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Title Author Year
A Noble Life Craik, Dinah Marie 1866
A Noble Name: with other stories by W.W. Fenn Fenn, William Wilthew 1883
A Noble Purpose Nobly Won: An Old Old Story Manning, Anne 1862
A Noble Queen: A Romance of Indian History Taylor, Philip Meadows 1878
A Noble Wife: A Novel Saunders, John 1883
A North-Country Comedy Betham-Edwards, Matilda Bar... 1892
A North-Country Maid Cameron, Caroline Emily 1884
A Northern Lily: Five Years of an Uneventfu... Harrison, Joanna 1886
A Novel with Two Heroes Graeme, Elliott 1872
A Page from the Peerage Atkins, Anna 1863
A Pair of Blue Eyes: A Novel Hardy, Thomas 1873
A Pair of Cousins Bramston, Mary Eliza 1890
A Pair of Old Shoes Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1892
A Pair of Originals: A Story Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1892
A Pair of Pickles Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1892
A Palace of Crystal: An Idyllic Story Davis, Ellis James 1877
A Paladin of Finance: Contemporary Manners Jenkins, John Edward 1882
A Parisian Sultana Belot, Adolphe 1879
A Partner from the West Paterson, Arthur 1892
A Passage Through Bohemia Warden, Florence 1893
A Passing Fancy Cameron, Caroline Emily 1899
A Passing Madness Marryat, Florence 1897
A Passion Flower Jack, Agnes Jane 1882
A Passion in Tatters Thomas, Annie 1872
A Passionate Pilgrim White, Percy 1897
A Pastoral Played Out Pendered, Mary Lucy 1895
A Pauper Millionaire Fryers, Austin 1899
A Peakland Faggot: Tales Told of Milton Folk Gilchrist, Robert Murray 1897
A Peal of Merry Bells Lewis, Leopold David 1880
A Peep at the Pixies: or, Legends of the West Bray, Anna Eliza 1854
A Peeress of 1882, and Other Stories Fraser, Mrs. Alexander 1883
A Peerless Wife Mackarness, Matilda Anne 1871
A Pennyworth of Kindness Allen, Phoebe Anne 1900
A Perfect Fool Warden, Florence 1894
A Perilous Secret Reade, Charles 1885
A Phantom Lover: A Fantastic Story Lee, Vernon 1886
A Philanthropist at Large Appleton, George Webb 1896
A Phyllis of the Sierras and A Drift from R... Harte, Bret 1888
A Physician's Tale Milford, Heberden 1854
A Pilgrimage over the Prairies Ruysdale, Philip 1863
A Pinch of Experience Walford, L. B. 1891
A Pinchbeck Goddess Kipling, Beatrice 1897
A Pink of Perfection Marshall, Emma 1900
A Pink Wedding: A Novel Jephson, Richard Mounteney 1880
A Pirate of the Caribees Lancaster, William Joseph C... 1898
A Pirate's Gold: A True Story of Buried Tre... Stables, William Gordon 1899
A Plaster Saint Edwards, Annie 1899
A Playwright's Daughter Edwards, Annie 1886
A Pliable Marriage Pickering, Anna Maria 1895
A Plunge into Space Cromie, Robert 1890
A Plunge into Troubled Waters: or, Scenes o... Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1888
A Poet Hero Bothmer, Mary von 1870
A Point of Conscience Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1896
A Point of Honour Edwards, Annie 1863
A Point of View Fothergill, Caroline Janet 1898
A Polish Conspiracy: or, A Wandering Star Du Tertre, Fanny 1893
A Poor Gentleman Oliphant, Margaret 1889
A Poor Player: A Story of Kent Digges, West 1888
A Poor Squire Parr, Harriet 1882
A Poppy's Tears Caffyn, Stephen Mannington 1890
A Popular Girl: A Tale of School Life in Ge... Baldwin, May 1901
A Precious Scamp Cresswell, Henry 1894
A Pretty Radical and Other Stories Wotton, Mabel E. 1890
A Prick of Conscience Marshall, Frances L. 1900
A Prince of Darkness Warden, Florence 1885
A Prince of Good Fellows Barr, Robert 1902
A Prince of Mischance: A Novel Gallon, Tom 1897
A Prince of Swindlers Boothby, Guy 1900
A Prince of the Blood: A Novel Payn, James 1887
A Princess of Jutedom Gibbon, Charles 1886
A Princess of the Gutter Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1895
A Princess of Thule Black, William 1873
A Prison Princess: A Romance of Millbank Pe... Griffiths, Major Arthur 1893
A Proctor's Wooing Marshall, Frances L. 1897
A Prodigal Son Cook, Edward Dutton 1863
A Prodigal's Progress Barrett, Frank 1882
A Prodigy: A Tale of Music Chorley, Henry Fothergill 1866
A Professional Beauty Fraser, Mrs. Alexander 1882
A Professional Secret, and Other Tales Fenn, William Wilthew 1888
A Professor of Alchemy (Denis Zachaire) Ross, Percy 1887
A Protégée of Jack Hamlin's Harte, Bret 1894
A Puritan's Wife Pemberton, Max 1896
A Puzzling Pair Le Feuvre, Amy 1898
A Quaker Grandmother Caffyn, Kathleen Mannington 1896
A Queen among Girls Adams, Ellinor Davenport 1900
A Queen of Curds and Cream Gerard, Dorothea 1892
A Queer Race: The Story of a Strange People Westall, William Bury 1887
A Queer Showman and Other Stories Greenwood, James 1885
A Question of Degree Fothergill, Caroline Janet 1896
A Question of Faith Dougall, Lily 1895
A Question of Honour: A Novel Monkhouse, William Cosmo 1868
A Question of Instinct: An Analytical Study Roberts, Morley 1895
A Question of Penmanship: Stories Walford, L. B. 1893
A Question of Time Atherton, Gertrude 1892
A Race for a Wife Smart, Hawley 1872
A Race for Life Whishaw, Fred 1898
A Race with the Sun Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1901
A Racecourse Tragedy Gould, Nat 1901
A Racing Rubber Smart, Hawley 1895
A Railway Foundling: A Novel Smith, Adèle Crafton 1890

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