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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
Christmas at Annestey: or, How the Grahams Spent their Holidays Mary Elizabeth Shipley 1875
Christmas at Sunberry Dale: A Story for the Young W. B. B. 1870
Christmas at the Cross Keys: A Tale Charlotte Anne Smith 1863
A Christmas Cake in Four Quarters Lady Barker 1871
A Christmas Carol in Prose: Being a Ghost Story of Christmas Charles Dickens 1843
A Christmas Child: A Sketch of Boy Life Mary Louisa Molesworth 1880
Christmas Eve: or, The Sympathies of Life Mrs. Henry F. Brock 1859
"Christmas Eve"" with the Spirits": or, The Canon's Wanderings throu... Anonymous 1870
A Christmas Hamper Mark Lemon 1860
Christmas Holidays: or, A New Way of Spending Them Jane Margaret Strickland 1864
Christmas Morning: or, The Little Ink Cask Christian Gottlob Barth 1851
A Christmas Posy Mary Louisa Molesworth 1888
The Christmas Story-Teller: A Medley for the Festive Season of Turke... Anonymous 1877
The Christmas Tree and Other Stories Hans Christian Andersen 1875
Christmas-Day at the Beacon Ellen Palmer 1870
Christmas-tree Land Mary Louisa Molesworth 1884
The Chronicles of an Old Manor House: In Three Parts George Eliel Sargent 1866
The Chronicles of Clovernook: With Some Account of the Hermit of Bel... Douglas William Jerrold 1846
Chrysal: or, A Story with an End Frances Freeling Broderip 1861
Chrystal Joyce: The Story of a Golden Life Isabella Mayo 1899
A Chum Worth Having: The Story of Hector's Friends Florence Coombe 1897
The Church in the Valley: A Tale Elizabeth Harcourt Mitchell 1886
Cicely Brown's Trials: How She Got into Them, How She Got out of The... Sophie Amelia Prosser 1871
Cicely Frome, the Captain's Daughter Bessie Marchant 1900
Cissy's Troubles Francesca Maria Steele 1883
The City of Gold: A Tale of Sport, Travel and Adventure in the Heart... Edward Markwick 1896
The City of Nocross and its Famous Physician Charlotte Maria Tucker 1873
City Sparrows, and Who Fed Them Ruth Lynn 1873
A City Violet M. E. Winchester 1885
A City without Walls: Stanley Morden's Conflicts and Victory Anonymous 1873
Claimed at Last Emilie Searchfield 1888
Clair: or, A Hundred Years Ago Tryphena Margaret Browne 1896
Clara Avery: A Story of the Spanish Armada Emily Sarah Holt 1876
Clara Eversham: or, The Life of a School Girl. A Narrative founded u... Harriet D'Oyley Howe 1851
Clara Stanley: or, A Summer among the Hills BTAO "Aunt Edith" 1853
Clara Woodward, and Her Day-Dreams Anonymous 1858
Clare: A Narrative in One Volume Lizzie Alldridge 1878
Clare Linton's Friend Elizabeth Anna Hart 1900
Clare Savile: or, Sixty Years Ago Julia Luard 1870
Clarence Bret Harte 1895
Clarie's Little Charge M. L. C. 1871
Clarissa: or, The Mervyn Inheritance. A Book for Young Ladies Anne Bowman 1863
Clary's Confirmation: A Tale for Very Poor Girls Frances E. Reade 1877
Claude and Claudia: A Tale Mary Emma Martin 1890
Claude Duval, the Dashing Highwayman: A Tale of the Road James Malcolm Rymer 1850
Claude the Colporteur Anne Manning 1854
Claudius Mrs. R. Knight Causton 1879
Claudius Bombarnac Jules Verne 1894
The Claverings Anthony Trollope 1867
Clear Shining after Rain: A Guernsey Story Frances Elizabeth G. Carey Brock 1871
Cleared for Action: A Story of the Spanish-American War Willis Boyd Allen 1901
Clement Lorimer: or, The Book with the Iron Clasps. A Romance Angus Bethune Reach 1849
Clement's Trial and Victory: or, Sowing and Reaping Mary E. Gillie 1875
Cleopatra: Being an Account of the Fall and Vengeance of Harmachis, ... H. Rider Haggard 1889
The Clerical Cracksman: A Tale for the Burgling Season Frederick Langbridge 1889
Clever Frank: and Other Stories BTAO "Maid Marjory" 1880
The Clever Miss Janey Margaret Scott Haycraft 1892
The Cliff Hut: or, The Perils of a Fisherman's Family BTAO "Hannah Twist" 1866
The Cliff-Climbers: or, The Lone Home in the Himalayas Capt. Mayne Reid 1864
Clifford Castle: A Tale of the English Reformation Margaret Mackay 1867
Clifford's Trial: or, The Conquest of Patience Yotty Osborn 1884
Clifton Grey: or, Love and War: A Tale of the Present Day Pierce Egan 1856
The Cliftons, and their Play-Hours Mrs. Cosslett 1879
Climbing Higher Jessie Fearon Armstrong 1886
Climbing the Hill: A Story for the Household Matilda Anne Mackarness 1868
The Clipper of the Clouds Jules Verne 1887
The Clockmaker of Lyons, and Other Stories E. M. Piper 1860
The Clockmaker of St. Laurent John Erskine Clarke 1867
The Clocks of Rondaine and Other Stories Frank R. Stockton 1892
The Close of St. Christopher's: A Story for Girls Emma Marshall 1894
Clotel: or, The President's Daughter: A Narrative of Slave Life in t... William Wells Brown 1853
The Cloud King: or, Up in the Air, and Down in the Sea William Stephens Hayward 1865
The Cloud with the Silver Lining and Other Stories Matilda Anne Mackarness 1882
Cloudland: or, Winnie Hetherington's Dream S. S. Wynne 1878
Cloudland and Shadowland J. Thackray Bunce 1868
Clovernook: or, Recollections of Our Neighbourhood in the West Alice Carey 1853
Clovis Dardentor Jules Verne 1897
Clutterbuck's Treasure Fred Whishaw 1898
Coals of Fire: A Tale of Indian Life Anonymous 1868
Cobwebs and Cables Hesba Stretton 1881
Cockerill the Conjurer: or, The Brave Boy of Hameln BTAO "Little Harry's Troubles" 1867
Cockney Adventures and Tales of London Life Renton Nicholson 1838
Cola Monti: or, The Story of a Genius Dinah Marie Craik 1849
College Days at Oxford Henry Cadwallader Adams 1880
Colonel Botcherby, M.S.H. Fox Russell 1899
Colonial Born: A Tale of the Queensland Bush G. Firth Scott 1900
The Coming of Cuculain: A Romance of the Heroic Age of Ireland Standish James O'Grady 1894
A Commercial Community: And Other Stories, Reprinted from Peter Parl... Anonymous 1870
A Commercial Community, and Other Stories Anonymous 1875
Commercial Tales and Sketches Anonymous 1864
The Commissioner: or, Dr. Lunatico Inquirendo G. P. R. James 1843
Competitors: or, The Story of a Friendship Mary Ann Seamer 1888
Comrades Henrietta Keddie 1886
Comrades of the Black Cross: A Romance of Love and Crime James Hume Nisbet 1899
Comrades Once, and A Treacherous Calm Thomas Keyworth 1894
Comrades True Ellinor Davenport Adams 1891
Condemned as a Nihilist: A Story of Escape from Siberia George Alfred Henty 1893
The Confessions of an Elderly Gentleman Countess of Blessington 1836
The Confessions of an Elderly Lady Countess of Blessington 1838
The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer Charles James Lever 1839
The Confirmation Class: or, The History of a Year in Three Lives A Clergyman's Wife 1866
The Congo Rover: A Story of the Slave Squadron William Joseph Cosens Lancaster 1886
Coniston Hall: or, The Jacobites. A Historical Tale William Gresley 1846
The Conjurer's Daughter: A Tale John Walter Sherer 1880
The Conquest of the Moon: A Story of the Bayouda André Laurie 1889
Conrade Verner: or, The Hill of Difficulty. A Story for Young Persons Martha Lee 1868
The Conscript: A Tale of the French War of 1813 Émile Erckmann 1865
The Conscript, and Other Tales Anonymous 1880
Constance and Nellie: or, The Lost Will Emma Anne Georgina Davenport 1869
Constancia's Household: A Story of the Spanish Reformation Emma Leslie 1872
A Constant Woman Elizabeth Glaister 1878
The Contented Home: Or, The Wreath of Hop Blossoms Johann Christoph von Schmid 1879
Contes Drolatiques: Droll Stories Collected from the Abbeys of Toura... Honoré de Balzac 1874
Convent Tales: During the Reigns of Henry the Eighth of England, Lou... Ann Adams 1838
Conversations with Cousin Rachel: Part I Anonymous 1844
Conversations with Cousin Rachel: Part II Anonymous 1844
Conversations with Cousin Rachel: Part III Anonymous 1844
Conversations with Cousin Rachel: Part IV Anonymous 1844
The Converts of Kilbann: An Irish Story George Robert Wynne 1869
Convict 99: A True Story of Penal Servitude Marie Connor 1898
Cooper's First Term Thomas Cobb 1899
Copsley Annals: Preserved in Proverbs Emily Steele Elliott 1867
The Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean R. M. Ballantyne 1858
The Coral Island: or, The Hereditary Curse George William MacArth Reynolds 1854
Coralie: or, The Wreck of the Sybille Charles Henry Eden 1877
The Cord of Love Jeanie Selina Dammast 1867
Corner Cottage and its Inmates: or, Trust in God Fanny Osborne 1869
The Cornet of Horse: A Tale of Marlborough's Wars George Alfred Henty 1881
The Cornish Fishermen's Watch-Night, and Other Stories Anonymous 1879
The Corsican Brothers: or, The Fatal Duel Thomas Frost 1852
Cossack and Czar David Ker 1892
The Cost of Revenge: or, Dirty Dick and his Dog Bones; and Other Sto... Anonymous 1880
The Cottage Girl: or, The Marriage-Day Mary E. Bennett 1842
The Cottage on the Shore: or, Little Gwen's Story BTAO "The Cottage on the Shore" 1870
The Cottagers of Glencarran Letitia McClintock 1869
The Cotters of Mossburn Benjamin Brierley 1871
Coulyng Castle: or, A Knight of the Olden Days Agnes Giberne 1875
The Count of Monte-Cristo Alexandre Dumas 1846
The Count of the Saxon Shore: or, The Villa in Vectis. A Tale of the... Alfred John Church 1887
Counterfeit Coin Miriam Ross 1871
Countess Kate Charlotte Mary Yonge 1862
The Countess Margarthe and Her Children: or, Country Life in Russia.... Sarah M. S. Clarke 1872
Countess Maud: or, The Changes of the World. A Tale of the Fourteent... Emily Sarah Holt 1892
The Country: or, Old Michael and Young Maurice George Mogridge 1843
The Country and London: A Tale for Little Boys and Girls Mary Atkinson Maurice 1849
Country Maidens Mary Eliza Bramston 1875
A Country Mouse Mary Emma Martin 1887
Courage and Cowards: A Book for Girls and Boys Selina Gaye 1868
Courage, True Hearts: The Story of Three Boys William Gordon Stables 1899
Court and the Cottage: or, The Two Alices S. L. 1870
The Court and the Kiln: A Story on the Church Catechism S. T. C. 1871
Cousin Aleck: or, Boy-Life Among the Indians Francis Robert Goulding 1871
Cousin Annie: or, Heart and Hand Sarah Schoonmaker Baker 1868
Cousin Bessie: A Story of Youthful Earnestness Clara Lucas Balfour 1863
Cousin Ellen: A Tale Eliza Paget 1838
Cousin Flo Frederick Scarlett Potter 1877
The Cousin from India: A Story for Girls Georgiana Marion Craik 1871
Cousin Kate: or, The Punishment of Pride. A Tale Catherine Grace Godwin 1836
Cousin Phillis and Other Tales Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 1865
Cousin Trix and her Welcome Tales Georgiana Marion Craik 1868
The Cousins: or, Mary Mowbray and Lucy Lovett. A Tale of Early Life Maria Jane Mcintosh 1850
The Cousins and Other Tales Anonymous 1871
Cowmen and Rustlers: A Story of the Wyoming Cattle Range Edward S. Ellis 1898
The Coxswain's Bride: or, The Rising Tide R. M. Ballantyne 1891
Crackers for Christmas: More Stories Edward Hugessen Knatchbull-Hugessen 1870
Crag, Glacier and Avalanche: Narratives of Daring and Disaster Achilles Daunt 1889
The Creole Sisters: or, The Mystery of the Perrys Ann E. Porter 1867
Cressy and Poictiers: or, The Story of the Black Prince's Page John George Edgar 1865
The Crew of the Dolphin Hesba Stretton 1876
The Crew of the "Jolly Sandboy" Julia Hack 1900
The Crew of the Water Wagtail: A Story of Newfoundland R. M. Ballantyne 1889
Crib and Fly: A Tale of Two Terriers Aunt Emma 1876
Cricket: A Tale of Humble Life Silas Kitto Hocking 1885
The Cricket Club: or, Warned Just in Time. A Story for Mothers' Meet... Phoebe Anne Allen 1884
The Cricket on the Hearth: A Fairy Tale of Home Charles Dickens 1846
The Crime and the Criminal Richard Marsh 1897
The Crime of a Christmas Toy: A Detective Story Henry Herman 1895
Crimson Pages: A Story of the Sixteenth Century John Tillotson 1866
The Crimson Sign: A Narrative of the Adventures of Mr. Gervase Orme,... Samuel Robert Keightley 1894
Cripple Jess: The Hop-Picker's Daughter Louise Marston 1882
Cris Fairlie's Boyhood: A Tale of an Old Town Elizabeth Darby Eiloart 1870
The Crisis Winston Churchill 1901
Crissy's Little Mother Emma Leslie 1879
Crocker the Clown: A Tale for Boys Benjamin Clarke 1869
The Crofton Cousins: A Tale for Children Emma Marshall 1866
Crookleigh: A Village Story Silas Kitto Hocking 1887
Cross Purposes: or, The Deanes of Dean's Croft Emma Marshall 1899
The Cross Triumphant Florence Morse Kingsley 1900
The Crosses of Childhood: or, Alice and her Friends Mrs. Waller 1864
Crossing the Line: A Cruise in a Whaler. A Book for Boys Charles Nordhoff 1867
Crosspatch the Cricket and the Counterpane: A Patchwork of Story and... Frances Freeling Broderip 1865
Crown and Anchor: or, Under the Pen'ant John Conroy Hutcheson 1896
A Cruise in Cloudland: and What Came of It Henry Frith 1893
A Cruise in the Acorn Alice Smith 1875
The Cruise of the Crystal Boat: The Wild, the Weird, the Wonderful William Gordon Stables 1891
The Cruise of the "Esmeralda" William Joseph Cosens Lancaster 1894
A Cruise upon Wheels: The Chronicle of some Autumn Wanderings Among ... Charles Allston Collins 1862
The Crusoes of Guiana: or, The White Tiger Louis Henri Boussenard 1883
The Cuban Heiress: or, The Prisoner of La Vintresse Mary A. Denison 1865
The Cuckoo Clock Mary Louisa Molesworth 1877

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