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Title Author Year
For Lack of Gold: A Novel Gibbon, Charles 1871
For Life and Liberty: A Story of Battle by ... Stables, William Gordon 1896
For Light and Liberty Hocking, Silas Kitto 1892
For Lilias: A Novel Carey, Rosa Nouchette 1885
For Love and Duty: A Romance of the Peerage Garth-Thornton, Elmond 1884
For Love and Honour: A Novel Addison, Francis 1882
For Love and Honour: A Novel Barrett, Frank 1892
For Love and Liberty: A Tale Harcourt, Alfred 1894
For Love and Life Oliphant, Margaret 1874
For Love of Prue Johnston, Grace L. Keith 1895
For Love or Crown Marchmont, Arthur Williams 1901
For Love or Gold: A Novel Arnold, Mrs. Henry 1886
For Love or Money: A Novel Fullom, Stephen Watson 1865
For Lucy's Sake: A Homely Story Swan, Annie S. 1883
For Maimie's Sake: A Tale of Love and Dynam... Allen, Grant 1886
For Name and Fame: A Novel Church, Mrs. A. B. 1876
For Name and Fame: or, Through Afghan Passes Henty, George Alfred 1886
For Old Sake's Sake: A Sketch Fetherstonhaugh, Hon. Marie... 1882
For One and the World: A Novel Betham-Edwards, Matilda Bar... 1889
For One Man's Pleasure: A Novel Fortescue-Harrison, Nellie 1883
For One Season Only: A Sporting Novel Jocelyn, Ada Maria 1893
For Percival Veley, Margaret 1878
For Pity's Sake and The Lost Leader Linskill, Mary 1891
For Plain Women Only Fletcher, Constance 1895
For Richer for Poorer Parr, Harriet 1870
For Somebody's Sake: A Novel Drewry, Edith Stewart 1890
For Such is Life Hocking, Silas Kitto 1897
For the Child's Sake Russell, Dora 1885
For the Defense: A Realistic Story Farjeon, Benjamin L. 1891
For the King: A Novel Gibbon, Charles 1872
For the King's Dues Macdonell, Agnes 1874
For the Love of a Lass: A Tale of Tynedale James, Wilhelmina Martha 1890
For the Old Love's Sake: A Story Hardy, Iza Duffus 1875
For the Old Love's Sake: A Story Hardy, Iza Duffus 1877
For the Queen's Sake: or, The Story of Litt... Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1898
For the Sake o' the Siller: A Fifeshire Sto... Swan, Maggie 1893
For the Sake of the Family Crommelin, May 1892
For the Temple: A Tale of the Fall of Jerus... Henty, George Alfred 1888
For this Cause: A Novel Thynne, Robert 1877
For Treasure Bound Lancaster, William Joseph C... 1897
For Value Received Cobb, Thomas 1890
For Very Life Marshall, Hamilton 1871
Forbidden Banns Cox, Annie 1899
Forbidden by Law: A Novel Griffiths, Major Arthur 1897
Forbidden Fruit T., I. 1863
Forbidden to Marry: A Novel Banks, Isabella 1883
Ford's Folly, Ltd Griffiths, Major Arthur 1900
Fordham's Feud Mitford, Bertram 1897
Forest Hill: A Tale of Social Life in 1830-31 Wormeley, Mary Elizabeth 1846
Forest Keep King, Alice 1861
Forest Life Kirkland, Caroline Matilde 1842
Forestalled: or, The Life Quest Betham-Edwards, Matilda Bar... 1880
Forewarned! Williams, Ellen Mary Abdy 1885
Forget-me-nots Kavanagh, Julia 1878
Forging the Fetters Alexander, Mrs. 1890
Forgiveness: A Novel Bateman, Jane Carr 1861
Forgotten by the World: Memoirs of an Engli... Macquoid, Katharine S. 1869
Forgotten Lives: A Novel Notley, Frances E. M. 1875
Forsaking all Others: A Novel Pickering, Emma 1870
Fort Minster, M.P.: A Westminster Mystery Reed, Sir Edward James 1885
Fortescue: A Novel Knowles, James Sheridan 1847
Fortitude: A Tale Hofland, Barbara 1835
Fortune: A Romance of Life Coulton, David Trevena 1853
Fortune's Buffets and Rewards Primrose, E. D. 1886
Fortune's Darling Raymond, Walter 1901
Fortune's Fool Hawthorne, Julian 1883
Fortune's Football: A Historical Tale Meeker, Mrs. Ogden 1864
Fortune's Footballs Burgin, George Brown 1897
Fortune's Gate Marshall, Frances L. 1898
Fortune's Marriage Craik, Georgiana Marion 1882
Fortune's my Foe Burton, John Edward Bloundelle 1899
Fortune's Wheel: A Novel Shand, Alexander Innes 1886
Fortune's Wheel Pollard, Eliza Fanny 1899
Foul Play Reade, Charles 1869
Found Guilty: A Novel Barrett, Frank 1887
Found Out: A Story Mathers, Helen 1885
Found Out: A Novel Mathers, Helen 1895
Found Wanting Alexander, Mrs. 1893
Founded on Paper: or, Uphill and Downhill B... Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1898
Four Crotchets to a Bar: A Novel Venn, Susanna Carnegie 1881
Four Ghost Stories Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1888
Four in Hand Middlemass, Jean 1881
Four Schoolfellows: A Novel Smith, Charlotte 1878
Four Studies of Love Dubourg, Augustus William 1877
Four Wind's Farm Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1887
Four Women in the Case: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1896
Foxglove Manor: A Novel Buchanan, Robert Williams 1884
Fragoletta: A Novel Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1881
Framilode Hall: or, Before Honour is Humility Marshall, Emma 1879
Framleigh Hall: A Novel Wedgwood, Julia 1858
Framley Parsonage Trollope, Anthony 1861
Frances Collins, Edward James Mortimer 1874
Frances Kane's Fortune Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1890
Frances Leslie: or, The Prayer Divinely Tau... Bickersteth, Emily 1867
Frances Waldeaux: A Novel Davis, Rebecca Harding 1897
Francesca Carrara Landon, Laetitia Elizabeth 1834
Francesca's Love: A Novel Pulleyne, Mrs. E. 1868
Francis and Frances: or, An Unexplainable P... Anonymous, 1889
François the Valet Appleton, George Webb 1899
Frank Allerton: An Autobiography Mongredien, Augustus 1878

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