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Adams and FrancisAddeyW. H. Addison
Aldine Publishing Co.W. Allan and Co.E. W. Allen
George AllenW. H. AllenJ. W. Allingham
Edward AllmanThomas AllmanAndrews and Co.
E. AppleyardEdward ArnoldF. Enos Arnold
ArrowsmithArt and Book Co.Ash Partners
AsherAlbert J. AttwoodAuthor's Alliance
Authors Co-operative Publishing Co.Authors' SyndicateAylott and Co.
Aylott and JonesA. H. Baily and Co.Baily Brothers
F. W. J. BakerBaldwin and CradockBall and Co.
Robert Banks and SonS. B. BarrettWilliam Barth
W. BartholomewBeadle and CompanyJ. J. Beecroft
Neville BeemanWilliam BeemanS. O. Beeton
Bell and BradfuteBell and DaldyGeorge Bell
George Bell and SonsBellairs and Co.Bemrose and Sons
A. W. BennettJohn BennettWilliam Bennett
BentleyGeorge BergerBevington
Bible Christian Book-RoomBickersBickers and Bush
Biggs and Co.Biggs & DibenhamBinns and Goodwin
A. and C. BlackBlack & White Publishing Co.Spencer Blackett
BlackieB. H. BlackwellJames Blackwood
BlackwoodBlayney & FryerBliss, Sands, and Foster
David BogueHenry G. BohnBook Society
Booker and Co.Booker and DolmanT. and W. Boone
L. BoothBosworthJoseph Boulton
S. H. Bousfield & Co.James BowdenBradbury, Agnew and Co.
Bradbury and EvansBradley and Co.J. Bray
Edwin J. BrettBritish WorkmanBrook and Chrystal
Cecil BrooksW. H. BroomBrotherhood Publishing Co.
J. and C. BrownBruce and WyldDavid Bryce & Son
David BryceRobert BuchananEdward Bull
Bull, Simmons, and Co.Edward BumpusJohn Bumpus
Thomas BurleighBurns and OatesJames Burns
Robert John BushButterworthCadell
W. CaffynCameron and FergusonCash
W. and F. G. CashCassellCatholic Truth Society
George CauldwellW. & R. ChambersChapman and Hall
John ChapmanCharing Cross Publishing Co.Charpentier & Co.
Chatto and WindusChristian Book SocietyChurch Monthly Office
Church of England Temperance SocietyEdward ChurtonCity of London Publishing Co.
The Clarion Newspaper Co. Ltd.W. M. ClarkClarke, Beeton, & Co.
C. H. ClarkeH. G. Clarke & Co.James Clarke
R. Yorke ClarkeW. J. CleaverWilliam Clowes
James CochraneHenry ColburnCollins and Ponsford
William CollinsArchibald ConstableThomas Constable
H. J. CookNathaniel CookeJ. Cording
W. CornishThe Cotton PressCourant Office
Henry CoxHorace CoxAndrew Crombie
Robert CulleyJoseph CundallR. Cunnack
Cunningham and MortimerHugh CunninghamWilliam Curry
Daily Journal OfficeDaldy, IsbisterJohn Dale
W. H. DaltonDalziel Bros.J. and D. A. Darling
Darton and ClarkDarton and Co.Darton and Harvey
Darton and HodgeWilliam Darton and SonDay
Charles William DeaconDean and SonDeightons
E. T. W. DennisJ. M. DentJohn Dicks
Digby, LongDiposeE. Dipple
Bertram DobellD. DodsonCharles Dolman
Bernard DouglasDavid DouglasDowney
H. J. DraneGeorge DroughtDuckworth and Co.
James DuffyEdmund Durrant and Co.John Ebers
EdenEdinburgh Publishing CompanyEdmonston and Douglas
William EdwardsEli Charles EgintonEglington and Co.
The Electrician Printing & Publishing Co.William Elgin and SonW. H. Elkins
ElliotAndrew ElliotRowland A. Elliott
E. J. EllisEllisEllissen and Co.
William EmansEvelynsR. A. Everett and Co.
Eyre and SpottiswoodeEmily FaithfullW. Farmer
Frederick FarrahFavourite Publishing Co.Field and Tuer
The Field OfficeFisherRobert Forder
W. FoulshamCharles FoxFraser and Co.
James FraserWilliam FreemanS. T. Freemantle
Samuel FrenchHenry FrowdeJ. P. Fuller
Fun OfficeFund for... Catholic ChildrenJ. Gadsby
Gale & PoldenGall & InglisAlexander Gardner
Wells Gardner, DartonWilliam Wells GardnerF. W. Garnham
Gay and BirdP. Geddes and Co.J. Gemmell
Gibbings & Co.H.J. GibbsM. H. Gill and Sons
L. Upcott GillThe Girl's Own Paper OfficeG. J. Glaisher
Glen and HallGeorge GoodyGovernesses' Benevolent Institution
GrantGrant and GriffithR. Grant and Son
Thomas GrantGrattan and GilbertThomas Gray and Co.
Benjamin L. GreenJohn GreenGreenberg and Co.
W. W. GreenerGreening and Co.Charles Griffin
P. GriffinGriffith and FarranE. Griffiths
Francis GriffithsGroombridgeT. Gunn
Arthur HallJ. Hall and SonsWarren Hall
HamiltonHansom Cab Publishing Co.Hardwicke
Harper and Bros.E. Harris and SonsHarrison
Harrison and SonE. HarrisonT. Harrison
Harvey and DartonR. HastingsHatchard
J. T. HayesHayward and AdamJames Hayward and Co.
Headley BrothersWilliam HeinemannGeorge Henderson
James HendersonHenryGeorge Herbert
F. HextallAbel HeywoodJohn Heywood
T. HintonR. HirschfeldHislop and Company
George HobyHodder and StoughtonHodges and Smith
Hodges, Figgis and Co.John HodgesThomas Hodgson
J. S. HodsonJames HoggHoldsworth
Home Words Publishing OfficeThomas HookhamHope
J. C. HottenHoughton & Co.Houlston and Co.
Houlston and WrightJeremiah HowA. E. Hubsch
Joseph HughesHunt & Co.F. Bordon Hunt
Hurst and BlackettHenry HurstThomas Hurst
HutchinsonGeorge W. HydeIliffe and Son
IngramIngram, Cooke, and Co.A. D. Innes
A. Ireland and Co.William IsbisterJohn Henry Jackson
Jackson, Walford and HodderMarshall Japp and Co.Jarrold and Son
R. B. JohnsonW. S. JohnsonJohnstone, Hunter, and Co.
John JohnstoneJudd and GlassJudy Office
W. KayKelly and Co.Charles H. Kelly
W. B. KellyJohn Kempster and Co.W. P. Kennedy
Kent and RichardsW. Kent and Co.Kerby and Endean
Kerby and SonHenry S. KingJames B. Knapp
Knight and SonCharles KnightHenry Edward Knox
LambertLamley and Co.John Lane
Thomas LaurieLawrence and BullenHenry Lea
Leadenhall PressLeisure Hour OfficeH. K. Lewis
Literary Publishing SocietyEdward LloydLockwood and Co.
Crosby LockwoodLondon Literary SocietyJohn Long
William E. LongF. E. LongleyLongman
Lovejoy's LibraryLover and GroombridgeFrederick Lover
Sampson LowJ. M'Kelvie and SonsWilliam Macintosh
E. MackenzieMaclaren & MacnivenMacmillan
John MacqueenMacraeJohn Macrone
MaddenManwaringE. Marlborough
John S. Marr and SonsA. P. MarsdenWilliam Marsh
Horace Marshall and SonMarshall, Russell & Co.J. Mason
Joseph MastersElkin MathewsJohn Maxwell
M'Caw, Stevenson and Orr, LimitedMcClure and Co.James McGlashan
Thomas McLeanAndrew MelroseJohn Menzies and Co.
MethuenMiller and FieldSamuel Miller
Thomas MillerMills and SonJohn Milne
Milner and SowerbyH. F. MitchellJohn Mitchell
The Modern PressMoffat and Co.W.H. Moor and Co.
Moran and Co.Morgan and ChaseMorgan and Hebron
John MorganJohn MortimerE. B. Mortlock
A. R. MowbrayMowbray and Co.Moxon
Mozley and Co.Henry Mozley and SonsW. R. M'Phun
William Mullan & SonJohn MullanyA. Murray
Frank MurrayJohn MurrayThomas Murray and Son
National Society's DepositoryNational Temperance Publication DepôtF. Tennyson Neely
Nelson and SonsJ. R. NethertonNew Century Press
T. C. NewbyA. K. NewmanNewman and Co.
George NewnesNewsagents' Publishing Co.W. Nicholson & Sons
John C. NimmoW. P. NimmoJames Nisbet
Ernest NisterWilliam NorthDavid Nutt
Office of Black and WhiteOffice of Texas SiftingsOffice of The Boys of England
Office of The Illustrated London NewsOffice of the National Illustrated LibraryThe Office
OliphantWilliam Oliphant and Co.William Oliphant and Son
Charles OllierS. L. OllifJohn Ollivier
William S. OrrOsgood, McIlvainePage, Pratt & Turner
W. E. PainterG. J. PalmerJ. H. and J. Parker
John W. ParkerParker, Son, and BournParlor Journal Office
ParryPartridgePartridge and Oakey
Passmore and AlabasterWilliam PatersonPaton and Ritchie
Kegan PaulC. Arthur PearsonGeorge Peirce
William PennyPercival & Co.Henry Perris
PhilipG. PhilipJohn Philp
William PickeringGeorge PiercePiper, Stephenson, and Spence
William and Thomas PiperPitmanJ. Pollard
J. S. PrattProvostPunch Office
G. P. Putnam's SonsRailway and General Automatic LibraryGeorge Redway
Reeves and TurnerWilliam ReevesRelfe and Fletcher
R. T. S.RemingtonReynolds and Son
Richards and Co.Grant RichardsJohn Richardson
Thomas Richardson and SonJoseph RickerbyJames Ridgeway
Stanley RiversRivingtonJohn robertson
Roper & DrowleyRoutledgeJames Routledge
RoworthThe Roxburghe PressRoyal Exchange Office
T. de la Rue and Co.W. R. Russell and Co.St. James' Gazette Office
St. James's Magazine OfficeSampson BrothersI. Sampson
John SampsonW. SamsSands
W. Satchell and Co.Saunders and OtleyJohn Saunders
W. SaundersWalter ScottScottish Temperance League
Sealy and Co.SeeleyService and Paton
SharpeJ. F. ShawShephert and Elliot
Sherwood and Co.Sherwood, Gilbert and PiperShoberl
T. and G. ShrimptonEdgar S. ShrubsoleS. W. Silver
Simmons and Co.Simms and M'IntyreSimpkin
C. J. SkeetSkeffington and SouthwellSkeffington
John SlarkHenry SlaterSmallfield
Edward SmallwoodA. SmithJohn Russell Smith
W. H. Smith and SonWalter SmithSmith, Elder
Leonard SmithersSmiths, SuitallJohn Snow
S. P. C. K.H. W. SoutheyJ. W. Southgate
SpenceWalter SpiersRobert S. Stacy
Edward StanfordWilliam StevensThomas Stevenson
Elliot StockStockwellG. Stoneman
D. StottAlexander StrahanW. Strange
Sullivan BrothersSunday School InstituteSunday School Union
Sunrise Publishing Co.Sutherland and KnoxJohn Sutherland
Suttaby and Co.Sutton, Drowley & Co.Swan Sonnenschein
Syndicate of AuthorsWilliam TaitJohn Tallis
R. E. Taylor and SonThe Technical Publishing Co.Thomas Tegg
William Tegg"Temperance Companion" Publishing CompanyThacker
Thickbroom BrothersJoseph ThomasJ. H. Thomson
Thurgate and SonsCharles J. ThynneCharles Tilt
Richard Moore TimsTinsley BrothersSamuel Tinsley
Tit-Bits OfficesTower Publishing Co.Town and Country Publishing Co.
Anthony TreherneHenry James TresidderTrischler
TrübnerTruslove and ShirleyTubbs and Brook
Raphael Tuck and SonsTuckerWilliam Tweedie
Robert TyasTylston and EdwardsTyne Publishing Company
Unicorn PressUniversity PressT. Fisher Unwin
John Van VoorstVanity Fair OfficeA. Vickers
George VickersVinton and Co.Virtue
Virtue, Hall, and VirtueVizetellyJames Wakeham
E. WallenJohn Thomas WaltersWard and Downey
Ward, LockMarcus WardFrederick Warne
H. WashbourneR. WashbourneJ. Watson
A. P. Watt and SonWatts & Co.James Weir
Wells, Gardner, DartonWertheim and MacintoshWesleyan Conference Office
Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School UnionCharles WestertonF. C. Westley
Whibley and Co.J. WhitakerF. V. White
Thomas WhiteWhitfield, Green and SonWhiting and Co.
WhittakerW. B. WhittinghamWilliam Whyte and Co.
WightmanWiley and PutnamWilliams and Norgate
John WilliamsWilloughby and Co.Wilson and McCormick
Wilson and MilneClement WilsonEffingham Wilson
John WilsonWomen's Printing SocietyCharles W. Wood
Joseph WoodheadT. WoolmerW. N. Wright
Wyman and Sons[None]