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This is a complete list of every publisher of new fiction titles between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland. Click on a publisher name to find lists of their published titles.

John Adam
Adams and Francis
W. H. Addison
Aldine Publishing Co.
W. Allan and Co.
E. W. Allen
George Allen
W. H. Allen
J. W. Allingham
Edward Allman
Thomas Allman
Andrews and Co.
William Andrews and Co.
E. Appleyard
Edward Arnold
F. Enos Arnold
Art and Book Co.
Ash Partners
Albert J. Attwood
Author's Alliance
Authors Co-operative Publishing Co.
Authors' Syndicate
Aylott and Co.
Aylott and Jones
A. H. Baily and Co.
Baily Brothers
F. W. J. Baker
Baldwin and Cradock
Ball and Co.
Robert Banks and Son
Frderick Barnard
S. B. Barrett
William Barth
W. Bartholomew
Beadle and Company
Beare and Son
J. J. Beecroft
Neville Beeman
William Beeman
S. O. Beeton
Bell and Bradfute
Bell and Daldy
George Bell
George Bell and Sons
Bellairs and Co.
Bemrose and Sons
A. W. Bennett
John Bennett
William Bennett
George Berger
Bible Christian Book-Room
Bickers and Bush
Biggs and Co.
Biggs & Dibenham
Binns and Goodwin
A. and C. Black
Black & White Publishing Co.
Spencer Blackett
B. H. Blackwell
James Blackwood
Blayney & Fryer
Bliss, Sands, and Foster
David Bogue
Henry G. Bohn
Book Society
Booker and Co.
Booker and Dolman
T. and W. Boone
L. Booth
Joseph Boulton
S. H. Bousfield & Co.
James Bowden
Bradbury, Agnew and Co.
Bradbury and Evans
Bradley and Co.
J. Bray
Edwin J. Brett
British and Colonial Publishing Co.
British Workman
Brook and Chrystal
Cecil Brooks
W. H. Broom
Brotherhood Publishing Co.
J. and C. Brown
Bruce and Wyld
David Bryce & Son
David Bryce
Robert Buchanan
Edward Bull
Bull, Simmons, and Co.
R. Bulman
Edward Bumpus
John Bumpus
Thomas Burleigh
Burns and Oates
James Burns
Robert John Bush
W. Caffyn
Cameron and Ferguson
D. N. Carvalho
W. and F. G. Cash
Catholic Truth Society
George Cauldwell
W. & R. Chambers
Chapman and Hall
John Chapman
Charing Cross Publishing Co.
F. Charles and Co.
Charpentier & Co.
Chatto and Windus
Christian Book Society
Christian World Office
Church Monthly Office
Church of England Temperance Society
Church Press Company
Edward Churton
City of London Publishing Co.
The Clarion Newspaper Co. Ltd.
W. M. Clark
Clarke, Beeton, & Co.
C. H. Clarke
H. G. Clarke & Co.
James Clarke
R. Yorke Clarke
W. J. Cleaver
William Clowes
James Cochrane
Gustavus Cohn and Co.
Henry Colburn
Collins and Ponsford
William Collins
Archibald Constable
Thomas Constable
H. J. Cook
Nathaniel Cooke
J. Cording
W. Cornish
The Cotton Press
Courant Office
Henry Cox
Horace Cox
Andrew Crombie
Robert Culley
Joseph Cundall
R. Cunnack
Cunningham and Mortimer
Hugh Cunningham
William Curry
Daily Journal Office
Daldy, Isbister
John Dale
W. H. Dalton
Dalziel Bros.
J. and D. A. Darling
Darton and Clark
Darton and Co.
Darton and Harvey
Darton and Hodge
William Darton and Son
Charles William Deacon
Dean and Son
E. T. W. Dennis
J. M. Dent
John Dicks
Digby, Long
E. Dipple
Bertram Dobell
D. Dodson
Charles Dolman
Bernard Douglas
David Douglas
H. J. Drane
George Drought
Duckworth and Co.
James Duffy
Dunn and Wright
Edmund Durrant and Co.
John Ebers
Edinburgh Publishing Company
Edmonston and Douglas
William Edwards
Edward Eginton
Eli Charles Eginton
Eglington and Co.
The Electrician Printing & Publishing Co.
William Elgin and Son
W. H. Elkins
Andrew Elliot
Rowland A. Elliott
E. J. Ellis
Ellissen and Co.
William Emans
R. A. Everett and Co.
Eyre and Spottiswoode
Emily Faithfull
W. Farmer
Frederick Farrah
Favourite Publishing Co.
Field and Tuer
The Field Office
Kanes James Ford, Jr.
Robert Forder
W. Foulsham
Charles Fox
Fraser and Co.
James Fraser
William Freeman
S. T. Freemantle
Samuel French
Henry Frowde
J. P. Fuller
Fun Office
Fund for... Catholic Children
J. Gadsby
Gale & Polden
Gall & Inglis
Alexander Gardner
Wells Gardner, Darton
William Wells Gardner
F. W. Garnham
Gay and Bird
P. Geddes and Co.
J. Gemmell
General Publishing Company
Benjamin George
Gibbings & Co.
H.J. Gibbs
M. H. Gill and Sons
L. Upcott Gill
The Girl's Own Paper Office
G. J. Glaisher
Glen and Hall
George Goody
Governesses' Benevolent Institution
Grant and Griffith
R. Grant and Son
Thomas Grant
Grattan and Gilbert
Thomas Gray and Co.
Benjamin L. Green
John Green
Greenberg and Co.
W. W. Greener
Greening and Co.
John Greig and Son
Charles Griffin
P. Griffin
Richard Griffin and Co.
Griffith and Farran
Charles Griffith
E. Griffiths
Francis Griffiths
T. Gunn
Arthur Hall
J. Hall and Sons
Warren Hall
Hansom Cab Publishing Co.
Harper and Bros.
E. Harris and Sons
Harrison and Son
E. Harrison
T. Harrison
Harvey and Darton
Charles Haselden
R. Hastings
Haughton and Co.
J. T. Hayes
Hayward and Adam
James Hayward and Co.
Headley Brothers
William Heinemann
George Henderson
James Henderson
George Herbert
Hextall and Wall
F. Hextall
Abel Heywood
John Heywood
Alexander Hilsop
T. Hinton
R. Hirschfeld
Hislop and Company
George Hoby
Hodder and Stoughton
Hodder Brothers
Hodges and Smith
Hodges, Figgis and Co.
John Hodges
Thomas Hodgson
J. S. Hodson
James Hogg
Alfred Holness
Home Words Publishing Office
Thomas Hookham
J. C. Hotten
Houghton & Co.
Houlston and Co.
Houlston and Wright
Jeremiah How
A. E. Hubsch
Joseph Hughes
Hunt & Co.
F. Bordon Hunt
J. Hunter
Hurst and Blackett
Henry Hurst
Thomas Hurst
George W. Hyde
Iliffe and Son
Ingram, Cooke, and Co.
A. D. Innes
A. Ireland and Co.
William Isbister
John Henry Jackson
Jackson, Walford and Hodder
Marshall Japp and Co.
Jarrold and Son
R. B. Johnson
W. S. Johnson
Johnstone, Hunter, and Co.
John Johnstone
Judd and Glass
Judy Office
W. Kay
Thomas H. Keble
Kelly and Co.
Charles H. Kelly
W. B. Kelly
John Kempster and Co.
W. P. Kennedy
Kent and Richards
W. Kent and Co.
Kerby and Endean
Kerby and Son
Henry S. King
F. Bowyer Kitto
James B. Knapp
Knight and Son
Charles Knight
W. Knowles
Henry Edward Knox
Lamley and Co.
John Lane
Thomas Laurie
Lawrence and Bullen
Henry Lea
Leadenhall Press
P. Legg
Leisure Hour Office
W. C. Leng and Company
H. K. Lewis
Literary Production Committee
Literary Publishing Society
Edward Lloyd
Lockwood and Co.
Crosby Lockwood
London Literary Society
John Long
William E. Long
F. E. Longley
Lovejoy's Library
Lover and Groombridge
Frederick Lover
Sampson Low
J. M'Kelvie and Sons
William Macintosh
E. Mackenzie
Maclaren & Macniven
John Maclaren
John Macqueen
John Macrone
E. Marlborough
John S. Marr and Sons
A. P. Marsden
William Marsh
Horace Marshall and Son
Marshall, Russell & Co.
J. Mason
Joseph Masters
Elkin Mathews
John Maxwell
M'Caw, Stevenson and Orr, Limited
McClure and Co.
James McGlashan
Thomas McLean
Andrew Melrose
John Menzies and Co.
James M'Geachy
Miller and Field
Samuel Miller
Thomas Miller
Mills and Son
John Milne
Milner and Sowerby
H. F. Mitchell
John Mitchell
The Modern Press
Moffat and Co.
Monthly Tract Society
W.H. Moor and Co.
Moran and Co.
Morgan and Chase
Morgan and Hebron
Morgan and Scott
John Morgan
Robert Morrow
John Mortimer
E. B. Mortlock
A. R. Mowbray
Mowbray and Co.
Mozley and Co.
Henry Mozley and Sons
W. R. M'Phun
William Mullan & Son
John Mullany
A. Murray
Murray and Co.
Archibald K. Murray and Co.
Frank Murray
John Murray
Thomas Murray and Son
National Society's Depository
National Temperance Publication Depôt
F. Tennyson Neely
Nelson and Sons
J. R. Netherton
New Century Press
T. C. Newby
A. K. Newman
Newman and Co.
George Newnes
Newsagents' Publishing Co.
W. Nicholson & Sons
John C. Nimmo
W. P. Nimmo
James Nisbet
Ernest Nister
William North
David Nutt
Office of Black and White
Office of Pierce Egan
Office of Texas Siftings
Office of The Boys of England
Office of The Illustrated London News
Office of the National Illustrated Library
The Office
William Oliphant and Co.
William Oliphant and Son
Charles Ollier
S. L. Ollif
John Ollivier
William S. Orr
Osgood, McIlvaine
Page, Pratt & Turner
W. E. Painter
Palmer and Howe
G. J. Palmer
J. H. and J. Parker
John W. Parker
Parker, Son, and Bourn
Parlor Journal Office
Partridge and Oakey
Passmore and Alabaster
William Paterson
Paton and Ritchie
Kegan Paul
C. Arthur Pearson
George Peirce
William Penny
Percival & Co.
Henry Perris
G. Philip
John Philp
William Pickering
George Pierce
Piper, Stephenson, and Spence
William and Thomas Piper
J. Pollard
William Poole
J. S. Pratt
Punch Office
G. P. Putnam's Sons
Railway and General Automatic Library
George Redway
Reeves and Turner
William Reeves
Relfe and Fletcher
Religious Book Society
R. T. S.
Reynolds and Son
Richards and Co.
Grant Richards
John Richardson
Thomas Richardson and Son
Joseph Rickerby
James Ridgeway
Stanley Rivers
John robertson
William Robertson
Roper & Drowley
James Routledge
The Roxburghe Press
Royal Exchange Office
T. de la Rue and Co.
W. R. Russell and Co.
St. James' Gazette Office
St. James's Magazine Office
Sampson Brothers
I. Sampson
John Sampson
W. Sams
W. Satchell and Co.
Saunders and Otley
John Saunders
W. Saunders
Walter Scott
Scottish Temperance League
Sealy and Co.
Service and Paton
J. F. Shaw
Shephert and Elliot
Sherwood and Co.
Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper
T. and G. Shrimpton
Edgar S. Shrubsole
S. W. Silver
Simmons and Co.
Simms and M'Intyre
C. J. Skeet
Skeffington and Southwell
John Slark
Henry Slater
Edward Smallwood
A. Smith
John Russell Smith
W. H. Smith and Son
Walter Smith
Smith, Elder
Leonard Smithers
Smiths, Suitall
John Snow
S. P. C. K.
H. W. Southey
J. W. Southgate
James Speirs
Walter Spiers
Robert S. Stacy
Edward Stanford
William Stevens
G. J. Stevenson
Thomas Stevenson
D. Stewart
Elliot Stock
G. Stoneman
David Stott
Alexander Strahan
W. Strange
Sullivan Brothers
Sunday School Institute
Sunday School Union
Sunrise Publishing Co.
Sutherland and Knox
John Sutherland
Suttaby and Co.
Sutton, Drowley & Co.
Swan Sonnenschein
Syndicate of Authors
William Tait
John Tallis
R. E. Taylor and Son
The Technical Publishing Co.
Thomas Tegg
William Tegg
"Temperance Companion" Publishing Company
W. Thacker and Co.
Thickbroom Brothers
Joseph Thomas
J. H. Thomson
Thurgate and Sons
Charles J. Thynne
Charles Tilt
Richard Moore Tims
Tinsley Brothers
Samuel Tinsley
Tit-Bits Offices
Tower Publishing Co.
Town and Country Publishing Co.
Anthony Treherne
Henry James Tresidder
Truslove and Shirley
Tubbs and Brook
Raphael Tuck and Sons
Charlton Tucker
William Tweedie
Robert Tyas
Tylston and Edwards
Tyne Publishing Company
Unicorn Press
University Press
T. Fisher Unwin
John Van Voorst
Vanity Fair Office
A. Vickers
George Vickers
Vinton and Co.
Virtue, Hall, and Virtue
James Wakeham
John Thomas Walters
Ward and Downey
Ward, Lock
Marcus Ward
Frederick Warne
H. Washbourne
R. Washbourne
J. Watson
A. P. Watt and Son
Watts & Co.
James Weir
Wells, Gardner, Darton
Wertheim and Macintosh
Wesleyan Conference Office
Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School Union
Charles Westerton
F. C. Westley
Whibley and Co.
J. Whitaker
F. V. White
Thomas White
Whitfield, Green and Son
Whiting and Co.
W. B. Whittingham
William Whyte and Co.
Wiley and Putnam
Williams and Norgate
John Williams
Willoughby and Co.
Wilson and McCormick
Wilson and Milne
Clement Wilson
Effingham Wilson
John Wilson
Women's Printing Society
Charles W. Wood
Joseph Woodhead
T. Woolmer
W. N. Wright
Wyman and Sons
William Yapp

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