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Title Author Year
A Farthingful Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1889
A Fashionable Marriage Fraser, Mrs. Alexander 1883
A Fatal Mistake Murray, Henry 1896
A Fatal Passion Fraser, Mrs. Alexander 1879
A Fatal Past Russell, Dora 1896
A Fatal Reservation Prowse, Richard Orton 1895
A Fatal Silence Marryat, Florence 1891
A Father of Six and An Occasional Holiday Potapenko, Ignaty Nikolayevich 1893
A Fearful Adversary Jillard, Peard 1880
A Fearless Life Quin, Clara 1882
A Fellow of Trinity Marshall, Frances L. 1890
A Fellowe and His Wife Sharp, William 1892
A Few Smiles Platts, William Carter 1898
A Fiery Chariot Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1900
A Fight for Freedom: A Story of the Land of... Stables, William Gordon 1897
A Fight for Life Thomas, William Moy 1868
A Fight to a Finish Warden, Florence 1901
A Fight with Fate Alexander, Mrs. 1896
A Fight with Fortune Collins, Edward James Mortimer 1876
A Final Reckoning: A Tale of Bush Life in A... Henty, George Alfred 1887
A Fireside King Stisted, Georgiana M. 1880
A First Appearance Bell, Emily Ernst 1872
A First Family of Tasajara Harte, Bret 1891
A First Fleet Family Becke, Louis 1896
A Flash of Summer: The Story of a Simple Wo... Clifford, Sophia Lucy Jane 1895
A Flash of Youth Hamilton, Catherine Jane 1900
A Flat Iron for a Farthing: or, Some Passag... Ewing, Juliana Horatia 1873
A Fleet Street Journalist Penderel, Richard 1895
A Flight to Florida: And All That Came of i... Peregrinator, 1888
A Flirtation with Truth Lee, Susan Rowley Richmond 1897
A Flower of Asia: An Indian Story Dennehy, Henry E. 1901
A Fluttered Dovecote Fenn, George Manville 1890
A Fool's Errand: By One of the Fools Tourgée, Albion Winegar 1880
A Fool's Paradise: A Novel Archer, Thomas 1870
A Fool's Year Cooper, Edward Herbert 1901
A Foolist Marriage: An Edinburgh Story of S... Swan, Annie S. 1894
A Forbidden Name: A Story of the Court of C... Whishaw, Fred 1901
A Foreigner: An Anglo-German Study Gerard, Emily Jane 1896
A Forest Officer: Being Episodes in the Lif... Penny, Fanny Emily 1900
A Forgotten Sin Gerard, Dorothea 1898
A Fortnight in Heaven: An Unconventional Ro... Bridge, James Howard 1886
A Fortunate Exile Watson, Lily 1896
A Fortune Teller's Intrigue: A Tale of Irel... Polson, Thomas R. J. 1848
A Fountain Sealed Besant, Walter 1897
A Free Lance in a Far Land: Being an Accoun... Compton, Herbert 1895
A French Heiress in Her Own Château Price, Eleanor C. 1878
A Friend Butt, Beatrice May 1891
A Friend at Court: A Novel Ewald, Alexander Charles 1874
A Friend in Need: A Romance Bainbridge, Maria 1858
A Friend in Ten Thousand: A Novel Harcourt-Roe, Mrs. J. 1884
A Full and True Account of the Wonderful Mi... Davidson, John 1895
A Fury in White Velvet Compton, Herbert 1901
A Game at Chess: or, When Jew Meets Greek Fogerty, Joseph 1894
A Game of Bluffs Murray, Henry 1890
A Game of Chance: A Novel Curtis, Ella Jane 1889
A Game of Consequences: A Comedy Novel Kinross, Albert 1895
A Garden of Girls Gift, Theo 1879
A Garden of Tares Hill, John 1888
A Garden of Women Keddie, Henrietta 1875
A Garland of Seven Lilies Linskill, Mary 1886
A Garrison Romance Adams, Bertha Jane 1892
A Gay Little Woman Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1897
A Gem of Cremona and A Chef d'Oeuvre Vere, B. M. 1893
A Gender in Satin Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1895
A Gentleman Forbes, Eveline Louisa Mitc... 1900
A Gentleman Adventurer: A Story of Panama, ... Burton, John Edward Bloundelle 1895
A Gentleman of England: A Romance of the Ti... Pollard, Eliza Fanny 1897
A Gentleman of France: Being the Memoirs of... Weyman, Stanley John 1893
A Gentleman of Leisure: A Novel Fawcett, Edgar 1881
A Gentleman Rider: A Tale of the Grand Nati... Gould, Nat 1898
A Gentleman's Gentleman: Being Certain Page... Pemberton, Max 1896
A Geraldine King, Richard Ashe 1892
A Gilded Shame Poole, William Howell 1881
A Girl Diplomatist Wotton, Mabel E. 1892
A Girl from the States: A Tale of Love and ... Stables, William Gordon 1898
A Girl in a Thousand Middlemass, Jean 1885
A Girl in Spring-Time Mansergh, Jessie 1897
A Girl in the Karpathians Dowie, Ménie Muriel 1891
A Girl of Grit Griffiths, Major Arthur Geo... 1898
A Girl of the Klondike Cory, Annie Sophie 1899
A Girl of To-day Adams, Ellinor Davenport 1899
A Girl with a Temper: A Romance of the Will... Knight, Hubert Billinghurst 1892
A Girl's Destiny: A Love Story Clayton, Ellen Creathorne 1882
A Girl's Folly: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1895
A Girl's Loyalty Armstrong, Frances Charlotte 1897
A Girl's Past Martin, Mary Emma 1893
A Girl's Resolve: A Story of Today Curry, E. S. 1901
A Girl's Romance James, Marian 1867
A Girton Girl Edwards, Annie 1885
A Glorios Gallop: A Novel Kennard, Mary 1888
A Goddess of Gray's Inn Burgin, George Brown 1901
A Golden Autumn: A Novel Alexander, Mrs. 1896
A Golden Bar Towle, Eleanor Ashworth 1882
A Golden Gossip: Neighbourhood Story Number... Whitney, Adeline Dutton Train 1892
A Golden Heart Hood, Tom 1867
A Golden Sorrow Hoey, Frances Cashel 1872
A Good Hater Boyle, Frederick 1885
A Good Match Perrier, Amelia 1872
A Good Match, The Heiress of Drosberg, and ... Chatterton, Lady 1840
A Good Time Coming: A Novel Wilson, William 1859

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