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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

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The following fiction titles were illustrated in volume format when published between 1837 and 1901 in Great Britain and Ireland.


Title Author Year
The Seven Wise Scholars Ascott R. Hope 1887
Shades of Character: First Series Jane Alice Sargant 1850
The Shadow Witness Arthur William à'Beckett 1877
Shadows and Sunbeams: Being a Second Series of Fern Leaves from Fann... Fanny Fern 1854
Shadows and Sunshine and Other Tales BTAO "Helen Dundas" 1864
The Shady Side and the Sunny Side: Two New England Stories Martha Stone Hubbell 1867
Shafts from an Eastern Quiver Charles Jodrell Mansford 1894
Shag and Doll, and Other Stories Louisa Caroline Silke 1881
Shamrock Leaves: or, Tales and Sketches of Ireland Mrs. Hoare 1851
Shaven Crown: A Story of the Conversion of the Surrey Border Mary Eliza Bramston 1895
The Shawnees' Foe: or, The Hunter of the Juniata W. J. Hamilton 1867
She: A History of Adventure H. Rider Haggard 1887
Sheer Off: A Tale Charlotte Maria Tucker 1867
Sheila's Mystery Mary Louisa Molesworth 1895
Shenac's Work at Home: A Story of Canadian Life Margaret Murray Robertson 1868
The Shepherd of Ardmuir A. C. Chambers 1877
Shifting Winds: A Tough Yarn. R. M. Ballantyne 1866
Shiloh: or, Bona, Mala, and I W. M. L. Jay 1875
The Ship: Her Story William Clark Russell 1899
The Ship of Ice: A Strange Story of the Polar Seas Samuel Whitchurch Sadler 1875
The Shoes of Fortune: How they Brought to Manhood Love Adventure and... Neil Munro 1901
Shrewsbury: A Romance Stanley John Weyman 1898
The Shuttle of Fate Caroline Masters 1895
Sibyl Falcon: A Study in Romantic Morals Edgar Alfred Jepson 1895
The Sick-room and its Secret Hannah Ransome Geldart 1863
Side Slips: or, Misadventures on a Bicycle Alfred Walter Barrett 1898
The Sign of the Spider: An Episode Bertram Mitford 1896
Silas the Conjuror: His Travels and Perils James Greenwood 1866
Silent Gods and Sun-steeped Lands Robert Watson Frazer 1895
Silent Jim: A Cornish Story James Francis Cobb 1871
The Silver Acre and Other Tales William Carleton 1862
The Silver Bugle: or, The Indian Maiden of St. Croix Harry Hazelton 1865
The Silver Casket: or, The World and its Wiles Charlotte Maria Tucker 1863
The Silver Cross: A Romance Samuel Robert Keightley 1898
The Silver Cup: or, True Heroism. A Book for Boys Anonymous 1868
Silver Lake: or, Lost in the Snow R. M. Ballantyne 1867
Silver Linings: or, Light and Shade Emily Octavia Bray 1880
Silver Star Valley Mary Eliza Bramston 1888
The Silver Swan: A Fairy Tale Clara de Chatelain 1847
The Silver Trumpet and Other Allegorical Tales E. H. 1868
Silverbeach Manor Margaret Scott Haycraft 1891
Silverthorns Mary Louisa Molesworth 1887
Silverton Court: A Tale Winifred Taylor 1885
Simon Jasper Mark Guy Pearse 1883
The Simple Adventures of a Memsahib Sara Jeanette Duncan 1893
A Simple Maiden Grace L. Keith Johnston 1878
Simple Stories for Children Mary E. Mills 1868
Simple Stories to Amuse and Instruct Young Readers Anonymous 1870
The Simpsons and We Alice F. Jackson 1900
Single Eye: A Story of King Phillip's War Warren St. John 1863
Sir Constant, Knight of the Great King William Edward Cule 1899
Sir Ludar: A Story of the Days of the Great Queen Bess Talbot Baines Reed 1889
Sir Phelim's Treasure Henry Albert Hinkson 1901
Sir Valentine's Victory and Other Stories Emma Marshall 1883
Sister Kate: or, The Power of Influence Julia Addison 1857
Sister Louise: or, The Story of a Woman's Repentance George John Whyte-Melville 1876
The Sister of Charity Anna Hanson Dorsey 1850
The Sister of Mercy: A Story of the Times in Which We Live B. W. Savile 1868
Sister Rose: or, Saint Bartholomew's Eve Emily Sarah Holt 1869
The Sisters: or, England and France. A Romance of Real Life Henry Cockton 1844
A Sister's Influence: A Tale of Domestic Life Anonymous 1863
Sisters Three Jessie Mansergh 1900
Six by Two: Stories of Old Schoolfellows Edith Dixon 1873
Six Months at Freshwater: A Seaside Tale for Children Anonymous 1866
Six Short Stories for Short People Frederick William Byron Bouverie 1861
The Six Sisters of the Valleys: An Historical Romance William Bramley Moore 1864
Six to Sixteen: A Story for Girls Juliana Horatia Ewing 1876
The Sketches: Three Tales Elizabeth Missing Sewell 1848
Sketches from the Border Land: or, A Daughter of England Anonymous 1870
The Skipper: The Story of an Old Sea Dog Edith E. Cuthell 1899
The Skull Hunters!: A Terrific Tale of the Prairie!! Walter Parke 1868
The Slave Girl of Pompeii: or, By the Way They Knew Not. A Tale of t... Emily Sarah Holt 1887
The Slave Sculptor: A Tale of the Aztecs L. A. Hall 1864
The Slave, the Serf, and the Freeman Mrs. Campbell Overend 1872
The Slave-Dealer of the Coanza: A Naval Story Samuel Whitchurch Sadler 1874
Slavers and Cruisers: A Tale of the West Coast Samuel Whitchurch Sadler 1881
The Slaves of Sabinus: Jew and Gentile Charlotte Mary Yonge 1890
A Slip in the Fens Jane Sexey 1873
The Small House at Allington Anthony Trollope 1864
A Small Legacy: A Story for Children Esmé Stuart 1892
The Smugglers of Barnard's Head Paul Creswick 1899
Snap: A Legend of the Lone Mountain Clive Phillipps Wolley 1890
Snow Dreams: or, Funny Fancies for Little Folks Jessie Margaret Edmonston Saxby 1882
The Snow Storm: A Christmas Story Catherine Gore 1845
Snow-Shoes and Canoes: or, The Early Days of a Fur-trader in the Hud... William Henry Giles Kingston 1876
The Snow-Sweepers' Party, and The Tale of Old Tubbins Robert St. John Corbet 1874
The Snowball Society: A Story for Children Mary Eliza Bramston 1877
Snowdrops: Finland Idyls for Children Zacharias Topelius 1881
Snowed Up: or, The Hut in the Forest Emilia Norris 1874
Snowed Up: or, Lost on The World Elizabeth M. Stewart 1853
Snowed-Up Edwin Waugh 1869
Snowflakes and Sunbeams: or, The Young Fur-Traders R. M. Ballantyne 1856
A Social Departure: How Orthodocia and I Went Round the World by Our... Sara Jeanette Duncan 1890
Soldier Rigdale: How He Sailed in the "Mayflower," and How He Served... Beulah Marie Dix 1899
Soldiers of Fortune Richard Harding Davis 1897
Soldiers of the Cross: A Story of the Huguenots Edith Louisa Floyer 1879
Solomon Isaacs: A Christmas Story Benjamin Leopold Farjeon 1877
Some Account of Mrs. Clarinda Singlehart Anne Manning 1855
Some Experiences of an Irish R. M. Edith Oenome Somerville 1899
Some of Our Neighbours Mary Eleanor Freeman 1898
Somebody Stella Austin 1875
Something to Amuse You: A Book for the Young Harriet D'Oyley Howe 1861
Something to Laugh at: A Comic Book for All Seasons Alfred Smith 1855
A Son of Reuben Silas Kitto Hocking 1894
A Son of the Morning Sarah Doudney 1887
Sons of Freedom: or, The Fugitives from Siberia Fred Whishaw 1897
Sooner or Later Shirley Brooks 1868
Sophia Stanley John Weyman 1900
The Sorrows of the Streets Mary Ann Serrett Barber 1855
Sought and Saved: A Tale Mary Anna Paull 1880
The South Sea Whaler: A Story of the Loss of the "Champion" and the ... William Henry Giles Kingston 1875
Sow Well and Reap Well Timothy Shay Arthur 1864
Sowing and Harvesting Mary H. Debenham 1900
Sowing in Tears and Reaping in Joy Franz Anton Hoffman 1870
The Spanish Barber: A Tale Anne Manning 1869
The Spanish Cavalier: A Story of Seville Charlotte Maria Tucker 1875
The Spanish Cousin: A Nineteenth-Century Story F. B. Forester 1896
Spare Well, Spend Well: or, The Adventures of a Five Franc Piece Anonymous 1865
Sparkling Diamonds: In Lessons for Young Readers Anonymous 1866
Sparkling Gems: Being Short Stories for the Benefit of Young People Anonymous 1871
Speaking Likenesses Christina G. Rossetti 1874
Spectre Gold: A Romance of Klondyke Headon Hill 1898
Spindle Stories: New Yarns spun from Old Wool Ascott R. Hope 1879
The Spirit of the Giant Mountains: A Series of Fairy Tales M. C. R. 1864
Spitewinter Helen Shipton 1892
The Splendid Stranger: A Story of the Monmouth Rebellion Robert Leighton 1898
Spoilt Guy: The Story of a Child Francesca Maria Steele 1883
Sporting Stories and Sketches Henry George Harper 1895
A Sprig of Heather Geraldine May Butt 1878
Sprott: An Autobiography F. S. A. Barnett 1884
Spunyarn and Spindrift: A Sailor Boy's Log of a Voyage Out and Home ... Robert Brown 1886
The Spy in the School: A Tale of Two Chums Andrew Home 1899
The Squire of Lonsdale Edith C. Kenyon 1897
The Squire's Daughter and Other Tales Anonymous 1867
The Squire's Grandson: A Devonshire Story J. M. Callwell 1888
The Squire's Household Elizabeth J. Lysaght 1894
St. Antholin's: or, Old Churches and New. A Tale for the Times Francis Edward Paget 1841
St. Austin's Court: or, The Grandchildren BTAO "Maurice and his Mother" 1863
St. Cedd's Cross: A Tale of the Conversion of the East Saxons Edward L. Cutts 1872
St. George for England: A Tale of Cressy and Poitiers George Alfred Henty 1885
St. George's Key: A Tale for Boys W. E. Coghlan 1869
St. Helen's Well Mary H. Debenham 1888
St. Mary's Convent: or, Chapters in the Life of a Nun Jeanie Selina Dammast 1866
St. Patrick's Eve Charles James Lever 1845
Stable Secrets: or, Puffy Doddles, his Sayings and Sympathies John Mills 1863
The Standard Bearer: A Story of the Fourth Century Ellen Palmer 1871
Stanfield Hall: A Romance John Frederick Smith 1854
Stanley Thorn Henry Cockton 1841
Stanley's Summer Visit Constance Cross 1882
Stanton Grange: or, At a Private Tutor's J. C. Atkinson 1864
Star Eyes: or, The Susquehanna Rangers. A Tale of the French Indian ... W. J. Hamilton 1866
The Star of Hope and the Staff of Duty: Tales of Womanly Trials and ... Anonymous 1860
Starlight Stories Told to Bright Eyes and Listening Ears Fanny Lablache 1877
Stars in a Stormy Night: or, Light from the Catacombs. A Story of th... E. L. M. 1870
Station Dangerous, and Other Tales for the Young Octavius Frederic Timins 1867
Steadfast Frank: The Donkey Boy M. A. B. 1871
The Stealing of the Princes Ernest and Albert of Saxony: From the Fo... Anonymous 1865
The Steam House: (Part I) The Demon of Cawnpore Jules Verne 1881
The Steam House: (Part II) Tigers and Traitors Jules Verne 1881
Stella's Story: A Venetian Tale Francesca Maria Steele 1897
A Step in the Dark Kate Eyre 1894
Stephan Langton Martin Farquhar Tupper 1858
Stéphanie's Children Margaret Roberts 1896
Stephen Scudamore the Younger: or, The Fifteen-Year Olds Arthur Locker 1871
Stepping Heavenward Elizabeth Prentiss 1870
Stepping Stones: A Book for the Young Emily Steele Elliott 1862
Steps up the Ladder: or, The Will and the Way. A True Story Elizabeth Kirby 1862
The Steward: A Romance of Real Life Henry Cockton 1850
Stick to the Raft Caroline Gladstone 1875
The Stitch in Time: or, Ruthven Moore Annie Webb 1866
The Stolen Cherries: or, Tell the Truth at Once Emilia Norris 1869
Stone Edge Frances Parthenope Verney 1868
The Stony Road: A Story from Real Life Mrs. G. E. Morton 1871
Stories About: -- Lady Barker 1871
Stories about Birds Mrs. Fairfield 1859
Stories about Boys Ascott R. Hope 1871
Stories and Interludes Barry Pain 1892
Stories for Darlings Hon. Mrs. Arthur Egerton 1870
Stories for Mamma's Darlings: Ten Stories for Children Amanda Matorka Blankenstein 1879
Stories for my Children Edward Hugessen Knatchbull-Hugessen 1869
Stories for Ploughboys Anonymous 1865
Stories for Sunday Afternoons C. E. C. Weigall 1891
Stories for Weekdays and Sundays John Holme Burrow 1860
Stories for Willing Ears: A Book for Girls Anonymous 1871
Stories for Willing Ears: A Book for Boys Anonymous 1872
Stories for YoungServants Anna Butler 1857
Stories from Memel, for the Young Agnes de Havilland 1863
Stories from the Diary of a Doctor Elizabeth Thomasina Meade 1894
Stories of French School Life Ascott R. Hope 1871
Stories of Old England George Eliel Sargent 1868
Stories of Old England: Second Series George Eliel Sargent 1871
Stories of Success: As Illustrated by the Lives of Humble Men who ha... James Francis Cobb 1872
The Stories of the Broadmoor Patient: and The Poor Clerk Frederick Wicks 1893
Stories of the Early Christians Aunt Emily 1871
Stories of the Flowers Gertrude P. Dyer 1877
Stories of the Good Shepherd: A Sunday Book for Little Children Anonymous 1864
Stories of the Governess Anna Maria Hall 1852
Stories of the Italian Reformation Mrs. Campbell Overend 1870
Stories of the Mountain and the Forest Mary Anna Paull 1882
Stories of Vinegar Hill Anna Bartlett Warner 1871

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