or, The Price of an Accomplishment Sarson C. J. Ingham 1875
Laura's Impulses: or, Principle a Safer Guide than Feeling Anonymous 1881
Laurence Gillmore, Peasant and Pastor A. Willins 1872
Layton Croft: or, The Story of a Prodigal Alice Somerton 1882
The Lazar-House of Leros: A Tale of the Eastern Church in the Sevent... John Mason Neale 1859
A "Leal, Light Heart" Annette Thomasina Lyster 1881
Lea's Playground Marianne Parrott 1877
The Least of These Crona Temple 1876
Leaves from my Note-Book: Being a Collection of Tales, all Positive ... An Ex-Officer 1878
Led Astray: An Illustrated Story for Boys Harriet Stredder 1900
Led Astray BTAO "Life's Battle Lost and Won" 1872
Led by Love Mary Anna Paull 1894
A Leddy in her Ain Richt May Kelly 1896
Left at Home: or, The Heart's Resting Place M. L. C. 1874
Left in Charge: Being the History of my Great Responsibility Wilhelmina Martha James 1878
Left to Our Father BTAO "Clevedon Chimes" 1875
Left to Starve and No One Wants the Blame Emma Anna Germains 1880
Left to Take Care of Themselves Annie Rylands 1883
Left to Themselves: A Boy's Adventures in Australia Augusta Marryat 1878
The Legend of the Mount: or, the Days of Chivalry Alfred Elwes 1866
Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts Patrick Kennedy 1866
Legends and Stories of Ireland: Second Series Samuel Lover 1837
Legends from Fairy Land: Narrating the History of Prince Glee and Pr... Harriet Parr 1860
Legends of Number Nip Mark Lemon 1864
Legends of Savage Life James Greenwood 1867
Leigton Manor: or, The Orphan Cousins Laura Jewry 1862
Leila: or, The Siege of Granada; and, Calderon, the Courtier Edward Bulwer Lytton 1838
Leila Ada, the Jewish Convert: An Authentic Memoir Osborn William Trenery Heighway 1852
Lem, a New England Village Boy. His Adventures and his Mishaps Noah Brooks 1901
Lena Rivers Mary Jane Holmes 1857
Lennie's Bible Anonymous 1874
Lenore Annadale's Story Evelyn Ward Everett Green 1884
Leofwine the Monk: or, The Curse of the Ericsons. A Tale of a Saxon ... Emma Leslie 1879
Leslie Ross: or, Fond of a Lark Charles Bruce 1871
Leslie's Scholarship: or, The Secret of Success H. Frederick Charles 1877
Lesson and Trials of Life Henrietta Beaufort 1854
Lessons at Home: or, Pleasures and Profit. A Book for Boys and Girls Anonymous 1863
Lessons from Rose Hill, and Little Nannette Anonymous 1866
Lessons of Love: or, Aunt Bertha's Visit to the Elms Emma Marshall 1863
Lest We Forget Joseph Hocking 1901
The Letter of Marque and Tales of the Sea and Land Charles Rathbone Low 1873
Letters Everywhere: Stories and Rhymes for Children BTAO "The Dove" 1869
Lettice Eden: or, The Lamps of Earth and the Light of Heaven. A Tale... Emily Sarah Holt 1877
Lettice Lawson's Legacy and Other Stories Emma Marshall 1894
Lettice Lisle Frances Parthenope Verney 1870
Lettie's Last Home Elizabeth Thomasina Meade 1875
Letty's Mission: A Tale Marion Clifford Butler 1885
Lewis Arundel: or, The Railroad of Life Frank Smedley 1852
The Life and Adventures of a Little Bird, and Other Tales John George Watts 1872
The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit Charles Dickens 1844
Life and Adventures of Michael Armstrong, the Factory Boy Frances Milton Trollope 1840
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby Charles Dickens 1839
The Life and Adventures of Robin Hood John Browne Marsh 1865
The Life and Adventures of Tom King, the Highwayman James Malcolm Rymer 1851
The Life and Adventures of Valentine Vox, the Ventriloquist Henry Cockton 1840
Life and its Lessons: or, The Past and the Present. A Tale in the Fo... Frederick William Byron Bouverie 1860
The Life and Remarkable Adventures of a Dog Thomas Miller 1857
Life at Full Length: or, Men and Things as They Are, as They Are Not... Mark Merrivane 1844
Life at Hartwell: or, Frank and his Friends Katharine E. May 1874
Life at Hill Farm Crona Temple 1875
Life in Arcadia Joseph Smith Fletcher 1896
Life in Malins Lea Isabel Suart Robson 1891
Life in the Ghetto: or, The Jewish Physician Charlotte Bickersteth Wheeler 1872
Life in the Red Brigade: A Story for Boys R. M. Ballantyne 1873
Life in the Walls, the Hearth, and the Eaves A. C. Chambers 1873
Life in the West: Back-Wood Leaves and Prairie Flowers: Rough Sketch... W. H. M. Holmes 1842
Life in the White Bear's Den Charlotte Maria Tucker 1884
The Life of a Bear: His Birth, Education and Adventures BTAO "The Life of a Bear" 1874
The Life of a Dutiful Son Mary Elizabeth Southwell Leathley 1854
The Life of a Racehorse John Mills 1854
Life on Desolate Islands: or, Real Robinson Crusoes BTAO "Tales of the Northern Seas" 1871
Life Underground, in the Church Tower, the Woods, and the Old Keep A. C. Chambers 1873
The Life, Adventures, and Opinions of a Liverpool Policeman, and his... Thomas Hall 1841
A Life-Long Story: or, Am I my Sister's Keeper? Facts and Phases for... Anonymous 1859
The Lifeboat: A Tale of our Coast Heroes R. M. Ballantyne 1864
Life's Battle Lost and Won: or, Robert Joy's Victory BTAO "Life's Battle Lost and Won" 1867
Life's Bye-Ways, and What I Found in Them: Being Narratives from Rea... A. Fergusson 1863
A Life's Motto: or, Clement Markwood's Victory. And a Schoolboy Notion William J. Lacey 1883
Life's Work as It Is: or, The Emigrant's Home in Australia A Colonist 1867
Light Freights William Wymark Jacobs 1901
Light Hearts and Happy Days: or, Tales of Wisdom for Children and Yo... Jane Kennedy 1852
Light in the Darkness: My First Story A Clergyman's Daughter 1872
The Light in the Robbers' Cave Charlotte Maria Tucker 1862
The Light of Fern Glen: or, Lilian Grey Mary Helen Holt 1874
Light on Shadowed Paths Timothy Shay Arthur 1877
Light on the Lily: or, A Flower's Message Emma Marshall 1880
The Light on the Wall, and Other Stories Sophie Amelia Prosser 1879
The Light-ship Hand: or, The Strange Adventures of Richard Gayden Henry Frith 1893
The Lighted Way: or, Loving Words about Jesus Cousin Bessie 1864
The Lighthouse: Being the Story of a Great Fight between Man and the... R. M. Ballantyne 1865
The Lighthouse Anonymous 1871
The Lights and Shadows of Forster Square Edward Haigh Sugden 1899
The Lights of Sydney: or, No Past is Dead Lilian Turner 1896
Like a Rasen Fiddler: A Tale of the Pilgrimage of Grace Mary Elizabeth Shipley 1900
Like Cures Like Catherine E. Mallandaine 1901
Lil Grey: or, Arthur Chester's Courtship Mrs. E. Beavan 1878
Lili, the Doctor's Daughter: or, The Bunch of Violets, and What Beca... Charles Bruce 1874
Lilian: A Tale of Three Hundred Years Ago George Eliel Sargent 1864
Lilian Seacroft E. Perring 1878
Lilian's Golden Hours Eliza Meteyard 1857
Lilian's Happy Hours: or, Talks with Mamma about the Stars, the Moon... Anonymous 1869
Lilian's Year, and the Lessons it Taught Her BTAO "Arthur" 1862
Lilias, the Milliner's Apprentice Gabriel Alexander 1854
Lilies or Thistledown Julia A. Mathews 1876
Lilla's Experiment: or, Religion in Little Things Marion Clarke 1883
Lilliput Legends William Brighty Rands 1872
Lily and Nannie at School: A Story for Little Girls Anna Jane Buckland 1868
Lily and Water-Lily Alice Vansittart Carr 1893
Lily Hope and her Friends: A Tale Hetty Bowman 1873
The Lily of Leyden William Henry Giles Kingston 1880
Lily of the Valley: A Story for Little Boys and Girls Kathleen Knox 1876
The Lily of Tiflis: A Sketch from Georgian Church History John Mason Neale 1859
Lily's Cross Anonymous 1876
Lily's Home in the Country Lucy Sale-Barker 1876
Lily's Magic Lantern Lucy Sale-Barker 1880
Lily's Scrap-Book Lucy Sale-Barker 1877
Lily's Screen Lucy Sale-Barker 1877
Lily's Visit to Grandmamma Lucy Sale-Barker 1877
The Lilyvale Club, and Its Doings Edwin A. Johnson 1880
Linda Agnes Giberne 1866
Lindéman Brothers: or, Shoulder to Shoulder Jessie Margaret Edmonston Saxby 1888
Lindsay Lee and his Friends: A Story for the Times P. E. S. 1869
Lined with Gold Sophie Amelia Prosser 1884
Ling Bank Cottage: A Tale for Working Girls BTAO "Lenten Lessons" 1872
Links in a Golden Chain: A Tale, Illustrating the Different Petition... A. J. D. 1873
The Lion and the Unicorn Richard Harding Davis 1899
The Lion Battalion and Other Stories Mary Emily Hullah 1885
Lion Jack: A Story of Perilous Adventures among Wild Men and the Cap... P. T. Barnum 1877
The Lion of St. Mark: A Tale of Venice George Alfred Henty 1889
The Lion of the North: A Tale of the Times of Gustavus Adolphus and ... George Alfred Henty 1886
A Lion of Wessex: or, How Saxon Fought Dane Tom Bevan 1901
Lionel Franklin's Victory: A Tale Elizabeth Van Sommer 1880
Lionel Harcourt, the Etonian: or, "Like other Fellows" Grace Elizabeth Wyatt 1889
Lionel St. Clair: or, Under the Banian Tree Louisa Anne Moncreiff 1871
Lionel's Revenge: or, The Young Royalists. A Tale of the Great Civil... Alfred Harold Engelbach 1867
The Lion's Brood: A Romance Duffield Osborne 1901
The Lips of a Fool: A Story for Mothers' Meetings Phoebe Anne Allen 1899
Lisa Baillie's Journal Agnes Giberne 1875
The Little Acrobat and his Mother: A True Story Anonymous 1872
Little Ada's Jewels Fanny Levien 1875
Little Aggie's Fresh Snow-Drops, and What They Did in One Day Frances Mary Synge 1863
Little Alfred: or, The Influence of Home Training Anonymous 1865
Little Alfred of Anglesey Anonymous 1837
Little Amy's Birthday and Other Tales: A Story Book for Autumn Lydia Falconer Miller 1846
Little Annie: or, Is Church Time a Happy Time? Anonymous 1852
The Little Bag of Gold F. Bayford Harrison 1894

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